Albo blames Labor’s energy shock on Putin

PM Albo does not sound like a man readying any kind of appropriate policy response to the Australian energy crisis. On the contrary:

“I firmly believe we can solve the biggest challenge of our time, while laying the groundwork for long-term economic security and shared prosperity,” Mr Albanese will say, according to an advance copy of his speech.

“But only if we move forward with the spirit of unity and optimism shown here today. Australia will always do our part.”

While declaring Australia’s “unwavering moral support for Ukraine”, he will say Australians are also feeling the effects of Mr Putin’s aggression through sky-high petrol and food prices.

Mr Albanese will declare that Australia is ready to supply key commodities to help restore stability to the global market, saying the nation is well-placed to provide food and energy to nations hardest hit by the crisis.

“Globally, we know the world’s poorest nations face serious food security challenges – especially in Africa, the Middle East, and the Pacific. This is a looming crisis,” he will say.

“Australia is a major energy, ­resources and food exporter, and we have a significant role to play in securing access to these goods, ­especially in our Indo-Pacific ­region.”

Nations often lie so maybe that’s what Albo is doing. But, somehow, he strikes me as too naive to do that. So, I guess he is seeking to shift the blame to Russia for his total failure to address Australian energy poverty:

“Though we are geographically far from the conflict, our interconnected world means people across Australia are experiencing its economic impact in their own lives,” he will tell the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development council in a speech to be delivered in Paris on Thursday night AEST.

“We are not dealing with what the Ukrainian people are facing with such courage and determination every day, but Russia’s actions have made it harder even for people in Australia to get by.

“Australians are paying higher prices for petrol and groceries as a direct result of Vladimir Putin’s aggression.

Partly. But Albo has made it much worse by failing to address Australian gas and coal shortages. Gas is integral to food prices because it is a key feedstock for fertiliser. Electricity plays a large role too:

Instead of blaming Putin, why isn’t Albo fixing the Australian energy poverty with domestic reservation, export levies or super-profits taxes for coal and gas?

Reservation would put small limits on export volumes so if that bothers you then use the export levies or super-profits taxes that crash real local prices and reap billions for the budget.

There is no end in sight to the shock. Every time coal and gas prices look like falling, Putin turns off another energy tap to Europe:

The Kremlin is seeking to globalise its sanctions pain with an energy-induced recession and it is succeeding.

The thing is, Australia does NOT need to go through it. We are an energy price-maker, not a price-taker if we want to be. All Albo has to do is what should have been done years ago: break the coal and gas export cartels.

We’ll have to wait and see but, today, the signs are not good. If so, we have already seen where it leads because this is the same strategy adopted by the failing Biden administration in the US where the population is mulling re-electing a failed coup attempt lunatic to escape the catastrophic globalists that have unleashed an inflation shock upon their country.

Good luck at the ballot box, Albo, as the income and wealth of all households and businesses east of WA is redistributed to your war-profiteering energy cartel mates:

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  1. I’ll be crossing paths with the Member for Page today at a school event.

    I’ll see if I can get in his ear and mention if they want another decade in power they can wedge Albo on domgas. Imagine if they wedged Labor into you know, doing their actual job

    • bolstroodMEMBER

      For God’s sake don’t mention Liquid Salt as a storage alternative.
      Kev goes ballistic at the mere mention of it.

    • Probably something that was used as a bargaining chip to placate China in statecraft.
      While the US does not want Taiwain to inflame the situation (pushing for independence) if China is the aggressor the US will be in its corner ala Ukraine.

      While state department have carefully choreographed words Biden and the majority of congress see China as a threat and that is not going to change anytime soon.

    • Albo is a product of the system he has thrived under.

      What exactly does it take to be extremely successful in Australian politics? Answer that question.
      That is what Albo has.

      If the answer to that question is: One must do a lot of good for the average Aussie. Then Albo will do a lot of good.

      If the answer is: Call yourself Labor and complain about Liberal and cosy up to rich mates and do SFA for the average Aussie, then Albo will do that.

  2. August is the crunch date, I believe, when energy suppliers will be lifting the contracted price of power for households. This being the case, households should have already been notified. But like all good catastrophes, you won’t realise it’s upon you until you experience it. That’s when the sh!t is really going to be hitting the fan.

