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Federal ICAC now!

Via the ABC: The alleged donation scheme engulfing the New South Wales Labor Party is unlikely to have been brought under the same scrutiny if similar allegations were to occur at the federal level, prominent barrister Geoffrey Watson has warned. The NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) began public hearings last week into whether some


Aussie voters reject Labor’s immigration extremists

Cross-posted from Independent Australia: At the May Federal Election, Labor and the Greens overbid the already-high Coalition position on immigration and population. Post-election, Labor muffles the topic, targeting instead Home Affairs and its Minister, Peter Dutton. Is that the right play? For this year’s Federal Election, Labor offered virtually open-ended migrant-parent visas. This would have


It’s much worse for Labor than Albo thinks

Albo is as strong as a bouquet of pansies, via Domain: Federal Labor Leader Anthony Albanese says the party is in “a diabolical situation” and foreshadowed “comprehensive” structural reform of the NSW branch following damning allegations it had covered up illegal donations. Mr Albanese said a review into NSW Labor would take place once the


Corrupt NSW Labor cries crocodile tears for itself

Via The Australian: NSW ALP leader Jodi McKay has declared her party is in a ­“terrible state” and she “cannot fathom” how a ­donations scandal involving “bags of money being brought into Labor headquarters” had been allowed to fester for five years. Declaring a lack of confidence in her party’s campaign organisation, Ms McKay yesterday


Angry China slams Australia over diplomatic hostage

Via The Australian: China has told Australia to “stop hyping up” the case of arrested Chinese-Australian writer Yang Hengjun as concern grows in Australia over his detention and treatment in Beijing. “We urge the Australian side to respect China’s judicial sovereignty, stop hyping up the issue and pressuring China and stop interfering in any way


Time to ban all political donations

Bernard Keane at Crikey has a good idea: Short of towing the NSW Labor Party out to sea and sinking it, is there anything that can be done about persistent corruption in NSW? It’s clear from evidence emerging at the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption inquiring into political donations that the party that gave us


With friends like Kevin Rudd who needs enemies?

So, let’s get through the daily Angry China update. First up, the Communist Party is roaring at the G7, via News: China has fired back at G7 leaders following a joint declaration in Biarritz, accusing them of “meddling” and “harbouring evil intentions” over protests in Hong Kong. Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang made the comments


Morrison makes a decent fist of trade war

Nice scoop today from The Diplomat alumnus Hans van Leeuwen at the AFR with ScoMo on the trade war: “There are clearly challenges in the global economy, and that means there are conflicts and challenging issues to discuss. I wouldn’t confuse that with tension. We’re dealing with pretty complex issues at the moment,” he said.


Australia needed a Churchill, it got a real estate agent

Australia is fantastically ill-prepared for the historic challenge that is upon us. The shift from the globalisation regime to one of an unwinding Chimerica evokes the classic strategic parable: At first you go bankrupt slowly, then all at once. It did not need to be this way.  We should have prepared for the inevitable Chinese showdown from the beginning. We


Quivering NGV crystallises Australia’s Hong Kong cowardice

Via Domain come a pack of &[email protected]#$^ cowards: Pop star and activist Denise Ho has accused the National Gallery of Victoria of censorship after an event about the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests was cancelled. Organisers say the venue cited security concerns as the reason for not allowing the event to go ahead, and that it was


Fake Greens’ immigration hypocrisy mushrooms

There’s nothing like the smell of Green’s immigration hypocrisy. Recall last year’s Facebook post where The Greens attacked NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s sensible call to halve immigration: As I noted at the time, we truly are living in Bizarro World when the self-proclaimed defenders of the environment and social justice champion the very policy – mass


Will Democrats keep the pressure on China in 2020?

Via Domain: In late July, the United States Studies Centre and YouGov polled 1,820 Australians and 1,800 Americans. We find Australians strongly prefer a Democratic win in 2020, a result replicated across almost all demographic and political groups. Only about one in five Australians prefer a second term for the Trump administration. Indeed, fewer than


Trump derangement syndrome unites Right and Left

Blood sucking globalists unite! First up, Jennifer Hewitt at the AFR who’s only role is to endorse Davosian values with elegant prose daily: The latest Twitter rockets from Trump lambasting the Federal Reserve and raising tariffs on Chinese imports sent the stockmarket reeling on Friday rather than allowing Wall Street types to relax into the


Is NSW Labor leader Jodie McKay the Manchurian Candidate?

Via the ABC: Chinese billionaire Huang Xiangmo gave $100,000 in cash to a senior Labor Party official, in breach of electoral funding laws, an Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) inquiry has heard. The ICAC is beginning six weeks of public hearings to investigate whether NSW Labor received money from illegal sources. Scott Robertson, the Counsel


Mass immigration floods Australia with spies, insurgents

Via the ABC: Foreign espionage is taking place in Australia at a greater rate than any other time in history. It comes after revelations Rwanda has an alleged network of spies suppressing political dissent in refugee communities in Queensland The stark warning from the nation’s domestic intelligence agency follows accusations the east African nation of


Labor discovers borders

Has it twigged? Via The Guardian: Labor is claiming that Peter Dutton has lost control of Australia’s borders, saying 80,000 people have arrived by plane to claim asylum since 2014. The new line of attack against the Morrison government – spearheaded by the home affairs spokeswoman, Kristina Keneally – comes as the ALP prepares to


Australia pivots from China as NSW Labor fastens to it

It’s MSM China madness today and about time. Crikey leads off with a new push to support hawkishness from John Fitzgerald, Emeritus Professor in the Centre for Social Impact at Swinburne: Senior Australian political figures can curse the American president as often as they please without fearing Trump will halt shipments of Australian beef or tell


Pig iron Scott. Aussie iron ore building Chinese naval threat

This is where we don’t want trade wars to go. Via Herald Sun: Australian iron ore is suspected of being used to help build China’s next-generation nuclear-powered and ballistic-missile attack submarines, according to security and industry experts. Consignments from Australia’s booming iron ore exports to China are likely being diverted by Beijing into the steel


Scummo has a problem

And it is this. Australia is buggered. It is at the tail end of a thirty year boom that has been on life support for the past eight years, kept alive only by running mass immigration into an economy bulging with over supply and under supply in all the wrong places. The labour market is


MSM slams pimping of Chinese international students

Yesterday the MSM finally tore the scab off the international students wound MB has been picking at for years. The driver was a CIS report that made plain what MB readers have long known, that Aussie uni’s have whored themselves horribly to Chinese international students, via The Australian: Universities are “taking massive fin­ancial risks” through over­exposure to


Labor still confused as hell about why it lost

Via The Australian: A confidential submission to the party’s post-election review from the Labor Environment ­Action Network, obtained by The Australian, expresses “anger and disappointment”, and also “grief”, over the party’s failure to win what was expected to be an unlosable election. The submission is brutal about policy, political and leadership failures. “Labor was unable


Should the Property Council be registered as a political party?

Here we go again. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called for left-leaning activist group, GetUp, to be registered as a political party: Prime Minister Scott Morrison has hinted at launching a fresh bid for an inquiry into GetUp’s political independence, calling for the group to be “straight up” with voters. Members of the coalition have long


What happens to 100k Aussies if CPC smashes Hong Kong?

Via Domain: Ambassador Cheng Jingye told The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age that the affairs of Hong Kong were “solely the internal affairs of China”, warning that any effort to “mess up” the former British outpost was doomed to fail as pro-democracy protesters there again gathered en masse on Sunday. …The intervention follows escalating