Thank god that’s over

The angles on this election are endless and will take time to settle.

All I want to add today is the basic relief that Australia has rejected the bottom of the barrel.

The Morrison Government was, by any objective measure, a disgrace. It had no behavioral standards, was the most corrupt in modern times, had no policy process and was dedicated wholly to the business of re-electing itself so it could keep running its Parliament House brothel.

Second, the MSM was dedicated to Morrison’s re-election. The principal national mastheads at Nine and Murdoch allowed a twisted PM to say and do anything while labeling every utterance of the opposition a “gaffe”. The election result is equally a rejection of its collapse of professional standards.

We have reached the bottom in the decline and fall of Canberra politics and thank god it is over.

Houses and Holes


  1. reusachtigeMEMBER

    “More taxes are coming,
    More taxes, with Labor
    There’s a hole in your budget,
    dear Labor, a hole”

    Life won’t be easy under Albanese!

          • Yeah, but that doesn’t stop the Reusa persona from being annoying.

            He’s right about RE but that’s not why he’s irritating.

        • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

          I’d like to slap, punch and kick those ostentatious earrings, stupid moustache, ridiculous bow tie and smug ScoMo like smile right of his face.
          Maybe I’ll infiltrate his next relations and give him a hiding.

    • “Life won’t be easy under Albanese!”
      Indeed, Shifty must be sharpening his knives already. I give it 18 months™

    • NelsonMuntzMEMBER

      Blokey, there is an even bigger hole in the morality of the LNP, which is why the Australian people have told them to fork off.

    • elasticMEMBER

      Labor’s small target strategy didn’t scare the horses and prevented any attack lines from the Libs but it didn’t inspire anyone leaving the Libs to vote for them instead.
      Almost a protest vote against the major parties who ran similar policies. ICAC and a slightly more ambitious Carbon target was enough to pull the preferences for Labor.
      Holmes a Court interview on ABC was interesting. He was accused of gutting the moderates from the LNP. He pointed out that they are hardly moderates when they are continually voting with the right wing numpties in the party. Commentators kept using the analogy that the “pipeline” for the future of the LNP had been destroyed. I think Ermo is best placed to describe what mostly flows through pipes.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Labor’s small target strategy was a direct response to a hostile mass media that had decided Labor should not rule.
        They tried with Shorten to offer alternative policies only to see everyone of them run down with by a relentless pro corporate scare campaign that was embraced by all major media outlets.
        Media outlets that are all Corporations themselves who couldn’t give 2 fks about the vast majority of the Australian people.
        To make sure the ALP doesn’t get equally corrupted and beguiled by the corporate plutocracy that corrupted the LNP and still controls our media today I implore all working people to join THEIR party, to keep a close eye on things and loudly call out what ever corruption may occur.

        • elasticMEMBER

          Agreed, the hostile MSM made it difficult for Labor to push any significant agenda. No doubt they’ll start preparing to drag Labor through the mud as much as possible. I’m hoping that seeing Morrion, Dutton and Angus Taylor dragged through ICAC hearings will give them some breathing space.
          However, it looks a little like the Gillard situation where she had to compromise with the Greens to form government and subsequently got hounded relentlessly for the “Carbon Tax”. Hopefully, there has been a big enough shift in public opinion that a more aggressive approach on their carbon target won’t be their undoing.

          • Absolute BeachMEMBER

            12 Green senators Mr Elastic. Canavan had a 7%+ swing against him in coal country. Sentiment has changed.

      • kierans777MEMBER

        Labor’s small target strategy didn’t scare the horses and prevented any attack lines from the Libs but it didn’t inspire anyone leaving the Libs to vote for them instead.

        True. The Libs were slaughtered, but the ALP didn’t capture a lot of the gain.

        The ALP needs to learn from the Teals and get back to grassroots democracy as Monique Ryan had 160 people door knocking for her on one Saturday!

  2. Holiday In ScomodiaMEMBER

    Watching that grub Clive do $100M (reportably) of his own dough trying to get tinfoilers and kooks like Kelly in to parliament and end up with nothing was very satisfying too. Cookers massing at parliament to ‘stop the steal’ yet I wonder?

    • working class hamMEMBER

      Anyone who receives over 4% of primary get either $10k or $2.914 a vote.
      Bad investment, but I’m sure there is an angle in it for Clive.

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      He did get a lot of disengaged people to pay attention and care about who represents them. That was an achievement.

    • It’s interesting when you look at the dynamics within the UAP. I spent most of yesterday at a polling station in our local electorate and had a great chat with a UAP volunteer about what matters to him and his family. He’s a Dad in his early 40’s with two children and a wife who’s currently out of work because of a choice she made to not get vaccinated against her employers requirements. He’s a mechanical fitter by trade and a very knowledgeable bloke in breakdown maintenance, and project installation. His wife was a biomedical researcher and he took great pride in being a Junior sporting coach. His main issues surrounded the future of our country and what we’d be leaving for our kids. The issues of anti-vaxxing were in the minority and he struck a chord with me about what really matters…and that’s what we’re passing onto our kids for their future, such as climate, the selling out of Australia, and believe it or not, “pigs in the trough”. He was targeting the younger generation as they were coming into vote, as compared to the major parties, who were playing to their base of the older generations. So the more I thought about it, the more that the grass roots of the UAP, independents and the “Teal Wave” are common themes about our future. He actually did say that the sooner Clive Palmer gets his face out of the UAP, the better they will be….ain’t that the truth. Yes he did spend millions, but so did the backers of the Greens. At least it was a battle of ideas rather than a battle for maintaining the status quo. It’s amazing what you learn when you speak with people…and I learned a lot yesterday.

      • PalimpsestMEMBER

        And this is the dilemma. There are a number of folks out there that know we’ve been going in the wrong direction. Excess immigration. Inequality exploding with low interest rates as an underlying driver, and a Government plus MSM that doesn’t believe in Government except as a way to provide regulatory capture with massive rewards for business. Younger generations short changed. But their reaction is to vote UAP or PHON.Parties working against those very interests. The ultimate irony of a person against snouts in the trough supporting Clive. The MSM is lost now. I fear the ABC can’t be restored. I wonder what the answer is.

