Repulsive Guardian murders mentally ill


The repulsive Guardian is at it again:

Frontline workers warn that the underfunding of specialised care for homeless people and the lack of emergency housing are leading to preventable deaths.

He slept rough for six months after six heart attacks left him hospitalised long-term in Adelaide, leading to an opioid addiction.

“You’re constantly worrying about where you’re going to sleep,” he says. “It puts a strain on your body. It also increases stress levels, cortisol levels, gives you high blood pressure and weakens your immune system as well.

“And if you don’t have a mental health condition or addiction before you’re homeless, it’s no doubt that you will after you’ve experienced homelessness. People’s lives feel like they’re falling apart and there’s nothing else to do but take substances, that’s why people do it.”

It is appalling. Directly caused by insane levels of mass immigration driving rental and housing prices out of reach:

So, why won’t the vile Guardian discuss the cause? The Jericho Rule:


Immigration – because there are many desperate to hate – must be treated with extreme care by politicians and journalists…The inherently racist parties will seek to use any discussion and any seeming evidence of the negative impact of migrants as fuel to burn their fires of hate.

What kind of newspaper, what kind of analysis, what kind of person bewails disastrous consequences for his fellow Australian while doing his darndest to prevent anybody from fixing it?

The Guardian is more mentally ill than those it is gaslighting to death.

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