Polls unmoved as abusive ScoMo begs battered Straya to take him back

PM Scott Morrison cheated in the last debate:

A curious screenshot was sent to Diary at 9.12pm on Wednesday, as the final showdown between Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese was starting.

The reliable Liberal source claimed it was a list of the debate questions, which had been leaked to the Prime Minister’s office earlier that evening.

Or, should I say the PM formerly known as Scott Morrison:

Scott Morrison says he’ll seek to empathise with people more, and better explain his motives and decisions, in a last-minute plea for voters to look past their dislike of the prime minister and give him a second chance.

I thought he said, “he knew who he was”. I guess he’s joined the rest of us in discovering he doesn’t like it.

Nothing the PM formerly known as Scott Morrison does has made any difference to the polls. An equally desperate Murdoch press published an unmoved Newspoll early over the weekend:

Bludgertrack is unmoved as well:

I can’t see it changing. As I said at the time, the election was over one year ago when the PM formerly known as Scott Morrison was exposed as leading a rape protection racket in the Australian Parliament:

Basically, Australia is a battered wife being asked to forgive and take back an abusive husband.

Because he’s changed, don’t you know.

Houses and Holes


  1. Grand Funk RailroadMEMBER

    Yeah, just imagine when he gets us home and thinks we are his again.

    And thinks we looked at someone else or disagree with something he does

  2. The messages I’ve interpreted from the Libs campaign have been them saying `we have the experience, do you really want to risk a different leader?`. My response is, what experience? Is that how to stuff up every emergency response? Why would I want more of that?

    Other is them telling us `Look how good we have done! Look how good we have it!` – which is a really bad thing to tell people when they have done it really hard and think it’s all a complete mess.

    Just my opinion …

  3. I just don’t know if I can trust the undecideds…

    Some of the vox pop is frightening ” oh Albo has no character.” Swampy’s jaw drops. LULWUT.

    jeez it was good to flog Meth Coke at Optus yesterday.

    • Diogenes the CynicMEMBER

      Living in Perth it is hilarious to see the team perform that badly. Wet Toast supporters are super glum which is great (I’m a Swans supporter).

      • Are we? Most of us accept the fact that swings and roundabouts will get you at some point. I will take two GF’s and one flag a decade for the rest of my life.

        • Right. I first interpreted “GF’s” as “Girlfriends” and was most curious about the flag bit. Then (sadly) I realised you were talking footy and your story got a lot less entertaining. 🙂

    • “I just don’t know if I can trust the undecideds…”
      Yep, with support so soft with the swing voters there are no guarantees. The brain dead idea of accessing super to get into the housing market is exactly the kind of policy that might swing some votes among those that don’t really engage with politics.

  4. happy valleyMEMBER

    “An equally desperate Murdoch press published an unmoved Newspoll early over the weekend”

    When is the offending editor getting their marching orders?

  5. kierans777MEMBER

    The swing is still low in Victoria. So Chisholm will go to the ALP. However at the presser in Ringwood on Saturday not one person asked Michael “Shady” Sukkar anything about why taxpayers are funding his defamation defence, or the claims made by The Age that he’s misused taxpayers money.

    Our media this election have been beyond sh1te!!

    • They have been paid to look the other way, with money from Google and Facebook.

      Having an ex-treasurer as the Chairman of Nine is a joke too.

  6. I will always treasure that 1m clip, of the Bit of a Bulldozer, Working From its Strong Platform of Strength.

    it passes beyond self-satire into a pure realm, of self-willed madness descending upon an unlovely soul.

  7. I love how ScoMo and Co have now completely undermined themselves by criticising a minimum wage rise but advocating using super for housing…good to see economists other than MB ripping it to shreds; apparently Saul Eslake tore it apart.

  8. The reliable Liberal source claimed it was a list of the debate questions, which had been leaked to the Prime Minister’s office earlier that evening.

    Journalists should get the rope. Jesus. And Morrison still floundered even when the whole debate had been rigged in his favour. The media are SCUM.

  9. What is forgotten or not admitted here is that the alternative(s) are likely to ride Australia harder into the ground, just when we need leadership more than ever. The grass is not always greener. I rather hope we find out just how hard just to teach people a lesson they may never forget or forgive.

    • David, the grass on this side is not greener, it’s dead and contaminated.

      You’ve drunk from the Murdoch medias fountain of lies if you believe Scomo and Co are a safe pair of hands.

      The corruption runs deep and hard in the LNP and they need a good clean out.

  10. There is nothing stopping me from voting this corrupt lot out. We will deal with every other problem AFTER this one.

  11. Leroy Huggins

    You’ll regret this kind of barracking in the end.. a Labor landslide (egged on by the media for the last 12 months plus), rather than a close Labour victory that we otherwise might have had (dependent on independent votes in the senate to pass legislation), will be devastating for the nation. Labor do not represent families or workers or the nation, but “feel good diversity policies” and incompetence.

    • “…………….. but “feel good diversity policies” and incompetence.”

      What, are they not as incompetent as the present Incompetents, are you expecting even more incompetency as THAT could be a massive hurdle for anyone?

      Stop Hugging your pud.

    • drsmithyMEMBER


      Nearly a decade of the most venal and incompetent Governments the country has ever seen and the response is… B-b-b-b-but LABOR !