        • Not so sure. The UAP were the only ones who saw the tidal wave of misery awaiting those who relied on the RBA forecasts and were prepared to do something about it.

          • Ronin8317MEMBER

            Clive Palmer doesn’t believe in any of that though : the party is just a stalking horse for the Coalition, nothing more.

          • A 3% cap on rates linked to the bond rate was a good idea, as was the loading on iron ore exports to pay off the debt. Credit where credit is due.

          • So Fat Boy was going to have completely remove any independence of the RBA and risk turning the AUD into something resembling Zimbabwean currency to achieve this as the rest the world lifted rates! No thanks, and all to protect a bunch of over leveraged households who can’t afford exceptionally low rates to begin with.

          • Lordy fitzroy. That UAP ore tax was Palmer policy because a) it had zero chance of being implemented and b) it appeals to the naive.

          • None of the UAP policies were ever going to be implemented. It was one way of paying down the debt. And the plan of every other political party was what exactly??

          • Making money cheaper will not solve the debt problem. That’s a major reason we have a debt problem now.
            Edit: and yeah it was Clive BS that would never happen as well.

          • @fitzroy you haven’t defended UAP’s 3% rare ceiling policy. They aren’t proposing anything significant re the RBA. That’s another discussion. It was slogan without any credibility or substance to implement.

      • How are people so smart and so gullible at the same time? Their logic board needs fixing.

      • Display NameMEMBER

        But this fellow supported the UAP? l would suggest Clive has zero interest in parliament or policy. In fact he probably wants even less transparency on parliamentary process than Morrison had. Clearly this fellow does not think much. The UAP campaign was vacuous and conspicuous for its lack of detail at even the broadest level. Freedumb.

        Maybe some people need to be saved from themselves.

      • SpiMan,
        “Yes he did spend millions, but so did the backers of the Greens. ”
        Correction, he (one person) spent $100m, they (tens of thousands) spent a few million. A fvking massive difference in $ value and the number of people behind each.

        How the hell he saw UAP as the answer to his children futures amazes me.

    • Good DK’s reference in your moniker.

      That 100Million would have built a lot of social housing for disadvantages folks.

      Would have fed a lot of needy families

      He’s a slug. World won’t miss him.

  3. The bottom of the barrel also applies to our political media and political discourse in general. The campaign coverage was woeful and the ABC was in bizarro world last night.

        • News .com is a Murdoch/News Corp product.

          I don’t think saying “what should the new government do. Discuss” is “a rant” by Barrie Cassidy.

          And Barrie right about the ABC coverage, it was bizarre. Leigh Sales asked Tanya Plibersek “what could you have done better”. Rather surprised by the stupidity of the question, Tanya responded “We’re winning”
          Like Barrie said – bizarre

          That’s the issue with the Murdoch press, they are already starting attacks on anyone independent or not openly supporting the LNP puppets

          Murdoch will use all the dirty smear tricks they did in 2007-13.

          • working class hamMEMBER

            That’s what I was pointing out. The narrative was already trying to be contained, commentators from both sides avoiding the fact that the public has had enough of the BS.
   is a good indicator of the MSM spin machine, comments on articles really expose Australian society.

          • i read the tweet and I disagree with you, I think he was flabbergasted by the ABC coverage and was ranting in annoyance.

    • Yeah, ABC was weird last night. Leigh Sales was still shilling for the Libs even after they had conceded.

      • happy valleyMEMBER

        As soon as I read some years ago that she attended Joe Hockey’s 50th birthday party, the red alert went on for me.

        And Speers on Insiders this morning still putting the boot in to Labor. So what Labor only got 33% of the main vote – as Plibersek said on ABC last night, a win is a win. It’s no different to when Beazley lost to Howard in 2001 even though Beazley had more of the vote.

        • Because they are political commentators, their job should be to dissect and play devils advocate not simply trumpet the talking points of the winner, which would be the role of non independent state media.

          No different to when scomo scrapped in last time, it was a win, but not a great result.

        • The irony is that people forget the LNP is a coalition too.

          They couldn’t form government without each other.

          There needs to be more focus on this.

        • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

          Yes much has been made about Labor’s reduced primary vote by the media.
          I have seen nothing that points out the reduction is below 1% for labour but over 5% for the Libs.
          The bias continues

          • happy valleyMEMBER

            Congrats Ermo. If there is a sky pilot as Scummo believes, maybe the sky pilot had finally had enough of Scummo’s lies and the brand damage he was doing.

      • elasticMEMBER

        Leigh Sales was acting like a cow last night. Started grilling Plibersek about Mediscare from 2016 post election

        • Kinda cute when TP mentioned “death tax” and the conversation suddenly decided to move on.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      ABC was appalling. Tanya Plibersek had to remind them that Labor was winning the election.

      Leigh Sales still doesn’t understand what an independent is.

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        3 out of 10 votes. That’s a bit like getting to the World Cup on a count back.

        • Mining BoganMEMBER

          That’s good too. Like I said last night, I’m liking this teal and green rage.

          Even right now on Insiders they’re discussing how much Labor has failed and is going to struggle at the next election. The. Next. F#cking. Election.

          They just can’t think in the moment of how politics has just changed in Australia, and what good it can bring.

          • Arthur Schopenhauer

            Jaggajagga had an 18%+ Green vote. That’ll keep Thwaitesy on her toes!

          • Lol and have to laugh at the Tories throwing a token brown guy in one of the safest Labor seats in the country.

          • Mining BoganMEMBER

            I think a lot would have did that strategic voting. I voted independent first then others, Green and Labor before putting the Nazi parties last.

            That will be where a lot of Labor primaries went, plus in the teal seats traditional Labor would have voted independent just to be rid of arsehats.

          • Voted very similar MiBo, except I put Nats dead last in Cowper.

            Nats held the seat with 11.9% and are currently just ahead of Independent Carolyn Heise but with a -9.2% swing away. This will go down to the wire. Pretty amazing given the Nats have held this seat for over 100 years apart from a brief stint by Rob Oakshott during the Gillard government.

