Ten trends in a yuan float

ANZ has produced an interesting note on the capital market and currency shifts we are likely to see in the build up to a full float of the Chinese yuan. To put it mildly, this is a big deal. The beginning of the end of US hegemony, if we’re not already past that point…

Greater China Weekly Insight, Offshore RMB Market Trends to Watch, 26 June 2012

David Llewellyn-Smith
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      • Maybe they are related: a new international settlement (in yuan), while debts around the world in the US dollar system are inflated away.

        I make that claim based on the detail of the report, which says under “trend 7”;

        “This will increase the international acceptance of the RMB as a trade currency and
        promote the RMB as a financing, and eventually, an international reserve currency.”

      • Yes, I’ll concede that, they are two of the big issues.

        Nice shade of lipstick Gina.

  1. This is a MB staple from mid last year????

    FMG n RIO have settled contracts in yuan r renminbi cant remember and on two occasions that come to mind geezers up top in china were calling for another world reserve currency.
    Mebbe PRC would’ve put up with the euro??

    Not a chance
    So it goes….. YUAN YUAN YUAN coz their the fkn best!!!