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Drew Pavlou savages UQ’s “kangaroo court”

Via the ABC: Charges against suspended University of Queensland (UQ) student Drew Pavlou were “obviously fabricated” and involved “scrounging up every bit of filth which could possibly be thrown at him”, his lawyer claims. In a 16-page appeal document seen by the ABC, Brisbane barrister Tony Morris QC, who is acting pro-bono, argues Mr Pavlou,


God bless America!

Paul Kelly thinks it’s the end of America: The most powerful nation on Earth is being brought undone from within by its pent-up governance and moral failures. The crisis has multiple triggers — abuse of police power, entrenched disadvantage of black Americans, mounting anger in American hearts, cultural schisms across the nation and political polarisation


The Economist: Chinese wolf wankers alienate all

Via The Economist: It is not hard to find Chinese who cheer the foreign ministry’s pugnacious new style. Against that, some members of China’s foreign-policy establishment express alarm over this assertiveness, calling it a mistake born of inexperience. That is letting foreign ministry hotheads off too easily. A well-travelled bunch, China’s quarrel-picking diplomats know how


Gladys Liu condemns Manchurian Dan

What a world this is, via Domain: Federal Parliament’s first Chinese-born MP says the Andrews government’s deal with Beijing on the trillion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative has been shrouded in secrecy, and called on the state to release full details of the scheme’s benefit to Victoria. Gladys Liu said although Australia was open to entering


Univerisites lobby to destroy Aussie virus success

Via The Australian: Seeking a “first-mover” advantage in the competitive global education business, Australia’s 39 major universities have put a plan to the government to restart the entry of international students under strict health guidelines. The proposal by Universities Australia, sent to the federal government on Thursday for consideration by the national cabinet, will require


SA policeman puts jackboot on Hong Kong

Via the ABC: SA Police has launched an investigation into a photo which purportedly shows one of its uniformed police officers supporting Hong Kong’s police force. The photo, which features in an International Police Association (IPA) magazine, defends the conduct of Hong Kong Police during the protests last year, despite claims from protesters that officers


Australia’s CCP apologists burn

“Australia” has had a near-death experience, at The Australian: Australia’s current ambassador to China gave the green light to Victoria to sign on to President Xi Jinping’s signature Belt and Road Initiative, which has been criticised by Scott Morrison. The Australian can reveal that Graham Fletcher, then a senior Foreign Affairs official, told the Victorian


Labor trumpets treason

Awful to watch. At the AFR comes Joel Fitzgibbon on his long march: Indeed, China is the customer for 36 per cent of Australia’s exports – more than $120 billion worth each year. Their demand for our food and mining products creates hundreds of thousands of Australian jobs. So too does the money invested here


Sailing barley ships show limits of Chinese power

Via The Australian: Australian barley on its way to China has been diverted mid route to Japan and the United Arab Emirates following China’s decision to impose punitive trade tariffs on the grain. Four ships carrying Australian barley have changed course or cargo after rising trade tensions led to China — Australia’s biggest barley buyer


Drew Pavlou for Australian of the Year

Drew Pavlou for Australian of the Year, at The Guardian: Lawyers for a student activist have lodged a formal complaint demanding the University of Queensland dismiss the Chinese consul-general in Brisbane from an adjunct professor position, over comments “praising violence” against peaceful campus protesters. The call to sack the diplomat, Xu Jie, from the honorary


10 long term implications of the virus

Via Shane Oliver at AMP: Introduction There has been much debate about the short-term economic and investment impact of coronavirus – on economic activity, unemployment, interest rates, house prices, shares, etc. However, the magnitude of the shock means it will have medium to longer-term implications as well. Of course, there is a danger in placing


Manchurian Dan threatens ANZUS

This is what happens when Labor takes the China bribe to its logical extreme, at ABC: The US ambassador to Australia has played down a suggestion from his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that his nation could “simply disconnect” from Australia if Victoria’s trade deal with Beijing threatened its telecommunication security. On Sunday morning, Mr


Depressionberg bans LIC commissions

Good, Chris Joye’s Flying Circus: In the AFR today I write that this is a great day for all Australian financial advisers and investors, and a brave decision by the Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, which was also vigorously advocated by Labor’s shadow financial services minister, Stephen Jones. Excerpt enclosed: By banning fund managers from paying sales commissions


Burning Kouk a moth to virus flame

The Kouk just can’t well enough alone: A group of 122 economists (at last count) have signed a letter arguing against an early relaxation of social distancing measures in Australia. They say “some commentators have expressed the view that there is a trade-off between the public health and economic aspects of the crisis. We, as


Bravo! China changes iron ore import rules

Via the AFR comes a huge laugh out loud: China has changed its inspection procedures for iron imports under new rules that analysts say could be used to block Australia’s most important export, as trade tensions between the two countries escalate. China’s Customs authorities said in a notice the new supervising rules, which take effect


Labor is committing China suicide

‘ We have not “let the relationship slip”. China launched a quiet invasion of Australia via bribery, lawfare and intimidation, and Labor is blaming Australia for it even though Turnbull and Morrison only undertook the most basic pushbacks to protect our sovereignty and freedoms. Post COVID-19, we spearheaded a failed push for an independent inquiry


There will be no Australian manufacturing recovery

Via The Guardian: Australian taxpayers should underwrite a massive expansion of the domestic gas industry – including helping open new fields and build hundreds of kilometres of pipelines – according to a group advising on Covid-19 recovery. A leaked draft report by a manufacturing taskforce advising the National Covid-19 Coordination Commission (NCCC) recommends the Morrison


How does this fake world end?

It’s all fake now. Our entire political economy. Right wing politics is an oligarchic fake pretending to compete. Left wing politics is an oligarchic fake pretending to care about workers or the environment. Government is a fake, pretending to do reform but really just stuffing the nation full of coolies to disguise falling living standards.


Scotty from Marketing trumpets fake manufacturing renaissance

This time via The Guardian: More natural gas, faster project approvals and lower company tax are critical to achieving “economic sovereignty” and a stronger Australian manufacturing sector, according to the industry minister, Karen Andrews. Andrews will address the National Press Club on Wednesday, calling on governments to streamline project approvals and foreshadowing a role for


UQ launches CCP-style lawfare to crush freedom-fighting student

The federal government must step into this disgrace, at The Australian: A student activist facing expulsion from the University of Queensland is being threatened with criminal prosecution over his handling of documents relating to the institution’s public response to anti-Beijing protests on campus. Drew Pavlou faces a disciplinary hearing on Wednesday following his protests and


Why Labor can’t be trusted on China

I’m afraid it is an epochal stain that will keep it from power for decades. Labor cannot be trusted with China. Kevin Rudd is the exemplar: Former Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has accused Scott Morrison of exposing primary producers to extra risk by taking the lead against China on a coronavirus inquiry while Beijing