    • SweeperMEMBER

      Absolutely. It was like watching sky news.
      Leigh Sales was just dreadful.
      First order of business for Labor should be to get rid of her and return some sensible journalism to the ABC.

      • Half agreed. It would be better if Labor went back to funding the ABC and promoting independence rather than just picking their cronies like the Libs did.

      • happy valleyMEMBER

        A lot more than just Sales have to go – Speers (ex Sky), Karvelas (ex Sky), Probyn (ex Stokes), Stan Grant, Fran Kelly, Greg Jennett etc – all LNP fops.

      • Muttafukaburrasaurus.MEMBER

        Test pattern & music should be considered the high point preceding ABC’s decline

      • Leigh Sales gave 6 months notice at the beginning of the election. So about 2-4 months before she leaves the ABC.

        I suspect she will take a few months off and then be parachuted into a safe Liberal seat.

      • I don’t agree with selecting journalists in the ABC otherwise you’re as bad as the LNP.

    • hareebaMEMBER

      I hate the ABC but watched their coverage last night. Seemed balanced to me.

    • It’s not just the ABC. The top 5 results on Google News (in US atm) for ‘Australian Federal election 2022’ were all about Scott Morrison and no mention of that new PM bloke, Albert Campese.

  4. bubbah buddhaMEMBER

    Scummo and Fryburger ruin the economy and inflate the property market through irrisponsible economic management and now slink off to blame it all on Labor as the country is teetering on going over a cliff into a global depression abyss.
    Feel kinda dirty and used? Dont fret there will be a big sesh in Parliment House after for winners and loosers where a whole fresh crop of scandals can be sown!
    Roll on the royal banking comission, Rinse and repeat…

  5. You have to love the post election period, when everyone gets to project their fantasy’s on the incoming govt.
    I’m sceptical ‘independents’ from the most affluent areas of Sydney will deliver much of anything, but I’m sure all the nimby issues will be well catered for. Lets see where we are a few years down the track.
    Bring on the 2% deposits and inflation matching wage increases.

    • One is hardly Nostradamus for predicting that a government that barely scraped in last time around wouldn’t make it this time. How many times in a row could Labor have crashed the car?

    • The Penske FileMEMBER

      What win? So far Albo just hasn’t lost and Scumo has lost. This country is in real trouble if the greens have any say on what happens and the primary vote for our now governing party is a disgrace, says volumes of where we are. I don’t think anyone won last night.

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        The Teals won in Sydney and Melbourne, while the Greens won in Brisbane.

        There’s at least 10 seats that won representation by decent, capable people with experience outside politics.

        That’s a win.

        • On one hand I’m overjoyed that the teals kicked some corruption to the curb. On the other hand I think they should be kicked out because they are clearly not independants, but a party funded by a rich globalist who excluded men from the party. But hey its time for WOKE to have its day and show how idiotic they are so the people can wake up. People who are so stupid that they think lowering CO2 emission can prevent weather events deserve the collapse of their civilisation. Objective reality defeats ideology 100% of the time.

          • Physics 101 Weather is driven the temp/energy differences.
            CO2 increases have resulted in a net change in forcing of 2w/m2 so far over 100 years.
            In contrast the earth’s rotation in a solar field results in a change of 1300w/m2 in 6 hours.
            That is 6 million times the amount of change that CO2 causes.
            Then you have the 50 Deg swings of temperature due to season.
            A warming world has more stable weather because the temperature difference between the equator and poles is reduced.
            The paleoclimate record shows global cooling is associated the the ENSO cycle that causes swings between drought and flood in australia. There is no physical evidence of a warming world being worse, and the climate models have been falsified because they predict twice as much warming as is occuring. Most of that warming is actually natural, as is evidence by the increase in energy escaping to space of 2.6W/m2. Yep the world is losing more energy as it warms up, try explaining that to greenhouse gasses that are supposed to be trapping more heat.

          • Look wingnut Robert AGW is quite easy to understand in the context of the past with out human influences/activity e.g. entropy and the resulting thermodynamics which would influence any so called ***nartural*** climatic change. Basically its about energy present in the moment and how that effects various systems that pre date humans. Seems for some the whole thing boils down to some notion of individual choice and not scientific facts, how one positions themselves based on some antiquarian belief and the observations under their nose is a complete different social dynamic than one of royal science.

      • Muttafukaburrasaurus.MEMBER

        Retrospective tree clearing laws for all built environment land owners.
        Give the inner city progressives a opportunity to do more than just mouth off about what they believe, but actually know very little about.

    • Yeah, where is the Resident Cretin with his “prediction” now? Crawled back under the slimy rock, I suppose.

  6. Arthur Schopenhauer

    This election has revealed how unrepresentative the Australian lower house is.

    31.5% of the National vote to Labor.
    About the same to the Libs.
    Around 6 % to the Nats.

    There’s one third of votes that don’t have a rep in the lower house. 50 seats that IMHO are mis-allocated to Labor and Liberal.

    If we adopted the NZ lower house system, there’d be a more representative democracy from the UAP to the Greens. A better spread of people outside the major parties. More points of view, and more sunlight in our parliament.

    • And a whole bunch of party apparatchiks who get in on a ‘list’ based system. Very good for an entrenched political class.
      Isn’t Germany the only country with such a system? They had it imposed on them after the war. The kiwis on the other hand were dumb enough to adopt it.

        • Muttafukaburrasaurus.MEMBER

          NZ would become a failed state if Australia re-introduced a strict quota visa system with out welfare provisions and work entitlements for NZer’s.

          • The only welfare that NZ people get is Medicare, which is also provided in NZ for Aus citizens.

            Other than that yes there are work rights, and paying taxes.

      • It’s only a vacuum if you think our system of government is first and foremost intended to honestly represent and act on the will of an engaged and educated populace.

      • I dunno, maybe because of the horror of the vacuous by-products like VotesBeDope?

  7. Well said David. They really were bottom of the barrel, can’t believe how much support they had from the MSM and even Howard. What a scuum bag. Do anything for the party to remain in power.

