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Abbott’s brown shirts fume

So much for going gently into that good night, from the AFR: Liberals still seething over last week’s leadership spill are vowing to target Treasurer Scott Morrison, who has found himself the ongoing focus of Tony Abbott’s ire. Mr Abbott accused Mr Morrison of “badly misleading” the Australian people after Mr Morrison said last week that he


Turnbull’s moderate poll bounce continues

It’s not scorching but Malcolm Turnbull has turned around the Coalition’s electoral fortunes for now, from The Australian: The Coalition’s primary vote jumped five points to 44 per cent, its highest level since November 2013 and only 1.6 points below the result at the last election. Labor’s primary vote tumbled four points to a three-month


Farewell Maurice, it was bizarre

From Fairfax: As expected. Our new PM, Malcolm Turnbull, quietly let Maurice Newman’s position as chairman of the Business Advisory Council expire Saturday night while everyone’s focus was on his ministerial chess play. It leaves the BAC without a chairman for now, according to the council’s web site. But the real test of Turnbull’s intentions


Super reform will win the election

The magnificent David Murray has ramped up pressure on Malcolm Turnbull to abandon the Abbottalyptic ban on super concession reform. From the AFR: The current framework for superannuation tax concessions was “particularly harmful” to low income people, he said. “In order to deliver value to the Australians in the superannuation system, policymakers will have to come to


Turnbull delivers moderate poll boost

From Fairfax: A nationwide ReachTel Seven-West poll of just under 3300 voters taken on Tuesday night showed voters were flooding back to the Coalition under its new management, with Mr Turnbull catapulting ahead of Labor’s Bill Shorten as preferred prime minister with a lead of 61.9 per cent to 38.1 per cent. The Coalition’s support has also rebounded


Nationals kill carbon pricing

From the AFR: Nationals Leader Warren Truss and deputy Barnaby Joyce are due to announce full details of a deal after Question Time on Tuesday, which sees major wins for the Nationals, including an about face on the effects test in competition legislation. But Nationals sources have told the Financial Review that central to the agreement


Abbottalypse gone

The great political wanker of his time has bowed out, from the AFR: A bitterly disappointed Tony Abbott has bowed out, blaming the media and treacherous colleagues for his downfall while vowing to do nothing to destabilise Malcolm Turnbull. Mr Abbott, who lost Monday night’s leadership ballot by 54 voteds to 44 votes, said he was ousted by “poll-driven panic”


What does the squid think of Turnbull?

From Tim Toohey at Goldman Sachs: The Prime Minister elect is promising a “thoroughly liberal government” promoting freedom of “individuals and markets” and promising to consult and explain the case policy change. It is clear that the Prime Minister-elect is targeting business confidence and individual freedom, in a step to reinvigorate the prominence of the ‘small


Turnbull to challenge Abbott LIVE!

From the AFR: Malcolm Turnbull has confirmed he is challenging Prime Minister Tony Abbott for the leadership of the Liberal party. “I met with the Prime Minister and advised him that I would be challenging him for the leadership of the Liberal Party” “And we need a different style of leadership…A style of leadership that


Abbottalypse again

Things did not improve for our inept PM while I was away. Following dunderheaded “captain’s calls” on both bank deposit insurance charges and Syrian refugees, as well as more Abbottalyptic polls from Roy Morgan and Newspoll, the PM appears headed for another leadership challenge, from the AFR: Multiple sources have told AFR Weekend that the plan is


Vhere are your papers?

by Chris Becker Below is independent MP, Andrew Wilkie, in Parliament yesterday on the reasons why Australia is slipping into the realms of a “pre-Police State”: Here are the 10 characteristics of a pre-Police State that the MP outlines: All members of community are monitored by the State (mandatory meta-data retention) The media is manipulated/bullied, particularly


Shuffling the deck chairs

by Chris Becker There are reports this morning that PM Tony Abbott is planning to axe up to six ministers in a Cabinet reshuffle – but not including Joe Hockey –  in what could be a move to forestall another Malcolm Turnbull leadership challenge. Of course, the report comes from The Daily Telegraph so let’s not


A nation of brutes and cowards

by Chris Becker Europe’s burgeoning refugee crisis is putting the spotlight on David Cameron’s conservative UK government approach, which has been mentioned as “Australia-lite”. Or in other words, constrained brutality with a pinch of indifference. This has changed in recent days as the spectre of seeing dead children wash up on Turkish beaches and scenes


Murdoch still backing Abbott

By Leith van Onselen In the lead-up to the September 2013 Federal Election, Rupert Murdoch’s tabloids ran a feverish campaign backing Tony Abbott as Prime Minister: With all of the stuff-ups and gaffes that have occurred since becoming Prime Minister, one would have though that Mr Murdoch might be having second thoughts. Not so, with


Is ALP throwing Canning to keep Abbott?

By Leith van Onselen A new opinion poll for the upcoming Canning by-election, conducted by Essential Research, has the Coalition leading Labor 51% to 49% on a two-party preferred basis, suggesting the Coalition will be returned, but with a big swing against it (the Liberals currently hold the seat with a 12% margin). According to


Fairfax hits back at Coalition whinger

By Leith van Onselen Fairfax Media has hit back hard at Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton’s, claim yesterday that it was actively trying to “bring the government down” and was conducting “a bit of a jihad” against the Government. Fairfax’s Mark Kenny has described Dutton’s whinge as “like a recurring wave of nausea” from a “faultering


A Coalition of whingers

by Chris Becker Following a Fairfax Media report yesterday that several cabinet members want Prime Minister Tony Abbott to dump Treasurer Joe Hockey, Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, has come out on the offensive this morning: “I think it would be helpful if some of the commentators in the area, in this space of politics, started


SA becomes key election battleground

By Leith van Onselen The Abbott Government could rue the day that it let the car assembly industry shutter. With South Australian unemployment shooting for the stars: Full-time jobs growth and hours worked contracting at a rate of knots: And the closure of Holden in 2017 likely to cost tens-of-thousands of jobs, independent senator for


AFG begs for macroprudential mercy

From the AFR: The chief executive of the country’s largest mortgage broker, the newly listed Australian Finance Group, has urged the banking regulator to “hold fire” on more moves to cool investor lending market, saying current measures are already “starting to bite”. AFG managing director Brett McKeon, who owns just under 10 per cent of the company which


Tin pot Tony demands entry to Syria bombing

From Fairfax: Tony Abbott confirmed on Tuesday that “some weeks ago” US President Barack Obama had asked him to consider expanding RAAF strikes to Syria. But senior government sources have told Fairfax Media that the driving force for the formal request received last week from the United States for the RAAF to join the air