New Suffragettes obliterate Liberal Party

The angles on this revolutionary election are everywhere:

  • Greens in QLD.
  • TPP on its deathbed.
  • Rise of the people power independents.
  • Labor won with 33% of the vote.
  • Money politics wiped out.
  • Liberal Party decimation and looming annihilation.
  • City versus country.
  • Chinese electorates and the national interest.

So on and so forth.

But, only a few commentators have picked up on what matters most. Even they often refer to it belittlingly as Morrison’s “women’s problem”. Or, as a “me too” movement. Or, as “angry women”. Or as some tactical political moment.

All of these descriptions grossly underestimate what has just happened to Australian politics. The sum of the parts is orders of magnitude greater.

Election 2022 is a historic exercise of power by the largest single voting block in the nation.  A voting block that has only been around for a century and only then thanks to a long and brutal campaign to push back institutional misogyny by the universal suffrage movement.

Above all else, this election was about female power and its assertion of a world order in which Scott Morrison’s gang of rapists, gropers, bullies, upskirters, flashers, abusers and control freaks have no place.

Yes, there is climate and integrity that comes with it. But polling shows clearly that the Morrison Government’s criminal miscarriage of accountability for sexual misconduct in Parliament was the match that struck the bonfire of the revolution:

Female voting intentions

Ever since, the Morrison Government failed utterly to bring redress:

  • Nobody has been sacked.
  • There are no decided legal outcomes in around 20 cases of harassment of varying degrees (I’ve lost count).
  • No legislation has been passed.

Instead, Morrison’s psychos carried on with business as usual. Misusing every tool at their disposal to bury the issue.

It was so blinded by its own misogyny that it also completely failed to understand the frontline female fight against the pandemic. At home where wives became unpaid teachers, and in the health system where they were underpaid frontline foot soldiers. This was a rolled gold political opportunity to make amends, yet instead, it was either forgotten or turned into another insult.

Indeed, the incredible depths of misunderstanding of women in the LNP were again highlighted in the campaign. When Morrison dropped his Deves bomb there was no policy, no debate, nor research. It was a transparent attempt to split the women’s vote using their own sexuality against them.

That’s the thanks they got for their phenomenal pandemic efforts. It served only to remind them that the Morrison Government was a women-hating mafia of gaslighting neanderthals.

And so, the New Suffragettes rose quietly into the void and six female independents have now seized control of the epicenter of Liberal Party power as certainly as if they had rolled into Sydney and Melbourne in Russian tanks. They were the tip of the spear for a hegemonic movement that has intellectual grunt, media firepower, and ambition born of righteous outrage. What an endorsement of democracy!

In the process, the LNP is reduced to a pathetic and misogynistic troglodyte rump that is fully exposed to the sunlight. It will be led by the worst possible mongoloid vegetable: a mashed duo of a Potato and a Tomato – the Pomato – both of whom epitomise the atavistic ranks that history just leap-frogged over.

The Morrison Government’s rape protection racket has been condemned. The damage to the LNP looks odds-on to be fatal. Frankly, it has gotten off lightly. Though a retrospective federal ICAC might yet have something to say about that.

Rising in its place are the New Suffragettes and you best get out of their way.

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  1. BabundaMEMBER

    Money politics wiped out.

    The teals were pretty well-funded. More a matter of a new type of decentralised money politics.

  2. DingwallMEMBER

    Rising in its place are the New Suffragettes and you best get out of their way.
    I worry they will do f all unless they manage to burn down the Liberal Party and regroup or form something new………….. a bunch of goody two shoe, Arden mini-me’s running around being interviewed weekly by Waleed who will be praising them constantly.

    I hope Labor do get on with it and do the right thing by Australia and Australians…………….. but a p!ss weak opposition in turmoil for the next 6 years will not help. Look at the last 20 years of sh!t incumbents and sh!t opposition.

      • Can we finally undo this myth about Gillard? Like Morrison, voters punted her, once we got to know her.