  8. “We have reached the bottom in the decline and fall of Canberra politics and thank god it is over.“

    Lol, yeah because the state of global media and politics really suggests this to be true? a good chance this will turn out to be the worst investment call on MB to date….

  9. The Grey RiderMEMBER

    Will ScoMo remain in Parliament?…I reckon he will…you’d think he’s done real damage to his own employment prospects outside politics…not sure even the Lib’s would house him in one of their sheltered workshops given his wrecking abilities.

    • working class hamMEMBER

      Could he go down the Mark Latham looney tune tunnel? He will milk all of his entitlements until the trough runs dry, probably pick up a lobbyist role at the end of the next term, when the heat dies down.

    • Fishing72MEMBER

      I reckon Scomo achieved everything he was required to achieve. He will be rewarded accordingly so as to inspire the next generations of “leaders” to acquiesce to their donor masters in similar fashion.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      He is admirably suited to a gig on Sky after Dark – maybe he could hook up with Credlin and do a show like Credlin and AJ used to do?

    • Scott will pull into a cushy job in Geneva possibly on his knees befor the great Gross Slob…he laid the groundwork for Trusted Digital Identity Legislation while folk were lead Pied Piper style around streets of their town whining about State government ‘mandated masks, jabs no jobs & Mock Downs that were and are NOT LAW when they quite simply should not have complied against their human rights & health & financial security…all the while the labour premiers Dan et all laughing on other side of their masks with Duping Delight:(

  10. Arthur Schopenhauer

    Crossbench needs ‘ICAC with teeth’ guarantee before confidence and supply is given: Ryan

    Oh yeah!

    • cuturhairMEMBER

      It would be nice, but when Labor wins enough seats to govern in their own right all the teal and green demands can be ignored, just as Andrew Wilkie’s requests for gambling reforms have been ignored for the last decade. Maybe only the greens will get attention due to the make-up of the senate

  11. Oh, great non-members 🙂 [bubble wraps the fine china and puts the good cutlery away]

    • I’ll get a membership when MB stops its global warming bias and gives both sides a chance as per the scientific method (thesis and antithesis demand equal consideration) Only a stupid person would pay someone to insult them.

      • I Robert will hand over money when MB conforms to my pet biases on the issue of AGW regardless of all the decades of non industry funded science to the contrary and then mangle the term and method of royal science more so than even the CDC or WHO has in its response to covid …. just so a concocted out of whole cloth social narrative is not diminished and the indignity its faithful might suffer over its self awarded right to administrate human affairs …

          • Science is not a religion that plants irretrievable stake into the ground and call it fact,

        • Gravity *is* just a theory. No-one seems to be able to reconcile it with the Standard Model or either quantum theory.
          As a result, I’m very doubtful of the theory as it stands.
          When I redid the paths on the farm recently, I made sure to put lots of iron filings in the concrete. When gravity inevitably fails, the magnets in my boot will ensure I am not swept off into outer space with all you pro-gravity nutjobs.

          • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

            I can see your an up there for thinking and down there for dancing kinda guy LeMon

        • Science is predicated on the principle of falsifiability. A theory can only be disproven, never proven. So when climate alarmist claims the science is settled (while sensoring any opposing narrative through dehumanising ad hominems ) they explicitly violate falsifiability and enter the realm of pseudoscience.
          You should read the mertonian norms (the ethos of science). One of the norms is universal scepticism, If a theory cannot be proven then all scientist should be skeptical of all theories. Yet climate skepticism is viewed as heresy?

          Considering the corruption of all things media, its amazing that a bunch of contrarians cannot link globalist corruption between climate alarmism and everything else that is wrong in this world. I mean Al Gore is on the board of the WEF for god’s sake.

        • Pick me. Pick me. I know this. It’s a trick question.

          Theory and law have very specific meanings in relation to science that often leads to confusion when those without scientific training come across the terms in a scientific context. This highlights why scientific illiteracy is often a stumbling block for those that have to communicate scientific ideas to a lay public. Further to this, the increased scepticism towards the expert, fostered by a mistrust in all figures of authority, has led to misinformation on scientific topics being spread and accepted by people who do not have the skillset to identify factual information. While many theories abound as to the cause of this trend it can be said that regardless of its cause the world is a poorer place for it occurring due to the all the muck that is clogging up the wheels of progress.

      • drsmithyMEMBER

        I’ll get a membership when MB stops its global warming bias and gives both sides a chance as per the scientific method (thesis and antithesis demand equal consideration)

        Narrator: This was not actually the scientific method.

        • My own version is updated to “Both Thesis and Antithesis deserve equal scepticism” which aligns better with the scientific method, empirical falsification. The whole point of science is to test hypothesis. Not decide on the nature of reality by popularity poles and arguments to authority. Maybe you should do the maths yourself. If you are not aware climate models produce 14w/m2 of climate forcing from 3.7W/m2 of CO2 forcing. A massive positive feedback attributed to increasing humidity in the upper troposphere, (relative humidity homeostasis) except the observations show the opposite, declining humidity that demonstrates negative feedback as would be expected from applying Le Chatelier’s principle (equilibrium thermodynamic). The whole basis of CO2 causing dangerous climate change was the correlation between CO2 and Ice age temperature. This is clearly explained by Henry’s law, another chemical equation of partial pressure that results in increased degassing as fluids warm. Instead the climate scientist assumed the CO2 was the driver, then had to add a massive positive feedback to explain the discrepancy of the weak CO2 forcing (which also diminishes with increasing concentration due to the saturation consequences of the beer lambert equation). Its a classic example of the “Tail wagging the dog” but of course many of the same scientist claimed Fossil Fuel were causing catastrophic global cooling in the 70s. It’s clear that their hatred of pollution resulted in a confirmation bias. CO2 however is plant food, and increase up to 800ppm are clearly beneficial. Plants evolved at 10,000ppm and there was no climate disaster then, dinosaurs used to live below the antarctic circle, with global temps 14deg C warmer than now. But apparently 1 deg of warming, from the coldest point in the last 10,000years, in the middle of a 3 deg decline from the holocene optimum over the last 4000 years, means were all doomed if we don’t act now. But hey monorail. Monorail, MONORAIL. And now we have a trillion dollar industry based on BIG DOOM!!!

