Michael Feller joins MacroBusiness

I am pleased to inform readers that former Eureka Report investment strategist Michael Feller has responded to the call of Reynard’s conch shell, joining  Macro Associates, the owner of MacroBusiness.

Michael, a highly-followed equities analyst, is joining us primarily to work on other projects in the institutional markets, but as of today he will blog weekly at MB on geopolitics and international affairs as it pertains to investing.

You can follow Michael on Twitter here.

Some of our early readers may remember the occasional Flashman post on the old Houses and Holes blog. He’s back!


  1. Macro Associates? Former Eureka Report investment strategist on board? All these damn ads all over the page. Jumping the shark…

    • Yeees, MB has an owner. Yeees, MF is a talent and will add to your reading experience. Yeees, there are some ads. Nooo, you needn’t worry that MB is going to change its editorial approach and quality…

    • dumb_non_economist

      Ads, what ads?
      Ads on the internet are something I just don’t notice, I’m oblivious to them, except of course those pop-up ones that take the whole page and you have to chase the bastard to close it down. Now they piss me off.

      As to ads here, no ads, no money and therefor no MB. The guys can’t be expected to do it for nothing unless you everyone is happy to pay subs.

  2. Fantastic…. Michael is a very interesting Guy.. used to follow him daily with Lincoln lots of interesting stuff … hey how about a macrobusiness live Michael!!!

  3. was former Eureka Report investment strategist Michael Feller responsible for this “panic sell everything at ther bottom” call late last year in Eureka report that prompted Eureka report subscribers to dump their stocks en masse and crystalise huge losses right at the bottom?

    IMPORTANT: I believe the conditions are in place for another major panic sell-off on the sharemarket. I don’t know when it will happen and it is not a certainty that it will happen (nothing is ever a certainty), but I think the risk is now such that you must take action. On Monday I will be significantly reducing my already reduced exposure to equities, possibly to zero.


  4. Even though you deleted my comment I hope you will take on board that the type of entities you get advertising here, and using your lists, impacts on how this site is perceived.

    There were a lot of things I didn’t like about business spectator but the sole reason I decided to cease going to that site was that they gave their mailing list to touts selling get rich quick forex schemes.

      • I wasn’t saying eliminate payback, I was referring to where the payback is sourced. An ad from e.g. Woolworths the fresh food people is different from an ad from a company offering to train me and sell me software so that I can get rich from forex trading and never have to work again.

        When I kept getting spam of this type from Business Spectator I decided enough was enough — whatever credibility they had left had evaporated in my eyes.

        I’d hate to see MB go down this path.

  5. Excellent news. Always enjoyed your informative thought provoking posts in the past, particularly the historical and geopolitical perspective.

      • Thanks 3d1k. I was wondering if people would make the connection. Unfortunately I had to keep it quite anonymous back then.

      • Lighter Fluid

        That was indeed a fantastic blog, I still go back there occasionally. Stoked to see you join the MB team!