Fake left can GetUp but fake right not Advance


I am no fan of paramilitary political party support groups like Get Up and Advance.

Nor do I see them as problematic. If people want to dedicate resources to public lobbies then that’s up to them.

What we can observe is that one side can apparently deal it out but not take it:

Labor is pushing back against campaign group Advance Australia’s efforts to swing voters to the Liberals at next month’s Dunkley byelection, accusing the right-wing outfit of lying to voters and trying to buy the seat.


Cost-of-living pressures and crime are among the issues early voters are raising with party volunteers ahead of the March 2 byelection, sparked by the death of Labor MP Peta Murphy in December.

…“You’d think the small circle of elites funding Advance would have something better to do than pay for Peter Dutton’s truck of lies,” he wrote.

“They’re not going to stop until they’ve bought the seat of Dunkley for the Liberals.

“Advance think money can buy anything, but we know democracy is about people giving their time and resources to stand up for what they believe in.”

Those billboards look fair enough to me. People have had enough of Albo’s economic bumbling and falling living standards.

That is, it is factual:

Real HDI - Aust vs OECD

GetUp has been doing this stuff for Labor for years.


Dial the Whaaambulance.

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