  12. No clear acknowledgment from David Speers on ABC Insiders this morning that they got the coverage wrong last night, but definitely looking a bit sheepish. He repeated multiple times that Labor forming government was ‘one of the big stories’ they needed to discuss this morning.

    • An hour in, we’ve had a little chat on the new government, and a quick interview with Richard Marles, but mostly it’s about the Liberal party and how they get back into power.

      • happy valleyMEMBER

        Maiden and Crowe would have been pitching for the LNP. Was Katherine Murphy at least balanced?

        • Maiden actually made some decent points, particularly in highlighting that this election was about women asserting themselves, and that the coalition had completely failed to listen to them. Murphy tried to add balance, but she is a writer, not a TV personality, she struggles to make any kind of impact on screen.

          • happy valleyMEMBER

            Such a shame about Murphy as much of her written stuff is pretty good.

          • Yeh, I like her written commentary and analysis too. Maybe she’ll get there, Laura Tingle seemed to take a while to shine after taking to television late in her career.

  13. DingwallMEMBER

    We have reached the bottom in the decline and fall of Canberra politics and thank god it is over.

    I bloody hope so but will have to see if/how the pathetic opposition turn things around while in power. Historical performance is a reasonable guide to future performance especially when the same brain cell (14 and a half?) pool is used.

    I can see everything being maintained with a little smoke and mirror work around the edges:

    – No changes to housing (except to drag out “innovative” FHB bribes to prop up the whole sh!t show)
    – Pumping immigration (with the “we are not racist” message)
    – Maintenance of the high electricity prices
    – No dismantling of the disgraceful lobby group system that actually runs the country
    – All surrounded by 10 mini-me Arden’s and the fake Greens who are going to do f*&k all except lobby for more green space in our cities (ie convert golf courses because they previously cheered on the conversion of the last remaining green spaces to the sh!t hole they live in because it had a view and was in a salubrious suburb)

    • I can see a deal with the Greens and thermal coal being kept in the ground and not exported. Iron ore and coking coal will be crushed by the crash in China. No money no fun.

      • Muttafukaburrasaurus.MEMBER

        Yep, wait for the bounce to 7400, then Puts for AUG-NOV.
        Negative is the background, anything that goes up will go further down this year.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      The number of independents demonstrates that the political duopoly is in trouble, especially with the way Kristina Keneally, once considered a potential ALP leader, was demolished in Fowler. If the ALP can’t get to 76, Albo will rather work with the ‘Teal Independent’ rather than the Green.

    • ^This.

      People forget we’ve had the ‘Teals’ before. It’s just Rob Oakshot with slick inner-city branding and a set of reproductive equipment.
      It really represents:
      Population pumping under an inclusive society label.
      Local environmentalism. i.e. no big apartments near me, they can go out West where they belong! (with a side order of also pumping my property interests)
      Climate action. – We can afford a 100k electric car, so we’ll force the rest of the population to provide the infrastructure, while condemning them for taking the Honda Civic out on the weekend.

  14. Am I the only one thinking this about KK…?

    The biggest ethnic demographic in Fowler is Vietnamese. KK is American by birth. Any Vietnamese Australian who is 70+ may have experienced that terrible occupation first hand, anyone younger than that may have a parent or grandparent who did. I understand those scars run deep. In a tight contest, it seems like a bit of a historical blindness to me.

    • Don’t think so. Those who fled the North invasion wouldn’t mind the Yanks.
      And those who settled here in recent years seem to resent the Chinese far more.
      The ALP fokkers treating the local community like crap.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      Prior to her being parachuted into the electorate, KK probably never set foot in Cabramatta prior to her nomination. Rather than resenting her as am American, the voters simply have no idea who she is. What they do know is that the ALP parachuted some rich Westerner to replace a very (ex?)loyal Vietnamese Australian ALP member..

      The same thing happened in Parramatta. If the LNP ran an Indian candidate, or if there were any Indian candidate on the ballot who preferences LNP, Charlton would be toasted as well.

      • Ronin8317MEMBER

        I hope so. What KK did while NSW Premier is simply unforgivable. It made the NSW ALP unelectable for the next decade and beyond. The ALP need to stop rewarding failures.

    • You would be well served by watching McNamaras mea culpa The Fog of War because that War was a shambles from the West and had little or nothing to do with Communism.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        Only a commie Viet Cong sympathizer would say something as disgusting as that!

        • You should watch it reus …. its really cuts through the periods propaganda and how the U.S. got it totally wrong, but yet spent squillions on it, set the stage for the upper bound inflation the monetarists were vibrating about, Volcker used it to crush labour, and then set the stage for where we are at now ….

          The epic last part of the movie where him and his opposite number sit at a dinning table, post facto reminiscing, McNamara asks why the North refused all the offers the U.S. gave it to abandon its dalliance with China. Response was what crack are you blokes smoking because our nation has been in a war with China over a thousand years, that we take rhetoric and military assistance in moving on the colonial French and then the U.S. that bought the war from them is just indicative of how stoopied* you yanks are in projecting your biases on everyone else. At the end of the day all they wanted was self determination post colonialism and sovereignty with out a leash.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Parachuting Kristina Keneally into Fowler was a disgrace.
      This supposedly safe Labor seat had a 14% swing against it solely because of the choice of Keneally.
      The original Vietnamese Australian ALP candidate, Tu Le, would have easily won this seat for us.
      I intend to Relentlessly bring up and complain about this stupid failure with the ALP leadership every chance I get.
      You guys could join me and do the same,

      • You have to wonder about the decision making process.
        It was such an obviously bad idea from the start. Bad idea with strobe warning lights and an auto self-destruct sequence initiated. Lord help us if this is how they govern. Purveyors of these bad ideas need to be put out to pasture quick-smart.

      • kierans777MEMBER

        I would. Except I’m in Victoria.

        NSW Labor needs to learn from the loss of Fowler.

    • So people of one heritage prejudicing a person due to their heritage.

