Boganomics upsets The Australian

There’s nothing quite like the pleasure of being misquoted in the national broadsheet. That’s the experience of the Boganomics team today with The Australian selectively quoting from Friday’s runaway success story, CateGate, which was picked up by the Fairfax press. The Australian’s Cut and Paste section ran a series of excerpts today under the headline:

Friends, pseudonym-loving Fairfax scribblers, countrymen, lend me your sneers

“Michael Jayfox”, “E. Chas McSween” and “Intravenus De Milo” in The Sydney Morning Herald on Friday:

THE question of climate change has long been a vexed one for the bogan . . . Cate Blanchett appeared in a commercial attempting to convince the bogan to do the right thing by the planet . . . This confused the bogan to the point of madness, as it was unable to reconcile the fact that its celebrity deity was asking it to act against its own interests . . . The bogan’s typically uncomplicated life was now impossibly fraught with conflict . . . so it retreated from the sumptuous neon nourishment of its 138-inch LCD television and applied itself to something it knew was definitely real and good: a four-hour session of doughnuts on its Jet Ski. Climate change would have to wait until another day.

Anyone who read the satirical post in full will have noticed that a large portion of it singles out the folk at GetUp for being such asses as to assume that celebrities are an authoritative or effective means of communicating with the ‘people’.

That we are having to explain this satire to the national daily rather kills the joke, but it does helpfully illustrate why Boganomics is such a splendid column. Boganomics is not about sneering at bogans. On the contrary, it’s about  exposing the populist manipulation of bogan-baiting corporation, organisations and, dare we say it, media. The Australian’s misleading cut and paste only exposes its own bias not to mention selective wowserishness. And that’s the whole damn point. Cha ching!


  1. “…Boganomics is not about sneering at bogans. On the contrary, it’s about exposing the populist manipulation of bogan-baiting corporations…”

    Judging from the comments, most would appear to miss your rather elusive purpose – that is they ‘get’ what you’re not on about and ‘miss’ what you are!

    • Gerry Hatrick, OAP

      So, ok, on that same point, let’s judge News Ltd’s values on the comments of their readers….

  2. Deus Forex Machina

    it’s never so much fun as when they shine the light on themselves…

  3. Ah, but the bogans have no vested interests…. Can the same be said for our ‘political elite’?

      • those aren’t vested interests – those are rights! the bogan is a battler who needs those things. john howard told them so.

  4. It’s cute when folks think that virulently demeaning caricatures of ‘the other’ are just a bit of fun so long as they’re labelled ‘satire’. TBL is fanatically devoted to belittling the uncultured other. They are a veritable meme unto themselves; explicitly devoted to sneering at bogans, don’t pretend otherwise. We all like a shot of smugness now and then. Just call a spade a spade, don’t try and dress it up as some righteous crusade against those dastardly corporations and media, that’s desperately transparent. The unlettered masses have long been a source of consternation for the exquisitely-informed. So by all means, indulge in bogan-bashing every now and then, but at least be honest enough with yourself to admit you’re doing it.

    • TBL is not Boganomics. And you can’t have satire without some form of ridicule. In this column it cuts both ways. The purpose of Boganomics is as stated.

    • Lighten up. I quite liked Two and a Half Men.

      The wedding vows and children’s names are brilliant though.

      I now regret naming my children after an English king/poet/tradition and an Apostle 😉

    • Simon - Glasser at Arms, Constant source of Randomness


      If you bothered with a bit of basic research you would see your comment is wasted. See below the TBL explanation of bogans and themselves and why the site exists.There is no pretence there.

      What is a Bogan Today?

      An excellent question. It is time to bring to the world’s attention the means by which we can keep the world’s bogans happy. The word bogan has had a bad rap of late – still associated with wife beaters, flannelette, VB, utes and mullets. But this conceals the new, modern bogan. The bogan with money. The bogan with aspirations. The bogan with Ed Hardy t-shirts. And this is no mere Australian phenomenon – in the US, you have rednecks, in the UK, chavs. While there are variations, the crux of the discussion remains the same.

      The bogan today defies income, class, race, creed, gender and logic. The bogan is defined by what it does, what it says and, most importantly, what it buys. Those who choose to deny the bogan on the basis of their North Shore home, their stockbroking career or their massive trust fund choose not to see the bogan. They merely see old class battles revisited. Likewise, the bogan is no mere ‘tradie’. Even if tradies remained low-income workers, many bogans are affluent. And they set themselves apart by their efforts to stand out by conforming as furiously, and conspicuously, as possible.

      About Us

      Here at Things Bogans Like, we want to make your visit as pleasant as possible. Considering that you’ve already decided whether you like us or not, we’ve streamlined the process to enable you to get the validation that you require from your web browsing experience. Please select your affirmation from the options below. Reading more than one will break the internet.

      If you need confirmation that we’re arseholes
      We who are responsible for this are not self-aware bogans. We are not like Woody Allen making Jewish jokes. We are snobs. Hipsters. We mock these people out of sheer spite and an infuriating sense of self-superiority. We are very young, very white, and total arseholes. And that’s how we like it

      • Ah, sweet confirmation. In summary: TBL despises and ridicules the modern bogan for being everything that TBL scribes are not. The modern bogan: aspirational, unsophisticated nouveu riche. The nouveu pauvre nobility of Europe used to engage in similar sneering back when the industrial revolution was bringing a new crop of awkwardly wealthy into their midst for the first time. It was just as sad and pathetic then as it is now. And FYI, I was lurking TBL for the above-mentioned shot of smugness back when you still thought a bogan was best described in the song Bloke by Chris Franklin.

        • Simon - Glasser at Arms, Constant source of Randomness

          “TBL despises and ridicules the modern bogan for being everything that TBL scribes are not.”

          Ah, so you have met all the scribes and know their circumstances?

  5. a 2 year old would understand if you took half there ice cream less 4 them to eat.

  6. Obviously they didn’t understand the irony in the post and the subsequent banter. I actually found it very entertaining – and spot on about the point of celebrities somehow purifying the message… don’t we get enough of that with junk food and 4WD ads!

  7. For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong. H.L. Mencken.

    The bogan smells a rat trap dead ahead. The Bogans common sense antennae have been pricked.

    Airbrushing with airheads will have to do it harder. The Bogan, aka the herd is simplistic in its choice of words and concepts. Or should that be one word–t-a-x. Carbon tax.

    Nothing short of a Kevin 07 helicopter drop will change it. Who did you vote for? I voted for the money.