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Grattan: Morrison Gas Unplan to lift power prices

From Tony Wood at Grattan: Far from fuelling the recovery from the COVID recession, natural gas will inevitably decline as an energy source for industry and homes in Australia, according to a new Grattan Institute report. Flame out: the future of natural gas shows that a combination of economics and environmental imperatives imperil the industry. Australia


Business Council proposes selling mother into Chinese slavery

Via the AFR: A business leader blueprint for the Morrison government to repair the fractured relationship with China includes lifting investment barriers, tuning out to overly hawkish advisers, and wooing Xi Jinping with all its might. …Mr Bradley said the government should wind back Foreign Investment Review Board changes made in the early stages of


Victoria’s Hotel Quarantine Inquiry claims another scalp

Victoria’s Hotel Quarantine Inquiry has claimed its third scalp – Victoria’s top health bureaucrat Kym Peake,  who resigned yesterday ahead of the Inquiry’s final report due for release next month: During two days of at-times heated questioning [at the Inquiry], Ms Peake said it was a “matter of profound regret” that Victoria experienced a second


Gladys and Anastasia at war over border reopening

The National Cabinet will meet today, bringing together Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk for the first time since the Queensland election. Toping the agenda will be the reopening of state and territory borders. The NSW premier said it would be “cruel” and “spiteful” if her Queensland counterpart reopened their border to Victoria before


The Strayan Weekly: Geoff Raby launches “Golden Rain” consulting

Sir Fomo McSpruikerson is an expatriate billionaire and proud proprietor of The Strayan, a vanity media project designed to boost his assets.  SBS launches new “SBS Migration” network as part of rebranding The Special Broadcasting Service has announced that it’s launching a new network entitled “SBS Migration” as part of an overhaul of the government


‘Developer Dan Andrews’ outed by corruption commission

Allegedly corrupt property developer John Woodman has been accused of bribing two City of Casey councillors in an attempt to get land in Cranbourne West rezoned from industrial to residential. He reportedly donated over $150,000 to the Labor Party in 2018. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has been embroiled in controversy after being caught lying about


Thank god for ScoMo, last of the patriots

The Australia/China divorce is widening with every passing day and with it hope is renewed, via Bloomie: “The cause of the current difficulties in our bilateral relations is very clear,” Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told reporters in Beijing on Thursday. “For some time Australia has been violating basic norms


Fitzgibbon does us all a favour by destroying Labor

Joel Fitzgibbon and the Murdoch Press are intent on Labor instability: Divisions within Labor on climate change have deepened after two leading union officials and a former president of the ACTU condemned frontbencher Mark Dreyfus for describing Joel Fitzgibbon as being “out of step’’ with regional Australians on environmental policy. CFMEU Queensland mining and energy


Geoff Raby demands Australia kow tow to his CCP coal paymaster

Registered Chinese agent of influence, big coal lobbyist, and former Australian ambassador to China, Geoff Raby, is back again this time at the Press Club: “I think that state governments and the business community have allowed themselves … to become delegitimised in this highly polarised China debate that we’re having in Australia at present,” he


Corrupted politicians green light property developer money laundering

Australia’s politicians have used the cover of COVID-19 to weaken political donations laws according to Luke Beck, Associate Professor of Constitutional Law, Monash University: While Australians were distracted last week by Melbourne’s lockdown ending and the final days of the Queensland and United States elections, both major parties joined forces in federal parliament to weaken


Fake Greens push for Murdoch inquiry

Via The Guardian: Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young will move to establish a Senate inquiry into media diversity on Wednesday following the popularity of Kevin Rudd’s petition for a royal commission into Murdoch media. Last week the former Labor prime minister’s petition for a royal commission into the need for a strong, diverse media was supported


NT Labor Government breaks law to keep Chinese deals secret

WTF. NTIndependent: Chief Minister Michael Gunner’s office has refused to release the agreements he has signed with Chinese officials since coming to power in 2016, failing to provide a valid legal reason for blocking the public’s right to know. The NT Independent filed a Freedom of Information application in June to force the Gunner Government


Labor can’t possibly see China Joel as the answer, can it?