  3. Lots of virtue signaling and talking in platitudes is pretty much all your getting right now. I will still give him a bit more time but at the moment he is not even close to mentally lead a nation

    • What he really needs is a full-time “Minister For Virtue Signalling”. Post-carbon superpower, renewable energy transition, 43% emissions reduction by 2030, ridgy-didge carbon credits, net zero by 2050, helping the teeming poor of Africa, banishing the dreaded “visa backlog”, and so on. Only a churl would expect him to tackle the gas cartel in the here and now.

  4. DingwallMEMBER

    Classic Australian leadership…. Blame all and sundry, avoid fixing the problem, and hope like hell it sorts itself out before election prep starts…. Short sighted, no care, all blame

  5. Enjoyed your You tube interview David, with Martin last evening. It seems so deliberate to ignore and obfuscate the problem and propose some other “solution” that just makes things worse. Would be nice to have dinner conversations about stuff like that, than the usual brain dead shit I usually have to endure.

  6. MathiasMEMBER

    So Chinas coming after Australian manufacturing… so it doesnt compete against them and the world will have no choice but to buy all our goods from China. Nice little strategy of Cold War. Once it wipes out the worlds manufacturing ( including Australias ), everyone will be fully dependent on them ( which is exactly what they want ). A great way is to steal all our gas/oil/coal while we are too weak to do anything about it.

    I believe I read how they flooded Germany with Steel in an attempt to destroy Germanys Manufacturing and Steel industries. I believe they call it Dumping. You dump a lot of steel on markets to wipe out manufacturing and then you replace it with your own. The germans werent impressed by the situation.

    I do remember US talking about how critical its Steel Industries where and that China was going after them. My memory is hazy but I remember Trump went off about it. US acted in there own best interests to protect there critical steel industries.

    So, here we are. At the same time as Putin turns off Oil and sends prices skyrocketing, China is offloading all of Australias Coal/Gas/Oil offshore as fast as it can. Meanwhile, China decides to get in and sell the world an Electric Vehicle. Its basically wanting the profits to go to them, to bolster more Chinese Manufacturing, to build more Super-Carriers and Warships and to fund any future war they may ever produce.

    So Albo is scared senseless of upsetting the apple cart and calls it a Sovereign Risk. I’d imagine what he means by that is, ” He is sh-t scared of being demoted as Prime Minister ( like Kevin Rudd was ) and/or kicking off world war 3. He doesnt want to upset people “. Letting Australians suffer seems like far less consequence then p-ssing off the Oil companys and the Chinese.

    Chinese-Australian voters helped sway the election result. So what issues mattered most to them?

    China envoy says Australia fired first shot with Huawei ban ( Apparently, Australia doesnt want a Chinese Spy Agency operating on its soil. )

    US-China war over Taiwan could escalate quickly to nuclear

    Personally, I think its time Australia gets Nuclear Weapons. Its long overdue. Rescind Australias Gun Laws ( because I think now is not the best time for us to be disarming populations ). It would also be nice for Australias Defence Forces to offer training programs ( like they did with CADETs? ) to the general populace. The old geezers who run Bushcraft courses on the side are amazing but I think schemes like this need to be taken a lot further. Australia is basically defenceless.

    • MathiasMEMBER

      So back in the 1980s, Paul Keating and various politicians said, ” We have an Aging Crisis. We have to find a way to fund Government services in the future “.

      So some smart idiot said, ” Hey. Lets go Globalised. We can rely on world markets to supply all of our problems and needs. What a great idea. “. ( Lets ignore how much of a disaster this has been ).

      Somewhere along the line we went to China and said, ” Hey. Will you produce all our stuff for us because we have an aging crisis coming and cant do it ourselves? ” … to which China kindly responded, ” Sure… we will take over all your Manufacturing, build warships for ourselves and be more then happy to take spread ourselves across the world. No problem “.

      Now its 2022, we’re sh-t scared to upset anyone in case the Nukes fly and everyone gets murdered or killed… but hey, ” Who wants to buy a Chinese Electric Vehicle? Going cheap? “.

      Someone should put this in a book sometime.