        The Gillard Government was installed precisely so miners could undo the Rudd MRRT. She backed the Afghanistan slaughter. She flat out lied about mass immigration. She cynically sold off Australian education to church schools and school chaplains. She opposed gay marriage. She grovelled to English royalty. If she’s Labor, then I’m gay.

  3. happy valleyMEMBER

    “Nobody has been sacked.”

    Wonder how that investigation by Phil Gaetjens, Morrison’s head of PM&C, finished up?

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        There’s that digital retention legislation…

        Funny how ideas like that never look good in hindsight.

  4. Out here in the country, a surprising number of my acquaintances are terrified because “oh no, the Greens”
    The assumption seems to be that farming is doomed under a Green government.
    Some of these people are by any measure intelligent.
    Beats the hell out of me where they get these ideas – it almost feels like some kind of post facto rationalisation of why they’re on Team Nationals.

    • This.

      Local Facebook group has a particular kind of Nat-stupid on show.

      They seem to think the Greens are anti farm – errrrm, no climate, no farming, you dills. You need to remind them that the Nats
      “aren’t the agrarian-socialists you’re looking for” and support destruction of land – farming and parks – for gas and coal.

      You can’t reason with a lot of them.

    • drsmithyMEMBER

      Beats the hell out of me where they get these ideas […]

      Because the establishment media might have some internal disagreements vis-a-vis LNP and Labor, but they all agree that the Greens will be a disaster.

    • kiwikarynMEMBER

      They probably looked across the ditch and saw a Green Party that is 100% committed to the destruction of farming. And the NZ Greens make no bones about it.

    • Farming needs cheep input costs. A gas reservation would help industry including fertiliser production. Diesel cost are going to be a global problem. The only Aus option is turning brown coal into fuel. Ain’t going to happen till the green hysteria dies. Energy security is now the elephant in the room. The reason for moving away from fossil fuels is increasing scarcity, not CO2. Unfortunately the only dispatchable alternative is Nuclear. But the greens hate that too.

      • “The reason for moving away from fossil fuels is increasing scarcity, not CO2. Unfortunately the only dispatchable alternative is Nuclear.”
        Don’t agree. First, there’s plenty of coal but, we can’t continue to use that into the future as we have in the past because of the CO2 issue. Second, nuclear is an option but, it is not the only option and is only a viable option in certain circumstances.

      • The only reason brown coal isn’t being converted into diesel is because the people who control the vast swathes of institutional capital in the economy which is required for such an industry are (luckily) not idiots like you.

    • Leroy Huggins

      Having been a Green for more than a decade and involved in their action groups and suburban meetings I can say the farmers have very good reason to be afraid. Number one: the Greens do not believe farmers should have any agency, and that a centralised urban people have the right to dictate to them exactly what they should do.

      Also note the extreme likelihood in the future the Greens will push for Anglo-Celtic farmland to be distributed to “minorities” as per a South African style policy. Urban situated people, setting policies for rural areas have NEVER worked in the favour of rural areas. And there are structural and cultural dynamic reasons at plan as to why, that don’t go away just because of the colour of the shirt one wears on election day.

    • My read on this is that environmental laws (Like anti-clearing legislation, effluent monitoring, water usage etc) tend to be enforced or introduced by Labour and the Greens – whereas under the alternative they have pretty much open slather to always ‘responsibly manage’ the land as they see fit and without regulation. Usually this manifests as increased land clearing, increased runoff, lower water quality, decreased biodiversity, increased usage of pesticides etc.

      I know there are farmers out there that do actually responsibly manage their land and operating in the horrendous Australian supermarket duopoly must be awful – but the financial incentives for less scrupulous farmers and larger farming corporations skew heavily away from responsible management.

      I don’t know how tractable the problem is. It’s a land version of fisheries management where fishermen and commercial fisheries never want quotas applied to their catch due to financial incentives – but if sustainable limits are not imposed externally then their entire livelihood will be destroyed along with the fish stocks.

    • I’ve done both LeMond. Urban inner city, 420 acres of grazing country and now a hybrid of both in the Yarra valley.

      For me the concern comes when people who are misinformed but have a greenwash agenda (inner city greens) make blanket rules which don’t account for the on the ground reality.

