Money for the Masses: The Introductory Podcast


What is Money and why is the creation of Money something which is both fundamentally important to the financial and economic system, while at the same time something almost never considered, with the actual mechanics of it virtually unknown?

This is the first of what will be a series of podcast discussions with Deep T – a long time Macrobusiness contributor and commenter. Deep T has a background at a very senior level in Australian banking and over the course of a stellar career has come to a number of questions about the principles and concepts which are commonly accepted about Money. These revolve around how it is created, and follow through to the policy implications national governments may be able to consider if Money creation were to be more directly considered.

Over the coming weeks we hope to add podcast discussions covering:-

  • What is Money?
  • Where does Money come from?
  • How money circulates and the importance of Citizens
  • The taxation system and why tax money circulation is vital
  • How do banks work and how Too big to Fail banks are carried by citizens,
  • Housing as a speculative asset, and other stores of value that citizens desire,
  • What is Rent seeking and why is it detrimental,
  • What is productivity and why is productivity so important
  • Australia’s trade and current account with the rest of the world. Why the external account is so important.
  • The superannuation system, good for some but not so good for most
  • Immigration, how does this effect the Money system?
  • Interest rates: the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Foreign Investment and the Money Supply
  • Inflation, jargon that’s meant to sound meaningful, and how that affects Money.
  • GDP, the most quoted economic statistic, does it mean anything?
  • How you, the citizens, hold the Money system on your shoulders and locked in place.