Then again. Anything is possible in the age of stupid. Via the AFR: According to those present, Monday night’s shadow cabinet meeting was the most explosive many have witnessed. Anthony Albanese and now-backbencher Joel Fitzgibbon were “going hammer and tongs” over climate change policy, so much so that everyone else “was looking for a hole


If Coalition pond scum were flushed, parliament would be empty

The heat continues to rise on Coalition pond scum, via Domain: A former adviser to Population Minister Alan Tudge has lodged a formal complaint that alleges he engaged in workplace bullying and intimidation that left her “anxious and afraid” in a system that failed to support her and other staff. Rachelle Miller, who had an


Analysts on the Pfizer vaccine

Goldman: PFE and partner BNTX reported positive top line Ph3 data for its COVID-19 vaccine, BNT162b2. The trial met the primary endpoint (preventing COVID-19 in those without evidence of prior SARS-COv2 infection) and per the release the case split between vaccinated individuals and those who received the placebo indicates a vaccine efficacy rate above 90%,


Labor boots Fitzgibbon

Via Domain: Labor frontbencher Joel Fitzgibbon is set to quit the opposition shadow cabinet amid a growing fight over its future climate change and energy policies. Mr Fitzgibbon is expected to call a press conference later this morning after telling caucus he will sit on the backbench because he believes the party has alienated its


Newspoll has Labor in striking distance

If Morrison is riding so high on his virus response then why this? An exclusive Newspoll conducted for The Australian shows the Coalition maintaining its election-winning lead despite a narrowing of the two-party-preferred vote to 51-49 per cent. If it were not for Labor’s China problem, I’d be tempted to install them as favourites for


Labor leads post-Trump charge of the China apologists

CCP mouthpiece, China Daily, ramped the rhetoric late Friday: Although Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has declared that his government’s approach to foreign policy is defined by “strategic patience and consistency”, particularly regarding China, his government’s rash participation in the US administration’s attempts to contain China belies that. It is Canberra that has undermined what


NSW police probe failed VIC hotel quarantine security firm

The security licensing directorate of the NSW Police Force is investigating one of the private security firms that was at the centre of Victoria’s hotel quarantine fiasco. Unified Security is owned by David Millward and Luigi Trunzo, who have been linked to a number of companies that have collapsed. The police investigation could potentially lead


First prosecution under foreign influence laws

Via The Guardian: A Chinese-Australian community figure who was pictured with federal minister Alan Tudge donating $30,000 in Covid-19 relief to a Melbourne hospital in June has become the first person charged with a foreign interference offence. Di Sanh Duong, known as Sunny, appeared before the Melbourne magistrates court on Thursday charged with preparing for


If Beijing wants a divorce then let’s give it a doozy

Via The Australian: Uncertainty hangs over Australia’s $149bn in exports to China as a blockade of wine destined for the nation’s biggest trade show in Shanghai has heightened fears that a sweeping ban could follow within days. More than a dozen wine exhibitors at China’s premier trade fair have had their products stopped by Customs


Bipartisan agreement at last as developer bribes liberalised

Yes, our pollies have come together to tackle the crucial issue of our time, at The Converastion: While Australians were distracted last week by Melbourne’s lockdown ending and the final days of the Queensland and United States elections, both major parties joined forces in federal parliament to weaken political donations laws. This will make it easier for federal


Pathetic McGowan crawls to China

WA should discover a bit of self-respect: Mark McGowan has lashed out about Australia’s deteriorating relationship with China after $2million worth of lobster was left stranded in Shanghai. …’We don’t share the same political system, we don’t share many of the same attributes as countries,’ he said. ‘But that doesn’t mean we can’t get on, that doesn’t


How Morrison’s ICAC will hide corruption

Via Michael Bradley at Crikey: The Morrison government’s 363-page draft law to create a Commonwealth Integrity Commission (CIC) is finally out, almost a year after Attorney-General Christian Porter received it from his department. Must’ve been a lot of typos. Porter also announced there would be a leisurely six months of consultations on the bill, ostensibly because


China is not coercing Australia, it’s severing ties

All my Christmas’s have come at once.  Via Bloomberg: China has ordered traders to stop purchasing at least seven categories of Australian commodities, ratcheting up tensions with a key trading partner in its most sweeping retaliation yet. Commodities traders in China won’t be able to import products including coal, barley, copper ore and concentrate, sugar,


Why is your ABC pushing China agent of influence, Geoff Raby?

Former ambassador to China, Geoff Raby, is a registered agent of foreign influence for Yancoal, a Chinese state-owned enterprise: Yet, this morning, Dr Raby appeared at the ABC without reference to this compromising fact as he told Fran Kelly that: we are inextricably bound to China; China is no existential threat to Australia, and ironically…


Coalition launches toothless ICAC

Under increasing pressure from Labor and former Treasury secretary Ken Henry, Attorney-General Christian Porter has released draft legislation to enact a federal corruption watchdog, along with the allocation of $147 million in funding. Porter described the model outlined in the draft legislation as being one that would create a system of “sober” and “sensible” assessment.


So much for the “pink recession”

During the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Australia’s media and left-leaning think tanks were jumping up and down over the purported “pink recession” – the notion that women were being disproportionately impacted by the crisis. This “pink recession” claim originated from social and economic commentator George Megalogenis, who pointed out that unlike the 1990s recession