      As an example, I’ve tried chipping 300 acres of love grass and serrated tussock pastures. The harsh reality is that without a crew of 50 for several days you won’t even get close to reducing the problem. Herbicides, when used appropriately allow you to address part of the problem (weeds going to seed).

      You read my local council (greens) dealing with weeds literature and they don’t ever mention strategic herbicide use. Why, because it’s been written by people who typically deal with scales the size of a backyard, not a grazing or cropping property.

  5. matthewMEMBER

    And where are the men.They are the ones who should have been standing up to this nonsense(and the nonsense that will continue one way or another under Albanese)
    That’s right they have been satiated by video games and online porn and various drugs of both snortable and a non snortable nature.Meanwhile their testosterone levels are half what they were 20 years ago
    Oh dear.Imagine if we were at war!

    • drsmithyMEMBER

      Pretty sure you’ll find all those high-testosterone “real men” rather over-represented in the offenders.

      • matthewMEMBER

        Wouldn’t call them high testosterone just normal- and yes I suspect almost by definition that you are right.However it is there are other qualities associated with having a normal testosterone that would be of benefit currently.And I’m particularly concerned with younger men who may be of importance going forward

    • Meh, the alpha males are the ones that get killed – their ego and stupidity, and general lack of intelligence isn’t actually that good for staying alive and being effective, and their resolve is generally only skin-deep because most of it is an act.

      Give me moderate, intelligent, non-jocks for a war any day, and they will wipe the floor with the alpha males.

      • matthewMEMBER

        The word alpha was never used- just normal testosterone
        Masculine qualities of being providers and protectors are still relevant today(I’m assuming you believe in the theory of evolution)

        • drsmithyMEMBER

          Masculine qualities of being providers and protectors are still relevant today

          I don’t know if you’ve met many mothers, but they tend to exhibit these qualities as well.

          I’m assuming you believe in the theory of evolution

          Which part of it are you thinking of ?

        • Your implication seems to be that men today aren’t capable of adequate fighting and defense, etc, and that it is what I am disputing.

          You compared men today with men in the past, who are held up as ‘more men’ by being more of the typical alpha male – so, sure, you didn’t say alpha male, but surely that’s what you were referring to implicitly? Else, why make the comparison to the past? Else, what are you implying about the ability of past men to fight, but the inability of present men to fight?

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        As far as can be seen, the vast majority of the Australian economy is run by men.

        Women will make up only 37% of the lower house. Still a way to go to get to parity.

        Edit: I’d be surprised if women made up more than 5% of the business leadership of the country.

        • matthewMEMBER

          Again distorting what I said- never said women don’t have a role
          What I’m saying is where are the descent men

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            What I’m saying is where are the descent men

            Being pilloried by people like you as S J Ws, nice guys, betas, white knights, feminists, soyboys, manginas, etc, etc.

          • Arthur Schopenhauer

            Aha. I mis-read your comment.

            As far as the Liberal Party goes, it seems to attract and keep personality disorders. Who’d want to be a member of that club?

          • matthewMEMBER

            Never said those qualities were exclusively masculine
            In addition I’m proud of the women for taking a stand- that’s not the issue
            Have a good day

      • Leroy Huggins

        Spoken like a true progressive cultist. The old ways took our people from caves to world wide dominance. Yes lives were lost along the way, but that did not systematically threaten that progress.

        Look at what a lack of “strong men” and their dominance in society has provided for.. a couple decades into the “revolution” in ways, and our nation is on track to have completely dispossessed its majority settlers and their descendants from even possessing group self-determination, as this is impossible in a democracy as a minority.
        Nature in the end, is not beaten by fancy ideas, and those that sound nice, and cares not for equality as an idea.
        It either builds, or pulls down. And given its association (correlation) with lower birthrates and greater dysfunction, it does the latter.

    • (and the nonsense that will continue one way or another under Albanese)

      You’re joking. Albanese is as soy as they come and he is surrounded by women. If anything, it’s him who will be sexually harassed.

  6. The Keneally disaster and some Labor mopes feeling sorry for Frydenberg don’t give me much confidence on ICAC.

    Labor are still adept at buffoonery and there will always be honour among these thieves.

