Links 2 August

Global Macro:

North America:


  •  UK manufacturing figures deal hammer blow to recovery hopes (The Guardian)
  • France Introduces Financial Transaction Tax (
  • U.S. raises pressure for euro zone crisis action (Reuters)
  • Geithner: Europe Much More Grave Than Fiscal Cliff: Video (Bloomberg)
  • Nothing’s gonna stop the ECB now (FT Alphaville)
  • UK GDP forecasts revised down (FT Alphaville)
  • Global PMI Update: 10 Of 11 European Countries In Contraction (Zero Hedge)


  • China’s GDP is man-made, unreliable: top leader (Reuters)
  • China official PMI shows factory sector barely growing (Reuters)
  • China’s two-way liquidity risk: shadow banking (FT Alphaville)
  • 44% of China’s superrich have plans to emigrate. Canada top choice – as if Vancouver homes aren’t expensive enough already (Wall Street Journal)
  • Only 28% of wealthy Chinese say they are confident of China’s economy over next 2 years (compared to 54% in 2010) (Wall Street Journal)


  •  Airport parking in Oz a rip-off. Isn’t everything? (AFR)
  • BHP looking to cut resource projects as commodity prices fall. Olympic Dam looking shaky (Sky News)
  • BHP to postpone its $19bn Port Hedland harbour plan (The Oz)
  • ‎McKibbin urges RBA to tame Aussie dollar (AFR)




  1. “Airport parking in Oz a rip-off. Isn’t everything?”

    Cycling socks from a well know manufacturer sell for $25, and you can get them for approx $7 on the net. The list goes on.

        • Nah, bikes don’t like my heavy frame. More of a lift heavy bits of metal around in a gym kind of guy.
          I ‘get’ that there would be some difference… wet weather, friction, stream line, etc. But not a cost differential that massive for what are essentially socks…

      • In Australia in any sector pretty much we pay a lot more than many other western countries. Cycling is gouged like the rest. Music, cars, houses, ……

  2. Someone should paint half of Tim Geithner’s face like the guy in batman.
    Ha,Ha,Ha no regulation!
    Um,Um,Um we need regulation!

  3. Westacott gets a FWA rails run from Ticky on The Business….bring back Emma A

    Shugg delivers as always on the Europe analysis