      That’s called racism

  15. SweeperMEMBER

    How is this for a bizarre question from Annabel Crab to Simon Holmes a Court:

    “what have you done to the Liberal party in Melbourne tonight?”

    • Fk she’s lightweight. Which I find irritating cos she’s obviously got a brain.

    • The narrow range of talking points that the media have came through last night. Having independents get in and major swings towards the Greens provided them with an opportunity to start a broader discussion about what Australia wants and what it needs to do to face the current set of challenges. Instead there was a lot of post football match style review of results, proposed reasons and cutting to the players and coaches for tired cliches.

    • How is it bizarre exactly? I’ve heard a similar question raised many times across multiple platforms?

      • The very premise of it is odd. It’s an election, where each party has the same goal – to win the seats.
        The voters decide. And then some “impartial journalist” sees a problem with the LNP losing seats.
        Kind of like at the post-WC-match pressie the Belgians being asked why couldn’t you let Brazil win. Now clear?

        It’s not about what the independents have done to the LNP, but the LNP being shyte through and through.

        • Not really, part of the teal narrative was about representing the moderate liberal values that had been hijacked by LNP right wingers. So with the results being that the teals claimed the scalps of those considered ‘more moderate’ leaving the LNP perhaps more right wing than before, it’s a legitimate question in that context and a narrative that has been repeated by multiple mastheads.

          • So, the LNP itself chose the right wing football. And leaving the centre and left exposed.
            Your point seems to be that no one else should have the right to use that part of the field.
            That is very… “traditional”!

  16. Mr SquiggleMEMBER

    i loved the comment from the Liberal party strategist-‘ on the ABC coverage last night

    ïts going to get worse before it gets worse’.

    I forget the name of the dude

  17. NelsonMuntzMEMBER

    “How good is Straya!”, “If you have a go, you get a go.” Never a truer word spoken. RIP Scotty from Marketing.

  18. Looks like Rex Patrick isn’t going to be returned. However, with ALP + Greens + Pocock likely having 39 Senate seats, Pauline Hanson has officially become irrelevant.

  19. Geez I hate moderation:

    Looks like Rex Patrick isn’t going to be returned. However, with ALP + Greens + Pocock likely having 39 Senate seats, PHON has officially become irrelevant.

      • Fingers crossed that the tangled web of quota allocation and preferences somehow works in his favour. But on face value it looks very tough..PHON, UAP, Group O (I reckon that’s the Spin Bowlers not the blood type), Legalise Cannabis and Liberal Democrats all ahead at this stage…..I’m sure they’ll work on holding the Govt. to account to the level of independence Rex did….hmmmmm no they won’t. He was one of the best Independents in trying to hold a government to account without having to result to childish stunts in making his point.

      • It is funny finally people have seen she serves not purpose other than to feather her own nest.

  20. Can’t help wondering if the residents of Wentworth really do want action on climate change. In the west that seems to mean exporting the pollution to some developing country so it’s off our consciences. And the conniptions people have if fuel prices go up a bit or supply comes down a bit are something to behold.
    OK, I know there is a middle ground of sensible policy, but if we suddenly lock all the coal in the ground even Eastern Sydney would feel that, no?

    • Yes, they are all quite willing to swap out the Rangie for a Tesla X. Sacrifices have to be made and they are up for that, bless them.

        • To be fair vehicle emissions are small in the grand scheme of things and using an internal combustion engine on weekends would be ok, I certainly hope they don’t go after my vintage cars which get minimal use and are better than buying a new 1 every 2 years.

          • working class hamMEMBER

            Too right. Swapping out a perfectly operational vehicle, or even retiring a vehicle early is false economy.

      • Don’t forget, the also pay for carbon offset on the annual family business class aspen airfares.

  21. It looked like a good result to me. Neither of the majors having a majority means that they’ll have to learn to work with others. May it be ongoing.

    And may the variety of independents force the media groups to improve their coverage of issues. Having to include a variety of perspectives when covering a topic could possibly lead to the acknowledgement that there are a variety of approaches to governance out there.

    It was also good to see both of the majors blasted for their lack of action on the climate. Maybe this could be taken as a reason to try to get ahead of the curve for once. Perhaps even lead. A bit of R&D. Some manufacturing. Improve the most parts of our lives which do the most damage. Perhaps we can do some adulting on the issue.

    It’s a shame that a legalise cannabis isn’t holding the balance of power. At least we could have knocked that off nice and early. Some states in the US are moving onto decriminalising psychedelics. Portugal decriminalised everything and the societal problems around drugs dropped greatly. When we finally start to discuss the issue I hope it isn’t as drawn out and painful as so many others end up being.

  22. Muttafukaburrasaurus.MEMBER

    Most auspicious and illustrious comrade Gladys LIU is gone.
    Awful racist Australians. 😉

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      Wonder if she’ll get a visit from the CCP knee breakers for their million back

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        They got their money’s worth. Scott let them sneak into the area and set up on a couple of Pacific islands without a shot being fired.

        Cheaper than sending a fleet.

        • Those friendly warship visits to Sydney harbour – I’m just gonna miss ’em :’-(

          • @Zulu as far as I can work out they are dying simultaneously from food insecurity and obesity.

      • Probably be more than that now after another election. Mind you the knee breakers got a lot of knees to break worth more than a couple of million eg

        “Chinese firms ‘told to stop work on Russian Arctic LNG 2 project. Chinese yards received notifications to halt work on modules for the project’s third train by April 29 and its second train by May 27, as a result of EU sanctions against Russia.”

          • No boubt, but there is also plenty of other damage being done to Russian economy, of course this is much smaller for China, though the 2nd order effects on China of the war may be equally harsh if supply chains diversify.

            “As a result, Russian exports have held up, and the country appears to be headed for a record trade surplus. So is Vladimir Putin winning the economic war?

            No, he’s losing it. That surging surplus is a sign of weakness, not strength — it largely reflects a plunge in Russia’s imports, which even state-backed analysts say is hobbling its economy. Russia is, in effect, making a lot of money selling oil and gas, but finding it hard to use that money to buy the things it needs, reportedly including crucial components used in the production of tanks and other military equipment.”
            Paul Krugman in NYT

          • Ah ha ha ha ha. Imagine relying on Paul Krugman for analysis.
            The Russians will be fine, they’ll get anything that don’t make themselves from China who basically make everything else anyway, – even if it comes with a slightly different “brand” stamped on it from the factory.
            Surely we should concentrate on problems closer to home?

