Links August 13

Global Macro:

  • Former Barclays trader “has cooperated” with Libor probe Reuters
  • US may help create Syrian no-fly zone, Coene says BusinessWeek
  • Apologetic Swiss banks sweat it out as US, Europe mull redress Reuters

United States

  • Schedule for the week ahead Calculated Risk
  • Standard Chartered said to agree to NY monitor demand Bloomberg
  • US Justice department drops Goldman crisis probe Reuters
  • but, Carl Levin not letting up on Goldman Sachs Politico
  • Economists rein in growth forecasts Reuters
  • Mitt Romney acquires risky asset in Paul Ryan as VP Guardian UK
  • Real GDP change graph 1980-Q2 2012 Calculated Risk
  • Back to school shoppers in no mood to splurge Reuters


  • Germany considers holding EU referendum Spiegel 
  • Finance Minister says Italy to overshoot deficit goals : Paper Reuters
  • Germany ready to block Greek aid if country misses targets Telegraph UK
  • Ex German finance minister favours joint euro zone debt Reuters
  • Europe’s summer reading list Project Syndicate


  • Two prisms to look at China’s problems NYT
  • Higher tax rate likely to slow Japan’s economic growth Asahi Shimbun
  • Japan mulls international court for South Korea row AFP
  • Get more in the daily ‘China links’ post from sinocism.


  • In case you missed them, Parliamentary enquiry in GFC effect on banking here and here. Pretty shocking stuff. (h/t Mav), and Denise Brailey’s blog here if you are interested in reading some more background.
  • RBA tries to talk down $A AFR
  • Wanted 800,000 worker in 5 years TheOz Locked
  • Price war tipped to hit JB Hi-Fi profit AFR
  • Car park workers vote to end strike ABC
  • Another $1.5bn for NBN link up TheOz Locked
  • Queensland weighs QR national sales options AFR as another 4000 face the chop CourierMail
  • Winter chill hits home auctions AFR
  • Qantas call a win for commonsense Gittins!