Links 30th July

Global Macro:

  • Euro Crisis heads for September crunch Reuters
  • Did the Germans agree ? FT
  • Lesson’s from the Fed’s 1932 mistake Gavyn Davies
  • Hedge funds going mutual Barrons

United States:


  • Open Europe warns Spanish bailout ‘impossible’ Telegraph
  • German support for Merkel’s crisis stance erodes:Poll Reuters
  • Germany must decide if it wants to save the Euro Jim O’Niel
  • Greek leaders agree on more cuts, lenders stay on Reuters
  • 23 crucial days for Greece Yanis Varoufakis


  • Japan core CPI falls, deflation set to persist Reuters
  • China censors Bloomberg website FT
  • Chinese investment in US set for record year ChinaDaily


  • Gifts galore boost flagging unit sales BusinessDay
  • Greedy grocers BusinessDay
  • Car industry prepares for Ford exit AFR
  • Abbot firms up investment crackdown AFR
  • Super funds back privatisation for billions Oz Locked
  • Productivity is just one way to measure wealth Gittins!
  • Costs rising at Gorgon, Chevron admits BusinessDay
  • More cuts loom as bottle giant blames local market BusinessDay


  • Apple looking at twitter NYT
  • Social media bubble: Investors see more signs that it’s popping Reuters