    • MB readerMEMBER

      Yes, when the ICAC legislation is tabled, we are going to have to have a close look at it and if it doesn’t meet our expectations, let Labor and the Greens know.

    • drsmithyMEMBER

      The Keneally disaster and some Labor mopes feeling sorry for Frydenberg don’t give me much confidence on ICAC.

      Significant improvement hinges primarily on Labor being in a minority Government. Otherwise it will be just twiddling around the edges of the status quo.

      Though Greens holding balance of power outright in the Senate may be nearly as effective.

  7. Yep, I think the electorate is belatedly punishing the LNP for their treatment of Julie Bishop
    Julie who? would be Scotty’s most likely reply, what did she ever do?
    Her crime: She was a capable woman!
    But back to the present: Will anyone come to offer her an apology, can any woman (who values her integrity) accept a place amounst today’s liberal rabble? Will Dutton ever understand the problem?

    • Muttafukaburrasaurus.MEMBER

      Julie Bishop represented CSR in dragging out court proceedings until most claimant’s died of asbestos related disease.
      What she’s capable of is disgusting unethical behaviour without guilt

      • Probably all true, but Politics is a dirty business.
        It takes a special kind of person (man, woman or other) to survive and prosper in that sewer.
        Do you really think these Teal small “l” liberals have what’s needed to “make a difference” ?
        Nah if real change is what you want than give me someone like Bishop any day of the week.

      • Know IdeaMEMBER

        If that is true, then it sounds as if she is almost overqualified for a high-level role in the current Liberal Party.

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      Bishop is constantly held up as a savior. Her legal career before politics was mercenary. Hard for a leopard 🐆 to change its spots.

    • Word on the ABC street is that they haven’t really felt they could say what they thought for a last ~10 years…so maybe they are getting a bit braver again?

      Annabelle Crab is pretty good.

      • Muttafukaburrasaurus.MEMBER

        Oh, okay… All’s forgiven then.
        I shouldn’t expect them to be impartial or anything.

          • Muttafukaburrasaurus.MEMBER

            Bravery only occurs in defiance of overwhelming odds, not after cowering obedience for a decade.

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            Being “impartial” (if that’s the word we want to use) in the face of someone who will try and get you fired is a very different equation to being “impartial” in front of someone who can take criticism.

  8. TheLambKingMEMBER

    This is why the LNP need a woman quota system. The electorate just did it for them – picking strong, independent, sensible women.

    • DingwallMEMBER

      It needs a quota for the men too ………… strong, independent, sensible men are needed.

      • Good point.
        Though quotas are not a good idea.
        It should all be based on Competence and Character.

        • Know IdeaMEMBER

          You and your carping on about Martin Luther King values. Where did that ever get him?

        • That must be irony given the quality that approach “It should all be based on Competence and Character” brought us with the LNP over the past 10 years… lack of competence and poor character abounded.

    • bolstroodMEMBER

      The LNP doesn’t need female quotas it needs to be mercifully put out of it’s misery.

  9. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Wonder what Beijing thinks of all this . Don’t think those independents will be easy to buy…….that has to be good for straya

    • Aaaahhh…China might not be able to buy them, but I think Simon HaC might be looking for some returns on his investment.

    • We’ve just turned more liberally democratic than we’ve been for decades – I think the CCP would be concerned, actually, as they need more mono-thinking to control people.

  10. In the ACT, it looks like David Pocock will oust the vile and useless Zed Seselja. This is a fantastic outcome, but during the campaign Pocock had an absolute media blitz going on. I even received a phone call asking me to be part of a survey to describe how wonderful David Pocock is. I wondered where the money was coming from, and it now appears to have come from Simon.

    Very wealthy men don’t hand out millions of dollars to aspiring politicians for nothing, so I wonder what he’ll be asking for in return.

    Also….while the Teal independents all wore the same colour shirts, I don’t believe they’re aligned in any way. It’s possible that once they start sitting on the crossbenches together they find they have differing views on important issues and are unable to use their newfound power effectively. It’s going to be interesting to see what they are able to achieve individually and collectively over the next 3 years.

