Nice plant

There’s not much new on the Budget today, with the haters gonna hate and the populists relaxed and comfortable but I did notice this video from the doyens of political commentary at The Australian. I liked their coverage yesterday but this habit of using hidden cameras in dirty hotel rooms just has to stop.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. you should start an MB caption competition for what these 3 blokes are discussing

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Well, from what I can see the guy in the middle was playing the spoons until the guy on the right took them and hid them inside his coat.

    • BobTurkeyMEMBER

      Bloke in the middle is telling the poor guy on the left he already has a a ‘close relationship’ with the guy on the right?

  2. It’s fairly obvious from the conversation that the philodendron is just a fanboi for the politico-housing complex. They really need to get a better class of panellists for this infomercial….
    (give the spoons back too, please)

  3. Alex Heyworth

    “Bringing home the bacon?”

    Rubbery figures combined with slathering on the pork, more like.

  4. dumb_non_economist

    No fellows, you have it wrong this isn’t economics, it’s Scifi! This is a take out from “Day of the Triffids” and the greenery is going to become quite dangerous very soon.