More YIMBY useful idiots


The Useful Idiot is up to its old tricks again today:

They’re close to the city, public transport, schools and parks – and Melbourne’s leafy eastern suburbs should be shouldering the burden when it comes to new housing, according to a new report.

The report, by housing advocacy group Yimby Melbourne and published on Thursday, recommends introducing enforceable housing targets for the 19 local governments in inner Melbourne, as well as an overhaul of restrictive zoning rules.

It identifies Boroondara as the most in-demand local government area (LGA) with capacity for growth, and suggests it should have the highest target – 4,900 new homes in the next year.

Yimby Melbourne’s lead organiser, Jonathan O’Brien, said this was largely due to a “nimby local council” and community resistance to high-density housing.

Why wouldn’t they resist it? They didn’t move out there to be closer to people. Why is it up to them to infill just because a maniac government has decided to inundate Australia with Third World conditions?

Who the #$@ ! is IT developer Jonathon O’Brien to tell them what to do?

  • Is he an expert? No.
  • Is his YIMBY movement going to change anything? No.
  • Is his research worthy of national headlines? No.

So, what is he doing in The Guardian?

Mr O’Brien is the latest helpful idiot among developers to campaign for more housing. That’s fine, but let’s not pretend it will fix anything.

The problem with development is not zoning or approvals. The problem is that nobody can afford to build:

Residential construction costs

Why? Two main reasons:

  • mass immigration has forced a huge infrastructure build-out that has crowded out houses via soaring building costs, and
  • Albo’s catastrophic energy policies (particularly in gas) have driven the price of manufacturing building materials crazy.

Hence, builders are going bust left, right and centre.

There are two solutions. Cut immigration, allow deflating construction inputs to catch down over several years, and cap the price of gas at $6Gj, not $12Gj.

Running around like a headless chook yelling YIMBY is a distraction from the only policy measures that will actually get more young people into houses.


Man up, Jono, and call for cuts to immigration.

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