Links June 27: The deep breath

Global Macro:

United States:

  • April US house prices up. Calculated Risk
  • And the NAR says boom is back. Calculated Risk Are worldwide realty folk descended from one single spruiker ape?
  • Profits hit all time high, wages all time low. BI
  • Chemical Index howling triple dip. Zero Hedge



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  1. Gittins is an air-head totally out of touch with reality!
    Just an example. I have some knowledge of, and involvement in, a project that requires processing of the raw material before it gets to the mill. It was to be done here in a regional area that surely would welcome the employment and financial boost that it would bring.

    The Carbon tax simply makes it not a proposition. I’m just one bloke. I guess every person actually trying to produce something, rather than just shine their a..e on chairs in air-conditioned offices paid for by the Government, probably has a similar example.

  2. DrBob127MEMBER

    “Are worldwide realty folk descended from one single spruiker ape? ”

    That really made me laugh out loud, but just to point out that we humans did not descend from apes. According to evolutionary theory, humans and apes share a common ancestor (a subtle, but important distinction).

    • DrBob127MEMBER


      “It is one thing for prices to stop falling – and maybe increase a little over the next year. But, in addition to the large number of homes in the foreclosure pipeline, there are also many people waiting for a “better market” to sell – and I suspect the slightest appreciation will bring more inventory to market. A 10% increase over the next year? Well, three words: Not. Gonna. Happen.”