Links 31st August

Global Macro:

  • World food prices jump 10% in July Reuters
  • Gold option traders most bullish since October 2008 ZH 

United States:

  • Chances of QE3 fading, fading..fading..rising! fading….gone? Reuters Poll
  • But here’s four things Bernanke could announce at Jackson Hole FT Gavyn Davies
  • As jobless claims unchanged now for a month Bloomberg


  • Portugal and the 2nd bailout? FT Alphaville
  • Money market funds still avoid Europe Sober Look
  • Room for more considerate monetary policy in Europe: IMF Reuters but no debt jubilee hey?


  • China’s South Pacific diplomacy The Diplomat
  • Myths Busted! China’s “rapid march towards urbanisation” FT Alphaville
  • More busted! China’s “ever increasing demand for steel” FT Alphaville Kate Mackenzie doing great work here
  • Check out more China links from Sinocism later today


  • Fortescue “hell-bent” on expansion – AFR – selling everything it can to avoid debt…hmm what a business model
  • Whilst saying watch out for Africa – the next great commodities powerhouse The Cupboard (locked)
  • Optimism over iron ore price slide as an “aberration” maybe wishful thinking The Age again, what a business and economic model to hang your future on..
  • Call to scrap the $7000 First Home Owners Grant AFR finally some sense in housing – now up loans to min. 20% deposit and scrap NG. Go on.
  • Queensland is on its knees – 1 in 3 businesses going bust? Brisbane Times
  • Watch the pipeline. AFR