SoE Report: Rapid immigration wrecking Australia’s environment

The latest State of the Environment (SoE) report has been released and shows a nation both roasting and choking under the strains of relentless immigration-driven population growth:

Most of Australia’s 8 major cities are growing at rates faster than many developed cities internationally. As our cities expand and change, so do their impacts. These include increased urban heat, congestion, pollution and waste, as well as growing pressure on our increasingly scarce resources such as water and energy. These impacts expand to the natural environment surrounding our urban areas and the biodiversity, green and blue spaces within them.

The report shows that the population of 18 urban areas that house 75% of the nation’s population ballooned by 20% over the past ten years. Most of that growth happened in the five years after the last State of the Environment report in 2016, and most of that growth was driven by Australia’s world-beating immigration levels. Moreover, unrelenting immigration-driven population growth is projected to continue:

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