Links 24th August

Global Macro:

  • Violent striking at platinum mines could spread Reuters
  • More mine delays – this time Xstrata gold/copper Reuters
  • All the market analysis you need to understand in one chart Prag Cap
  • Actually no this one of PMI’s is the one Scott Barber

United States:

  • Fed’s Bullard calls the FOMC minutes dullard Zero Hedge
  • Jobless claims up a bit Calculated Risk as are home sales – but this chart from FRED puts in perspective


  • Winners and losers of QE by the BOE at the FT there’s losers? no..
  • Some PMI’s went up but EZ still in for recession FT Alphaville no worries…
  • Greece’s Great Depression Naked Capitalism no hope…..
  • How are the Nordics faring against the EZ? Scott Barber charts from Reuters


  • China road safety concerns rise Shanghai Daily more FAI will fix that!
  • Whilst Beijing eases up on rare earth exports, increasing quota AFR


  • QANTAS in more trouble than first glance? ABC PM Joyce says worst is over The Cupboard it aint
  • Most densely populated suburbs in Oz Aust Census Stats interesting.
  • Taxes on mining are drag on coal says BHP Kloppers Fairfax 
  • $10 billion Budget black hole. The Oz didn’t need to understand physics for that one..
  • Boom to go forever. AFR


  • Macca’s to provide charging points for EV/hybrids – Fairfax – this makes sense given no of McD’s around world
  • Local submarine design to replace Collins? The Cupboard do we ever learn? no..



  1. Winners and losers of QE by the BOE at the FT there’s losers? no..
    “In practice, the benefits from these wealth effects will accrue to those households holding most financial assets.”

    Cheesh!! The self-adulation!!!! Sounds like an economist gathering here in Aus…aren’t we wonderful.

    In practice, the big winners are those profligate over-geared greedy b…ds with high debt which probably means a lot of those with high assets as well. They should have been liquidated as interest rates rose as a result of a shortage of cash and the value of their assets fell. They should have been eliminated. Instead we rewarded them all for bringing us to this ‘pretty pass’
    The other big losers of course are the young trying to buy a place to live. A small two bedroom Lonfon flat costs about 470,000 pounds!!! Go figure how the average young family is to buy one of those.

    The trouble with these sods is they have no idea what they are actually doing. Then they think they are just the smartest people.