Gabbo is coming

For those who have wondered what the MacroBusiness business model is, or where the Macro Associates group is headed, next week will reveal all.

Gabbo is coming!

David Llewellyn-Smith
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    • Although I wouldn’t normally respond to threats of self-harm :), I think you’ll find that our weekly rants about pay walls and failing media business models preclude that as an option on this blog.

  1. You have set the bar high with the framing of this launch HnH. If it doesn’t somehow incorporate a ventriloquist & dummy I will be sorely disappointed!

  2. “Look Smithers, Garbo is coming”

    And I for one welcome our new Mining Magnate Overlords

  3. I lok forward to the new and improved site, renamed of course as


    Macro Mining Business

    when are the new t-shirts ready?

  4. could be a good idea to tell ASIC of your plans…especially as there are moments when your average dim bulb asic pedant could ascribe to some offerings the suggestion of investment advice .
    good to take a lawyer with you who can show that your interpretation is correct