    Overall though, a great outcome. I was dreading 3 more years of Scomo’s crazed smirk, so I look forward to him disappearing into obscurity where he belongs.

    • it’s fair to be cynical of wealthy people.

      However, we can temper it a little – the crop of younger rich (Millennials and younger Gen X, of which Simon is one) are far more idealistic than the rich Boomers and the rich of the silent generation.

      It’s the post-Boomer rise and rise of idealism in younger people that is the undercurrent of this entire election result: there’s finally enough idealists that are tired enough of the non-idealistic status quo that their vote now really counts, and has wrenched the country in a much more idealistic direction.

      • I hope you’re right. “A better class of billionaire” is a strange concept, but we could be lucky!

      • Young Idealistic “Do gooders” who have never had to work in the real world are exactly what you need to fear. The classic saying sums it up; “The road to hell is paved with good intentions!” For instance mandating organic farming in Sri Lanka and creating a famine. Preventing controlled burns to protect wildlife and creating an inevitable inferno.

        • The reason Sri Lanka is messed up has a lot more to do with corruption, years of war and failing democratic institutions. Pinning it all on organic farming is absurd.

        • bolstroodMEMBER

          Who are the young idealistic do gooders you refer to Robert?
          If you mean the female Teal independents , you are wrong, they are all highly qualified ,successful , professional women who bring much real life experience to the parliament, more then the LIB/Lab apparachics who only have ever worked in politics.

    • TheLambKingMEMBER

      I think SHaC and Mike Cannon-Brooks are very different billionaires to Clive, Rupert & Gina. They are using their billions to get action on climate, as opposed to using their influence to ensure they can keep making billions. SHaC is influencing, MCB is being more direct in his actions.

      The best thing about this new world is that it will give Labor an excuse to be bolder/stronger
      -‘yes, I know we said we would not get rid of those stage 3 tax cuts, but the cross bench made us’
      -‘yes, I know we said there would be no carbon tax, but those pesky cross bench made us’
      -‘yes, I know we said we would not get rid of franking credits and neg gearing on existing houses, but those darn cross bench forced our hand’

      Labor are also tied to the fossil fuel industry and unions – the cross bench and Greens will allow them to govern in the interests of actual Australians (as opposed to the interests of donors and benefactors.)

      I am starting optimistic – but we will see what sh!t show the MSM give us and how dirty the LNP will play in opposition. When Julia was PM Abbot was REALY nasty in opposition – not allowing ‘pairing’ (

      • Yes, the msm magnets will ensure a pile on over all sorts of things, they really haven’t changed, never mind what’s best for Australia.

      • Yes they are industrial terrorists attempting to destroy the energy foundation of the economy based on a doomsday ideology. Non dispatchable renewables are expensive garbage. If you want to replace fossil fuels you need both nuclear and a high energy density fuel. Switching off power supply is genocidal. These people are the hated bourgeoisie!

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            Pretty sure the Christian Taliban is reaching back a bit further than the 1990s. 😉

          • The 1990s were peak civilisation, mullets were dead, house and energy were cheap, and Melbourne was a great place to live.

    • drsmithyMEMBER

      Very wealthy men don’t hand out millions of dollars to aspiring politicians for nothing, so I wonder what he’ll be asking for in return.

      It’s, er, possible that his quid pro quo is what he’s stated it is ?

  11. Looking out on the morning rain
    I used to feel so uninspired
    And when I knew I had to face another day
    Lord, it made me feel so tired
    Before the day I met you, life was so unkind
    But you’re the key to my peace of mind

    ‘Cause you make me teal
    You make me teal
    You make me teal like a natural woman (woman)

  12. working class hamMEMBER

    Self interest has always taken pride and place over any ethics when it came to the Scummo Govt.
    So many immoral and criminal acts simply washed clean, with perpetrators returned to existing positions due to a razor thin grip on power.
    Whether the “Teals” only have a problem with perceived injustices against their own, or they actually care about the less fortunate we will soon see. Outrage is an easy emotion to capture from a wide audience, continually serving those who are disenfranchised beyond your own self interest, takes a little more fortitude.

