Site slowness

Dear readers,

No doubt some of you have noticed that in the recent past the MB site has been running slowly at times.  The good news is that this problem is a result of the huge traffic hitting the site, so it’s growing pains for which we apologise! We are working feverishly on a rebuild that will launch next week.



David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Can you give us an indication of MB’s readership size and growth rate. How long before you are ‘mainstream’?

  2. This webpage has too many moving parts. It’s easy to fix, and it’s probably not your webmasters fault, it’s usually the client who wants too much stuff loaded up because they are not web savvy and don’t understand.

    Your Google ranking will improve when the load speed increases, which increases the website value and advertising revenue.

    Listen to what your webmaster and host tell you.

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  4. Alex Heyworth

    I’m pleased for you, H&H, but I doubt if your upgrade is going to make a huge difference to my speed of access. ADSL is a pile of sh*t when you are too far from the exchange. The NBN can’t come soon enough from my personal pov.

  5. Who wants to create a chart showing MB readership size overlaid with house prices?

    • I could, but HnH would shoot me.

      And if it was inversely correlated to predict house prices, the market would have more than Keened it by now.

      Everyone behind MB is surprised at the level of traffic. Very surprised, and grateful.

      May will be another record month…

      • Bobby Fischer

        Shameless spruking of the MB brand across other websites has also been witnessed 😉

  6. Ring your IT guy.

    He will come in and stand in front of the server stroking his chin with his index fingure.

    He will then call someone on his phone.

    An hour later he will say he is unsure what is up and will come back tomorrow.

  7. Well done MB.The best macro site for Oz I can find and all very pertinent discussions too. Best of Luck!

  8. In other unrelated news reported in the MSM: the productivity of Aussie nerds have suddenly experienced tapering, flat-lining bounce. Market/Bank economists are now pondering over this unexpected data and re-caliberating their forecasts.

  9. MB should consider offering paid content for subscribers, any reasonable MB fan would understand that quality content costs and would be happy to pay for well researched content…keep up the good work.

    • I disagree. Earn your revenue from elsewhere. Be different. Just stay independent.

      Still too many typos to start charging, anyway….. 🙂

  10. The Patrician

    Get rid of the sliding “featured posts” banner at the top and elevate the “most recent 10 comments” to top and attach “x mins/secs ago” stamp

    • The Patrician

      A scrolling function on the “recent comments” sidebar ala twitter would be good as well

      • The Patrician

        In fact, just replace your current “recent comments” sidebar display with a twitter-style display. Perfect.

  11. To get good performance, proper caching is the key.
    Use Akamai if you guys can afford it.
    Or at least use something like Varnish.

    Make the pages stateless, site scalable so you can just throw in more servers.

    Use ajax to load more comments.

    Consider serving the homepage as a static html, coz that’s where the majority traffic goes.

    I think eventually you guys will have to hire some serious developers to handle the load.

    Good luck.

    • “Consider serving the homepage as a static html, coz that’s where the majority traffic goes.”

      They’re already using W3 cache for WordPress (check the HTML source) so most pages are already likely written to disk and served as static files.

      • oh good.
        I have no idea how they set up MB.
        Im just telling them some of the best practices I could think of.
        Anyways, I’d first start with adding a component for ajaxing comments.
        Then implement component level caching + front side caching + akamai caching as a priority.

        • Ajaxing comments won’t save any bandwidth, and using things like WP Super Cache takes care of the rest. I don’t think MB is at akamai-level CDN serving quite yet – not terribly much hosted here beyond text and limited images…

        • Not everyone reads the comments.
          So it will reduce a lot of database access.
          And my money is on database being the bottleneck.

          They probably dun need akamai now. But I know one day they will. I have faith in you MB!! who knows? it could be tomorrow.

          I’m no expert in WP. Hope they find a solution soon.

      • It’s like you’re all speaking another language!!!

        Thanks for the tips – no idea what it all means.

        I’ll pass it on to our web guy – he’s very busy at the moment on other projects too, just like we all are….

        Oh and yes, noted the 2223124253356323 complaints about the comments system. Although MB is not a forum (broken record) a better comments system is paramount (including like/dislike….although showing the top commenters would cement the astroturfers a bit!!)

        • I cannot thank you enough for your website.

          You should ask your guys to run the website with Nginx instead of Apache, I cannot stress enough how that setup dramatically increases performance, and it s free.

          Really elegant stuff.

    • also think about denormalising your database, improved indexing etc.

      But where is the bottleneck? MySQL not coping well or your host?

    • they already use total cache, not much more to do beside a proper hosting, caimes is likely to be on shared.

      Mine got an amazing speed boost when I switched from shared (and it was a good one) to dedicated server.

  12. George Locust

    A few suggestions for your webmaster.
    Try the following WordPress Plugins

    WP Total Cache – serves cached html to improve load time
    WP Subscribe to Comments – currently it seems impossible to track comments on specific threads of interest

    Top Commentors Widget – would be nice to see a tallyboard

    GD Stars rating plugin so we can thumbs up / thumbs down posts and/or comments

  13. I don’t care how slow the site is ( within reason). I love it nonetheless. I return every day for in depth analysis.

    Keep up the good work.

  14. General semi-related question. Any way to force the mobile version of this site? I cannot get it to load reliably on my phone…

  15. I am so grateful I found this site. I was looking to buy a house within a few months but after doing some research and checking this site everyday for the past few months has put me off from doing so.

    Also, I am more interested in economics and the world economy than ever before. Great stuff, no wonder your traffic has increased.