          • I think the main cost is human. The deaths of soldiers.

            The damage to many economies is huge, including the US which is footing the bill for much of this. Nothing worse than a military industrial complex without a war. The EU too. The inflation in Germany is massive. Meanwhile the Ruble appreciates against the dollar. The 30 year gas deal with China is priced in euros. I think the damage to the US will be over the longer term with the weakening of the US dollar as the reserve. Confiscation of the reserves of Russia and Afghanistan meant that no one will trust the US with their assets in case they upset the senile President and his apologists.

          • agree V all these years post Harvard boys intent on looting has resulted in just the opposite, it just spurs the state to fund more internal capacity w/o the dramas of globalist fickle mindedness.

            PS fken Krugman and Summers et al … trying to make Von Mises look intellectual …

          • Yes, people will certainly suffer, not just soldiers but likely around the world people will be short of food, I reckon also economic fallout will cause riots & political changes, land disputes etc in some places, probably mostly developing countries but there likely to be policies like Turkey which are already stressed, not to mention Russia itself.

        • roylefamilyMEMBER

          A great big electromagnet that was ordered by the Australian Synchrotron is stuck in Russia. Millions of dollars worth and part payed for. They aren’t even allowed to speak to them on the phone.

      • Mr SquiggleMEMBER

        no mayte, the ALP have probably got her signed on for a consultancy already

    • bolstroodMEMBER

      Eric Abetz won’t be returning to the Senate… scratch another ultra right nutter

  23. JoeJackMEMBER

    Three highlights for me.

    Kristina Keneally losing after being parachuted to Folwer at the expense of a local candidate.

    Frydenberg losing Kooyong.

    Gladys Liu given the flick by an 8.4% swing

      • kierans777MEMBER

        Even in his concession speech he showed what a right swinging d-1-c-k he was by not calling Zoe Daniel by name. Glad you’re gone Timmy. Look forward to the ICAC looking at what you and cousin Geoff got up to on the taxpayer funded junket.

  24. If Labor governed for Australians and not the Corporate base they will stay in power for a decade.

    See what happened in WA. 10% swings against the LNP because Scomo picked a fight with McGowan.

  25. reusachtigeMEMBER

    So, for real, word is going around that Albo is already hiring a massive team of surgeons to perform gender conversion surgery on men showing too much masculinity. All youse beta males should be ok though.

  26. wasabinatorMEMBER

    Looking forward to next election where the libtards try to push the same rhetoric of being the better economic managers, “under liberal unemployable was like a record low 3.9%”.

  27. GeordieMEMBER

    Scott Morrison became emotional during a church service, his first appearance since losing the election.

    Honest to fork, could you imagine a worse way to make your first appearance? How did this professional public parasite persist so long in office? (Don’t answer that; we know why and it is very depressing.)

    While in Sydney last week I caught up with the family and my three brothers, dad, uncle, aunt and a few others were all so proud they’d voted early and put the Libs 1 and Labor and the Greens last. Do they even think about what they’re doing? I have a feeling the little pencil is more aware of what is going on in the little booth than they are. F’n sad.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      Seeing the TV glimpses of Scummo at his Horizon Church this morning, he even seemed slightly lost for words but it was probably very momentary.

    • He and his thought Goat had their backs and rapture was on offer …. how sore would you be it was set back … by the labour hords of the ev’bal one ….

  28. and the swing has it again. LNP needed to be booted for all of us to have closure on the bush fires, pandemic, all the raping. We cannot move on until we had closure.
    Anyone know if Spud’s seat is actually confirmed??? The news is all over the place.

  29. Ronin8317MEMBER

    ABC has the ALP down back to 71 now. While there is no way the Coalition can form government, the ALP minority government opens up lots of permutations. If ALP end up at 75, then KK losing Fowler will be remembered for a long, long time..

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      A number of people in Sussex Street deserve to lose their jobs over that Fk up.
      The ALP candidate pushed aside by KK, Tu Le, would have easily won that seat for the ALP.

      • TailorTrashMEMBER

        How could anyone with a modicum of a strategic brain allow that to happen…

        the labor party needs to realise that it’s “safe seats” have undergone transformation ……( in no small part due to their big Australia support ) ……the $10 per hour new LABOUR now has a vote ….

        More power to them …….in 20 years all will be revealed …..

  30. Display NameMEMBER

    I dare say the Murdoch press is preparing an endless flow of effluent from its chief stenographers to throw at the new government but it is interesting that they appear to have had little influence as far as I can see over the last six weeks.

    Maybe they are so clearly partisan now that even the average punter can see it as cash for comment. Maybe there is hope yet.

    • Display NameMEMBER

      Do opposition ministers get the same staffing arrangement as the government? Maybe Phil Coorey and Co will need to start writing their own material again instead of being fed ghosted stories from the PMO. Might slow the BS down a bit.

      • RomulusMEMBER

        I think that is why a lot of the media were so devastated by yesterday and it showed. Don’t you know they invested all this time and effort over the last 10+ years if favours to Lib Pollies who are now either not in power or in government. All that time spent suppressing bad stories and schmoozing with them at events have come to an end.

        • Fvk the lot of them. The media is worst part of the corrupt cesspool.

          Ultimately their partisan behavior will destroy their influence ( I think is has for Murdoch already) but I still think the new govt has a big problem on his hands with the media.

          • this is a time where 7yr olds understand Bernays…. and laugh at attempts to utilize it.

      • happy valleyMEMBER

        Coorey had become so blatantly LNP biased I could no longer read his rubbish.

  31. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    I feel guilty for laughing at Tim Willson so much when he broke down on Telly conceding defeat and talking about how much he loves his partner.
    I felt even guiltier yelling “Ask him about the Prayer room” during his TV moment.

  32. RomulusMEMBER

    Baseball bats were out – love it. Such ineptitude and corruption deserved nothing less.

