Albo’s Indian army invades


When Albo went to India in early 2023 and signed a bunch of shockingly bad agreements with Narendra Modi about labour mobility, we warned it was a catastrophic mistake.

Amazingly, Albo equalised all Indian qualifications with their Aussie equivalents. Even though everybody knows that most of the Indian education system is an immense scam.

You might recall that the main agreement was so bad that it was very obviously drafted by some junior bureaucrat hopeful of getting on the plane himself:


That a gormless Albo signed it was astounding and doubtless beyond India’s wildest dreams.

And now come the results. Amid crashing wage growth, overrun public services, and a national rental crisis unknown in Australian history, Albo can’t fill the gash in the Indian dam wall that he ripped open:

The federal government is bracing for more questions over its control of the nation’s population growth with new figures expected to show another 150,000 migrants entering the country, putting at risk budget forecasts for total migration numbers.


As Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil signalled the government would start issuing warning notices to high-risk education providers that have become “visa factories”, data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics on Thursday is expected to show an increase in total net migration in the three months to the end of September.

In other words, all an unbelievably stupid Albo succeeded in doing was inviting India’s scam colleges to set up in Australia to print visas as fast as he could hand them out:

Labor said it would increase the use of “no further stay” conditions on visitor visas – blocking individuals from transferring to other visa categories in order to stay in the country longer.

This will affect thousands of students, most of whom come from India, who arrive on a tourist or other visa and then shift to a student visa once in Australia.

The government has also put dodgy colleges on notice. In the coming weeks, the worst offenders, which use their shopfronts as a way of channelling so-called students into the workforce, have been threatened with being shut down if they have not fixed their ways within six months.

The Indians themselves know exactly what is going on. They care about migration, not education quality:

Issues important for international students

And now Aussie workers, our most vulnerable, and youth are all headed for poverty in low-wage tent cities that belong in Calcutta.


This is not government. It is a highly destructive farce.

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