Albo buries gas reservation advice paper

Just wow:

Release the paper or be damned as gas cartel stooges.

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  1. I’m convinced they’ve already signaled their vassalage & there’s naught that can avert their eyes from Neo-eyeroll.

    Looks like State wannabees are capitalising on it – (FB) Wendy Lovell Vic MP – The Victorian Liberals will legislate a local gas guarantee for new supply within the first six-months of government. It’s all part of our plan for reliable, affordable and clean energy……

    Where’s the Federal opposition pressure? Both Owned….?

  2. LMAO, great stuff! Turns out the do-gooders are more than happy to throw you under the same bus as the rapist Nazis (AKA the LNP to MB) Who’d a thunk?

  3. Competent analysts are able to separate the opinions of other (such as the in the paper) from their own analysis; in fact, it may even assist their own analysis, one way or another.

    There is NO good reason to not release the paper.

  4. Note to ALP:

    It’s poor politics (and economics) to use high fossil fuel prices to push the renewables and climate agenda (fine on their own), when you have the ability to largely fix the current crisis.

    You will probably get more reform support overall from the populace if you save them, rather than unnecessarily screw them…

  5. Didn’t one of the commentariat recently ask “Where is Rex”. We’ll at least he’s maintaining a profile….Albo is becoming more invisible…..and Dutton he’s just disappeared!!

    • Albanese is performing to standard, never thought he be much different to Scumo other than not smelling anywhere near as bad stench wise, however if anyone talks about his “difficult” upbringing I’ll vomit, he forgot about that many decades ago.

      This lot will be not much different in any respect.

      • Fishing72MEMBER

        You’ve obviously got no idea how hard it is to grow up on the racist ghetto streets of Sydney as a young Italian as did our stunning and brave Albo*.

        *Assuming that everyone else knew Albo was part Italian even though Albo himself didn’t become aware of his Italian heritage until he was in his late teens.

  6. This seems to be appropriate over the last few years…..

    Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times.
    Good times create weak men. And, Weak men create hard times – “Those who Remain” G Michael Hopf

  7. Wholy sheet metal! this will END @AlboMP !!! bye bye Albo, Byee byeee bye you kook