Links for 13 September

Global Macro:

North America:


  • Eurozone Could Take Until Nov To Decide On Greece – eFXnews
  • Gavyn Davies: Eurozone building blocks are falling into place – Financial Times
  • German Court Backs Euro Rescue Fund – New York Times
  • Court Allows Germany to Ratify Euro Bailout Fund – Wall Street Journal
  • Europe unveils banking union plan to tackle crisis – Reuters
  • Greece to Lease 40 Uninhabited Islands to Reduce Debt – Bloomberg
  • Corzine was right: European debt soars –
  • What Germany should fear most is its own fear: An analysis of Target2 and current account imbalances –
  • ECB: ECB extends the swap facility agreement with the Bank of England –
  • Where the eurozone crisis may go from here | The A-List – Financial Times
  • German bond auction struggles as ECB expectations weigh – Reuters
  • Poland: no end to housing slump | beyondbrics – Financial Times



  • ACT house prices take a hit – Canberra Times
  • House prices tipped to fall by up to 20% – Business Spectator
  • Don’t vilify wealthy – Jack Nasser – AFR
  • Stop plundering the boom – BHP – AFR
  • Savers creating new comfort zone for Aussie banks – AFR
  • New powers for APRA in banking regulation – AFR
  • Melbourne apartment projects fall flat – AFR




    • I wonder if Peter Fraser could comment on this report?

      It is his neck of the woods and his industry too.

      It would be a useful insight.

  1. House prices tipped to fall by up to 20% – Business SpectatorLeading international strategist expects steep decline in values.

    This is behind a paywall can someone with access please report on it?

  2. Last week, the European Central Bank pledged to buy huge amounts of the region’s sovereign debt, potentially putting a floor under the prices of Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Irish bonds…With the extraordinary level of support from the central bank, mutual fund managers are reaping big returns on their purchases.”

    Read more: Corzine was right: European debt soars – FierceFinance

    If ther Fund managers are doing well everything is alright then!