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Gladys Liu “double agent” divides and conquers

One of the more delicious ironies of the Gladys Liu Affair is that it has reversed the roles in the left versus right media. Owing to the vertical markets of Australian politics, where particular mastheads cheer on their chosen party and business sponsor regardless of mounting atrocities, the LNP drowning in Chinese Communist Party (CCP)


Sino Scott takes to WeChat

Sino Scott is off the leash, via The Australian: Scott Morrison has taken to Chinese social media service WeChat promising to defend embattled Liberal MP Gladys Liu and “all Chinese Australians.” …“Overcoming many obstacles, Gladys Liu became the first Chinese woman to be elected to the House of Representatives,” Mr Morrison wrote on WeChat, accompanying


Andrew Bolt’s full Scott Morrison treason indictment

Here is the full Scott Morrison treason smash from Andrew Bolt: Meanwhile, the political economy is melting down as the Morrison Government desperately tries to hang onto its parliamentary majority. Peter Dutton is out contradicting his own department in ASIO which has warned that Liu is compromised: “As Home Affairs Minister with responsibility for ASIO


Professors: Property bubble has engulfed society

Via Domain: Forget blue or white collar workers – our society is now broken down by the size of our investment housing portfolio. New research by academics at the University of Sydney suggests the office room debate about property prices and Australians’ intimate understanding of negative gearing points to how we have become an “asset


“Are dictators in Beijing now writing Morrison’s lines?”

Deary me, Simon Benson: Anthony Albanese’s tactical attack on Liberal MP Gladys Liu is at risk of backfiring horribly. Scott Morrison’s strident press conference today in her defence would have been all over WeChat in minutes. And the Chinese community would have heard only one thing. The Labor Party is racist. The clumsy imputation that


Overrun Monash students block Chinese takeover

Via The Age: International students have been banned from contesting student elections at one of Victoria’s most prestigious universities, in a move to stop a group of Chinese students seizing control of the student union. …Leaders of Monash University’s Caulfield campus student body last week passed a new rule that students wishing to run at


Coalition’s own Manchurian candidates exposed

Via the ABC: Liberal backbencher Gladys Liu is being urged to address Parliament about multiple claims of her association with China’s foreign influence operations. “The parliament needs to look at this very, very carefully to make sure there are no foreign influences taking place,” Centre Alliance senator Rex Patrick told AM. The ABC revealed yesterday


Centre Alliance: Labor a “China coward”

Via Domain: Labor senator Kimberley Kitching and Victorian Liberal MP Kevin Andrews intend to establish the Parliamentary Friends of Democratic Hong Kong group, calling for the protection of democracy in Hong Kong and promoting a peaceful end to the violence. …Centre Alliance senator Rex Patrick on Monday criticised both the government and federal Labor’s refusal


Greens win Senate backing for federal ICAC

A private members bill sponsored by the Greens that calls for the introduction of a federal anti-corruption commission was passed by the Senate on 9 September. Labor, Centre Alliance and independent senator Jacqui Lambie supported the bill, which was passed 35-32. The federal government will likely use its numbers to ensure that the bill does


Phoney war rages over congestion charging

The Victorian Government and the Melbourne City Council are at war over whether congestion charging should be implemented across the inner-city in a bid to improve traffic flow. From the Herald-Sun: Lord Mayor Sally Capp has renewed her push for congestion pricing — a new charge based on distance travelled or roads used, replacing existing


Academics demand Coles/Woolies end modern slavery

Via New Daily: The Australian horticultural sector is one of the most at-risk industries for modern slavery. A recent survey by the National Union of Workers among 650 workers found severe underpayments and withholding of wages, excessive overtime, retention of identity documents, threats of and actual physical and sexual violence, and coercive and excessive payments for transport and


Labor holds post-election Newspoll gains

Via The Australian comes Newspoll: An exclusive Newspoll conducted for The Australian shows Mr Albanese suffering a six-point slide in popularity amid a divisive debate over the case of a Sri Lankan asylum-seeker family facing deportation. The Coalition’s primary vote rose a point on the last poll to 43 per cent and now sits almost


Is it a Coalition, or a real estate, media monopoly?

Via the Coalition’s apologist, The Australian: Nine Entertainment chief executive Hugh Marks hosted a $10,000-a-head Liberal Party fundraising event on the set of the network’s Today show, prompting an angry backlash from the company’s newspaper journalists. Australia’s biggest media union said journalists from The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and The Australian Financial ­Review raised


Federal ICAC now!

Via the ABC: The alleged donation scheme engulfing the New South Wales Labor Party is unlikely to have been brought under the same scrutiny if similar allegations were to occur at the federal level, prominent barrister Geoffrey Watson has warned. The NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) began public hearings last week into whether some


Aussie voters reject Labor’s immigration extremists

Cross-posted from Independent Australia: At the May Federal Election, Labor and the Greens overbid the already-high Coalition position on immigration and population. Post-election, Labor muffles the topic, targeting instead Home Affairs and its Minister, Peter Dutton. Is that the right play? For this year’s Federal Election, Labor offered virtually open-ended migrant-parent visas. This would have


It’s much worse for Labor than Albo thinks

Albo is as strong as a bouquet of pansies, via Domain: Federal Labor Leader Anthony Albanese says the party is in “a diabolical situation” and foreshadowed “comprehensive” structural reform of the NSW branch following damning allegations it had covered up illegal donations. Mr Albanese said a review into NSW Labor would take place once the


Corrupt NSW Labor cries crocodile tears for itself

Via The Australian: NSW ALP leader Jodi McKay has declared her party is in a ­“terrible state” and she “cannot fathom” how a ­donations scandal involving “bags of money being brought into Labor headquarters” had been allowed to fester for five years. Declaring a lack of confidence in her party’s campaign organisation, Ms McKay yesterday


Angry China slams Australia over diplomatic hostage

Via The Australian: China has told Australia to “stop hyping up” the case of arrested Chinese-Australian writer Yang Hengjun as concern grows in Australia over his detention and treatment in Beijing. “We urge the Australian side to respect China’s judicial sovereignty, stop hyping up the issue and pressuring China and stop interfering in any way


Time to ban all political donations

Bernard Keane at Crikey has a good idea: Short of towing the NSW Labor Party out to sea and sinking it, is there anything that can be done about persistent corruption in NSW? It’s clear from evidence emerging at the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption inquiring into political donations that the party that gave us


With friends like Kevin Rudd who needs enemies?

So, let’s get through the daily Angry China update. First up, the Communist Party is roaring at the G7, via News: China has fired back at G7 leaders following a joint declaration in Biarritz, accusing them of “meddling” and “harbouring evil intentions” over protests in Hong Kong. Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang made the comments