Bank gloomsters are from Mars

The Australian today offers an interesting debate among some insiders on the underpinnings for a new Wallis Inquiry. It actually turns out to be quite interesting thanks to Adam Creichton who delivers some home truths about moral hazard and inflated asset prices. The others, of course, react like he’s from Mars, which is worth the price of entry alone. Enjoy! (And BTW, well done to The OZ for embedding its videos. Something the wider media is yet to learn.)

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. 13.10 UBS Man: ‘Roubini, Faber, the Doom and Gloomers…that’s their job to do that’

    What, to look at global and historic trends and use economic theory to make predictions (including predicting the GFC in Roubini’s case)?

    The myopia and hubris in the Australian banking sector is still breathtaking.

  2. Adam Creichton I commend you, you told it like it is, likely to your detriment.

    Adam Creichton for minister of telling it like it is.