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FYI: Hong Kong general strike today

Via Bloomie: Hong Kong is bracing for what could be its biggest day of protests in months, with pro-democracy groups calling for a general strike against China’s latest moves to increase control of the city. Protests are planned for Wednesday near the Legislative Council building in central Hong Kong, where lawmakers plan to hold a


Hong Kong fights back against CCP overlord

Hong Kong citizens continue to fight back against the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) national security laws that will ban subversion, secession, foreign interference and any acts that threaten national security. Hong Kong residents have once again taken to the streets in large numbers to rally for independence, calling the national security law “a direct assault


Australia must shut down its CCP-run Confucius Institutes

You’ve got to hand it to the Swedes. They have responded in kind to the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) bullying by shutting down the Confucius Institutes operating throughout Sweden: The deteriorating bilateral ties between Sweden and China has resulted in closure of all Confucius Institutes in Sweden – making the Scandinavian country the first country


CCP crushes Hong Kong “terrorists”

As reported above by Sky News, thousands of Hong Kong citizens have held a demonstration protesting Beijing’s plan to enforce national security laws on the city. Beijing unveiled plans on Friday to impose laws on Hong Kong that would ban subversion, secession, foreign interference and any acts that threaten national security. According to a CCP


Chinese house prices begin to bubble

Chinese house prices were out yesterday and showed a sudden acceleration, up 0.5% on the month and 5.3% on year: The breadth of price rises expanded to 54 cities: Top tiers lagged: Here’s the raw data: It’s a little odd given sales remain shite: But that’s the rub in China. Monetary easing always ends up


Australia should fight China with export tariffs

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continues to threaten Australia with tariffs for daring to seek an independent investigation into the Wuhan Coronavirus: David Littleproud is the second minister in successive days to admit to being unable to talk to high-ranking Chinese government officials as trade tensions between the two nations continue to fester. It comes


Australia has the whip hand on China Trade

The Chinese Government has threatened trade sanctions if the Australia continues its push for an independent inquiry into the origins and response to the Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic: High-ranking calls to China have gone unanswered amid an escalating trade dispute with Australia that’s been fuelled by calls to investigate the origins of the deadly coronavirus pandemic.


More doubts about wet market virus source

From BioRvix comes the new study: In a side-by-side comparison of evolutionary dynamics between the 2019/2020 SARS-CoV-2 and the 2003 SARS-CoV, we were surprised to find that SARS-CoV-2 resembles SARS-CoV in the late phase of the 2003 epidemic after SARS-CoV had developed several advantageous adaptations for human transmission. Our observations suggest that by the time


Peak China is here

Via FTAlphaville: This is a guest post by George Magnus, an independent economist and commentator and research associate at the China Centre at Oxford University and at the School of Oriental and African Studies, in which he warns of the destabilising impact the Coronavirus will have on the world’s relationship with China. Frosty doesn’t begin


Hong Kong on brink of explosion once again

After months of relative calm owing to the COVID-19 shutdown, tensions are boiling over in Hong Kong once more. Heavily armed riot Police have stormed malls and fired pellets on pro-democracy protestors, lawmakers are brawling, and Hong Kong’s leader (and CCP puppet) Carrie Lam has vowed to overhaul Hong Kong’s education system to “re-educate the


China exports deflation and lot’s of it!

Via China’s NBS: The year-on-year change in industrial producer prices Among the ex-factory prices of industrial producers, the prices of means of production fell by 4.5% year-on-year , an increase of 2.1 percentage points from the previous month , which affected the overall level of ex-factory prices of industrial producers by about 3.31 percentage points.


China readying “flood stimulus”

Via Sinocism: The top items today’s newsletter look at: The economy, and signs from the PBoC that more stimulus is on the way as the focus expands from the “six stabilities” to include the “six ensures” and especially to ensure employment and avoid the potential social stability problems from mass unemployment; The claims that the


Another terrible China PMI

Via Caixin: Basically, because PMIs are directional not absolute indexes, and the index has never gotten back to expansionary territory above 50, what this is saying is that Chinese services activity in SMEs is still below levels we saw during the pandemic shutdown. Hard to believe but that’s what it means.


Has COVID-19 ended Chinese urbanisation?

Via Capital Economics: It’s early days, but those people movement charts are unsettling. Has COVID-19 delayed or derailed Chinese urbanisation? There are lots of levers it can pull to get people moving again: Hukou reform; shanty town development; reduced macroprudential limits, even forced evictions. But there is no silver bullet when folks fear for their


China blackmails the world

After spreading the Wuhan Coronavirus to the world, WION’s Palki does a great job exposing the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) many diplomatic firestorms. These include attacks against the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Sweden, Nepal, India and the Netherlands. We teach our children to stand up to bullies. Now is the time for the