  33. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I love that the once proud Labor seat of Lindsay, ie, solid Westie Penrith, has fully transitioned to a safe blue ribbon seat with the Liberal Nationalist Party increasing its margin. It’s out Emo plumber’s way so it’s way ace to see!!

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        He won’t be an Alpha for long with Albo’s forced gender conversions for masculine party members as a trial before implementing it on the rest of us!

      • Ronin8317MEMBER

        Eastwood and Epping have a large number of Chinese. It will come down to how pissed off they are at ScoMo over COVID.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      The ‘tranny in sport’ attack works very well in SW Sydney even if it costed the seat of Warringah. The LNP reckon the ‘Teal Independent’ will just vote with them anyway.

    • I predict in a few years the result to be similar to seats that swung to the Greens/Labor this elecion. Like Ryan and Brisbane who just got an airport flight path on top of them. But only once they realise what dunces they’ve been by switching to the Libs and have the planes flying overhead, the apartments on every street corner, and livability going down the toilet.

      With Lindsay getting the biggest airport in Australia on their doorstep (much bigger than Brisbane) shall be interesting to watch over the next few years.

      At some point that electorate (Lindsay) got even more bogan and switched to Liberal. I know quite a few people there; they don’t have much clue over politics, nor how bad their candidate actually is (one of the worst Lib candidates). The candidate they picked for Labor there too was uninspiring from what I was told hardly to be seen.

      However in 10 years time I predict they might switch just like the people near Melbourne to the Labor/Greens camp – an airport now on your doorstep now has a election case study in the inner Brisbane seats.

      That’s a massive story this election – rusted Liberals switching to the Greens because mostly airports. Thought I would never see the day! The people in Lindsay won’t wake up; until a plane forces them to overhead.

    • Back in the day there was some sort of usenet-ish sort of site, i think called aus housing crash or similar…might have been run by a bear from Newie. Anyway, details don’t matter. I seem to recall there was an ongoing argument about whether banks could margin call you if your LVR got too high. Turned out to be a moot point cos of all the next mega intense pleasure booms we experienced.

      • Diogenes the CynicMEMBER

        Yeah that happened in Perth during the 2014-2019 descent, WA property fell about 4% p.a. for those 5 years. My sister got a request by one of the Big4 to “top up” her loan account as the LVRs had changed or some crap. She told them to stick it and walked to an international bank operating in Australia which handed over more favourable terms. If you read terms and conditions there is usually some God clause that allows the bank to change any term any time without even notifying you. Banks are pure evil.

        • working class hamMEMBER

          Read that God clause on my first mortgage and asked them to remove it. Westpac said no way, standard contract.

  34. Voice of ReasonMEMBER

    “Thank god that’s over”
    I suspect we’ll be saying the same thing in 3 years time.

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      Or Albo might grow into the job …… might be time for a Curtin or a Chiefly …….and if he keeps grounded to his humble beginnings he might do it ………Hawkie who everyone adored loved his tux and dining with the big end of town ……Oxford can do that to a man ……

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        I’m worried that Albo’s Prime Ministership is going to have more in common with our 9th PM James Scullin’s term in office,

        “Scullin led Labor to government at the 1929 election. He was the first Catholic, as well as Irish-Australian, to serve as Prime Minister of Australia.[1] The Wall Street Crash of 1929 transpired just two days after his swearing in, which would herald the beginning of the Great Depression in Australia. Scullin’s administration would soon be overwhelmed by the economic crisis, with interpersonal and policy disagreements causing a three-way split of his party that would bring down the government in late 1931.”

        “the government collapsed, and was resoundingly defeated by the newly formed United Australia Party at the subsequent 1931 election.”

        • TailorTrashMEMBER

          That’s a a fair assessment

          Poor old Albo has got in as the whole malodorous heap starts to unravel …….and he will be mercilessly blamed of course

          But good luck to him …( against the odds he stumbled across the line )

          reminds one of of Clement Atlee
          ( ”a modest man with much to be modest about “……but one who did some good )

          At least if he can hold the fort for a while for the nation
          to collect its thoughts that can’t be a bad thing

          The performance of the Teals will be most interesting

        • This.
          At the very least labour must get some basics right, beginning with a federal ICAC, and finding a way to implement the recommendations of the Hayne royal commission.

        • Have you read The Enigmatic Mr Deakin? I’m 3/4 of the way through. Fasctinating. When politicians had integrity. The number of resignations was astonishing. Deakin seemed to be a in a perpetual state of considering resignation.

          The current member is not worth of Deakin’s namesake electorate. Keiran must be very happy

        • Yes I worry they don’t know they have won a hallow, pyrrhic victory. The last government went on a deliberate smash and grab for a reason: they knew it was the last chance for anyone.

  35. Cowper is still in the balance. It was a safe Nationals seat with an 11.9% swing. Postal vote preference count this afternoon was 66.5% to Independent Caz Heise to 33.5% for the Nats Pat Conaghan. Swing is now 10.4% against with about 80% of the vote counted and they haven’t yet returned preference results for any of the booths.

    Could well be another Independent on the cross bench.

    • According to pollbludger -> NAT retain

      What has flummoxed me are the people still voting Nat. Cowper obviously saw a huge swing, but Page – PAGE, of the floods (2 bigger-than-ever-recorded floods in 6 weeks, and we’ve got more minor flooding this morning) and of the 2019-2020 fires – swung TOWARD Hogan?

      I mean, he couldn’t even get the Feds here post Feb Floods for a week.

      He can’t even get some election pork to the roads, which post floods and non stop rain since November are really f$cking dangerous.

      Looking at the booth counts, all the areas really affected had a big swing away – Lismore, etc – but the votes out west Kyogle Casino Grafton are still hard Nats.

      It’s astonishing.

  36. “Thank god that’s over”
    Perfect and succinct. There’s a major part of my lower GIT that echoed those words in its own way.

  37. Even the masses of sheeple have lost trust and interest in the Lamestream media.
    Ask your typical Bogan and they will reel off a torrent of conspiracy theories about media brainwashing and control.