Plenty of cheap houses within nuclear blast radius


It had to happen. I would have thought it would be a bit longer. It’s good to keep this kind of nuclear panic in your kit bag for the final weeks of the election campaign:

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has also rubbished the opposition’s claims that Australia already has a successful case study of nuclear power stations not affecting nearby residents, citing that there were no homes in Lucas Heights.

There were houses in Lucas Heights but they were carved off in 1996 and renamed Barden Ridge to help boost prices.

Despite the name change, you’d be hard-pressed to argue that nearby housing is not within the Lucas Heights blast radius.


More from Albo:

“Everyone knows that there have been issues with nuclear reactors. Everyone knows those stories. That’s why yesterday when [Dutton] was talking about house prices not being affected, I’ll give him the tip, he should travel down there. There are no houses with Lucas Heights in their address. None,” Albanese told ABC RN Breakfast.

Perhaps Albo should take a drive down there or even do some basic research online.

Or, he can move on to the next logical panic attack. From 2005:

A nuclear research reactor was a possible target for a group of men arrested on terrorism charges last week in Australia, police have said.


Three of the 18 men arrested had been stopped near the reactor outside Sydney last December, a police document said.

Police also alleged that some of the men attended military-style training camps in the country’s outback.

Defence lawyers say there is no evidence of a planned attack and the case is politically motivated.

I wouldn’t want to be within the Peter Dutton blast radius right now.

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