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As Morrison declares war on China, US retreats

It’s not very well thought-through. It’s largely for domestic political consumption. And only accidentally in the national interest. But I’m loving the Australian sabre-rattling over Taiwan triggered by a desperate and dateless Morrison Government. After a few weeks of warmongering by top defence brass, the AFR joins in today with an interview with Taiwan’s foreign


Coalition’s $30m airport land deal “incompetent or corrupt”

Last September, the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) released a report slamming the federal Department of Infrastructure (DOI) for purchasing land related to the Western Sydney Airport from a billionaire family for 10 times its market value in what ANAO called a “significant and unusual transaction” that “did not exercise appropriate due diligence” and “fell short


Bill Bishop slams Jane Golly

Via Bill Bishop’s excellent Sinocism: Australia ‘is sick’, needs to take medicine: China’s Foreign Ministry – Global Times China is not responsible for the current difficulties facing China-Australia relations. It is the Australian side that torn up the cooperation agreement between China and Australia, sabotaging normal exchanges and cooperation between the two countries, China’s Foreign


ScoMo under fire for washing hands of quarantine

The knives are out over the Morrison Government’s abrogation of its constitutional responsibility for quarantine, which has forced the states to house returning travellers in unsuitable city hotels. The head of the WA Australian Medical Association (AMA) has stepped up its attack on the hotel quarantine system, once again describing it as “not fit for


Morrison government green-lights money laundering

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Morrison Government has no intention to follow through with its international commitment to stamp-out money laundering. The evidence is standing in plain sight. First, the federal government agreed to implement Tranche 2 anti-money laundering (AML) laws 15 years ago pertaining to real estate gatekeepers, including lawyers, accountants and


ScoMo receives big poll boost ahead of Budget

Newspoll has released its latest electoral polling with Prime Minister Scott Morrison enjoying a big rebound in support ahead of next month’s federal budget. Satisfaction with Scott Morrison’s performance rose by four points to 59%, whereas dissatisfaction fell three points to 37%. By contrast, Labor leader Anthony Albanese’s satisfaction fell three-points to 40%, whereas dissatisfaction


Australia’s China strategists are complete dills

Various pundits have criticised last week’s cancellation of Victoria’s Belt and Road deal with China. The AFR editorial is typical: Dead little deals like BRI are irrelevant. We must engage China where we can. Defending values is aided by finding common interests. These are weasel words. The main reason Australia pivoted away from China was


ABC: RBA and Morrison on immigration collision course

There’s revolution brewing at the ABC. A fightback against the fake left editorial viewpoint that played a major role in destroying Australian worker’s living standards in the last cycle via its defence of unbridled immigration. In the last few months, ABC’s Ian Verrender has led on the issue. Now Gareth Hutchence has joined in: Morrison


Morrison accelerates China decoupling

It’s the one area of national interest policy in which having a personality-disordered PM has paid handsome dividends. Morrison’s constant diplomatic blundering and habit of gaslighting every human he comes across has delivered Australia an accelerated Chinese decoupling. And thank dog for it! A few more years of sailing down the path of Gladys Liu’s


NZ, Germany sing for Chinese supper

At the Boao Forum, Xi Jinping is having a field day: The world must great global economic integration. Multilateral institutions must be protected. No one country should impose rules on any other. Pretty ironic given China’s 14 anti-democractic conditions for trade with Australia. There will many, many more examples as the CCP imposes “Xi Jinping


Majority of Aussies disapprove of ScoMo’s handling of COVID

Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s bungling of COVID-19 vaccination and continued abrogation of responsibility to the states has seen a slim majority of Australians (51%) disapprove of his handling of the pandemic, according to new polling by Roy Morgan: The 51% of Australians that disapprove of Morrison’s handling of COVID-19 and related issues have consistently brought


PMs and generals unite against Morrison climate fail

It is a full-court press against the climate spoiler Morrison Government today. Leading us off are former PMS Malcolm Turnbull and Kevin Rudd united in anger. They say: The Biden administration has dramatically reset the climate agenda. US, Japan, Korea and Canada will announce new and deeper 2030 targets. Australia is doing nothing. Its targets


Australia catching Nepal as vaccine chaos continues

The Australian vaccine rollout is all over the news again today and not in a good way. Rather than produce a thought-through strategy and adjust it as circumstances change, the Morrison Government is flailing around in public, telling different interest groups different things. In short, it continues to be politics over national interest: National cabinet


UN condemns Morrison failure to repatriate Aussies

The UN has condemned the Morrison Government’s neglect of stranded Aussies. It will probably mean the personality disorder PM does even less: The #UnitedNations Human Rights Committee has today ruled that Australia “facilitate and ensure” the return of #strandedaussies. We will keep fighting until these travel restrictions are lifted and their #HumanRights are respected.


Morrison quietly launches vaccine passports

The Morrison Government vaccine failure continues today as Australia remains mired in the Third World: It will get worse, not better over the next six months costing “tens of billions”, said economists, probably quoting me. It is true. Having capitulated entirely to Gladys Berejiklian’s plan for mass vaccination centres, the Morrison Government now faces criticism


Politicians abandon Aussies, roll out welcome mat to foreigners

One of the most disturbing situations to arise from the coronavirus pandemic is the contempt shown towards Australians stranded abroad, abandoned by our politicians. More than one year on from the beginning of the pandemic and there are still an estimated 35,000 Aussies stranded overseas, shut out by limited flights and quarantine places, as well


US could vaccinate Australia in 7 days

Just to underline how stoopid the Morrison Government has been. Via Morgan Stanley: COVID-19 Vaccine: US on Track to Achieve Broad Vaccination by Mid-Summer Our updated simulations suggest that the US can vaccinate the entire eligible population (12+yo) by mid-summer, in-line with our prior estimate. Our increased confidence in the rate and supply of vaccinations


Rapegate Reynolds allows NDIS lying cows

Perhaps the empathy training is working after all. Fresh from her Rapegate holiday, newly-minted Government Services Minister, Linda Reynolds, has decided against the proposed pursuit of NDIS lying cows: The Morrison Government had planned to cut costs in the NDIS. But, the rollout of “mandatory assessments” to catch disabled and infirm rorters has been postponed.


Women abandon Morrison’s mysogynists

A new study today from Swinburne Univerity is unequivocal about the collapse in support for Morrison’s misogynists: Australian women’s support for the Morrison Government collapsed from 44% to 29% from Q4 20, Q1 21. Men’s rating was unchanged at 47%. This is the largest gender gap in the history of the survey (though that is


Berejiklian completes reverse takeover of Morrison vaccine dills

You have to hand it to Gladys Berejiklian. She may be attracted to toxic blokes but she knows how to handle them as well. To attract the attention of the personality disordered Australian prime minister, Berejiklian and friends spent the last week openly assassinating his government. First, there was the appearance of Brad Hazzard on