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Houses and Holes posted 6.25 am.


Karen Maley published 8.17 am.



  1. Lighter Fluid

    I’ve often wondered whether Karen reads Zero Hedge – Clearly she’s just diversifying 😉

  2. Not surprised at all, but I am amazed how blatant it was.

    Once again reminding me why I cancelled my Eureka report subscription and only visit BS for the humour column produced by Adam Carr every morning.

    • Not surprised either, if people only read Business Spectator they’d probably think it was original and good stuff. At least it is the latter, if not the former.

      BS seems to be aggregating so much these days, pulling in content from all over – Pimco, FT, Not Quite Nigella on weekends, where’s the value? Anyone could be doing those sorts of deals.

      If nothing else, I suppose it’s good to know where I can find Spectator’s content before they publish it.

      Keep it up MacroBusiness – if they’re taking ‘inspiration’ from you, then you know you’re on the right path. Perhaps next time they might pick up the phone to republish the original, rather than, ahem, what’s happened in this situation.

  3. innocent bystander

    fair enough but KM has done some good reporting on Europe – you can tell because the commentariat continually criticised her for being too pessimistic, but she kept at it.

  4. What! No Gravy!

    Agree with Broken Model about BS. Karen is at least trying to provide some balance but the stuff she produces is normally stuff covered in blogs around the globe a few days before.

    It is easy to imagine the offices of BS being a place where people scour blogs to find out what is happening. They are rarely first with news and for overseas stuff generally days or weeks late. I’d be interested to know what their devotees see as their best features.

    Adam Carr provides light relief though.

  5. Probably wouldn’t be that surprising to hear that she did do a bit of intellectual stalking – dim memories growing ever dimmer here, but I seem to remember noticing that she started to do a lot more China stories soon after H&H bemoaned the lack of any serious attention being given to China, JGarnaut excepted. Back in the ol’ BS Distillery dayze… Fun times.

  6. I go to BS when there is a good article on the AFR – BS routinely steal their stuff by putting up a summary.

  7. Deus Forex Machina

    what can you expect from people who parade others research every night on the national broadcaster and imply they are in the know…

    mmm…did I say that out loud???

  8. I also repeat everything i read on MB – the only difference is no one listents to me !

  9. “Henry also has a great illustration of we are in the current stimulus cycle.”

    Its HenDry with a D and his firm is Eclectica Asset Mgmnt and his office is
    6 Salem Road, London, W2 4BU.

    Business Spectator is getting to the 5th tier of financial information in the bleachers.

    And yes, DFM, Kohler is embarassing on the ABC.