  13. the Morrison Government was a women-hating mafia of gaslighting neanderthals.

    Damn, that’s good.

  14. The ALP having a majority is less than ideal. It means that the Federal ICAC is likely to be less powerful than we’d like.

    • RomulusMEMBER

      I don’t think they will risk it to be honest. The new teals will have an immediate way to push the ALP and show they are different. Will also guarantee ALP lower first preferences next time around. Also will need the votes in the Senate which will be Greens/Pocock/Lambie which I doubt will allow it to be passed if weak.
      Much better look for them if they just adopt the HH ICAC model that was introduced earlier this year.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      ALP still need to get it past the Senate, which requires all the Greens + Lambie.

      No law defines ‘corruption’ right now. We shouldn’t be spending judicial resources on things like “incorrectly claiming parliamentary expense”. It needs to focus on ‘no bid tender to mates building facilities that remains empty”, “blind trust paying for your legal fees”, “taxpayer paying compensation to settle sexual harassment lawsuits against Ministers”, and ‘approving something then joining the board of directors of the company that benefits’.

  15. Leroy Huggins

    Something to consider. We’re all living inside of the most brainwashed cult that has ever been brought into existence.
    Those of us who vote hard right (and ourselves have no neoliberal sympathies) are about the only ones truly outside of it, but progressives are the MOST ensconced in it. The true cult is anti-White, anti-Christian, anti-male, anti-family, anti-nation, anti-independence from government & control, pro-vaccine, pro-government tyranny.

    So we headed deeper into the fire, not away from it.
    If you aren’t aware of the “Mouse Utopia Experiments” they are worth looking up.
    The vote just went the way of further “coming apart”.

    Traditional forms are proven to carry our people through, we increasingly depart from them (more women in charge is part of that, and a further expression of it). I don’t say these things because I want them to be true, but because they are.

    • You need to unchain something so that people can see how dangerous an animal it is.
      Scummo, showed us the depths of corruption, and was put down.
      Now we will probably see impacts of Woke and Green Ideology too, and respond in kind.
      Eventually something with intelligence and integrity will rise from the ashes, but we are not there yet.

        • LOL. That would require him to silence the conservative right wing media that fuel the “woke sh!t”. That’s not going to happen is it.

    • “We’re all living inside of the most brainwashed cult that has ever been brought into existence.
      Those of us who vote hard right (and ourselves have no neoliberal sympathies) are about the only ones truly outside of it, …”

      I wouldn’t be so sure.

    • Jumping jack flash

      People are just well fed and content. We have experienced a generation-long rise in the financialised economy floating upon a sea of debt beyond imagination. Cheap debt for everyone, as much as you need for whatever you want.

      Times are good. We’re all earning 6 figures. We don’t need to work all that hard, comparatively. The debt just flows. You want to buy a new car? Buy one. You want to buy a new whatever? Just get it. We have afterpay, and credit cards. No problems.

      As a consequence we have time to be aspirational. We can all vote “teal” and feel good about ourselves. There is no “daily grind”, not really.

      Certainly not compared to countries that don’t have debt economies.

  16. Leroy Huggins

    When men realise that they too need to vote in their gender interests (and that only these can back up the interests of their people, nation and civilisation), but that demographically they won’t be able to mange this by merely voting & campaigning to get others to let go of their interests (thanks to the media and demographic weight falling elsewhere on the scale).. what then?

    We walked off the cliff in the 1960’s, and like Wile E. Coyote have been running on air since then.
    And very likely, thanks to the action required coming too late, we don’t find land (sense and a direction orientated to our potential as a people) again until we hit the bottom. Long after our future is even more vigorously attacked and brought down by the cult.

    • Look who’s doing the fighting (and dying) in Ukraine.

      It seems that, in a crisis, masculinity is not so toxic and intolerable after all. Funny that.

      But perhaps I shouldn’t be comparing Ukraine and Australia. It’s pretty clear to me that Australia would collapse in two weeks if it were in Ukraine’s predicament.

      • drsmithyMEMBER

        Women, obviously.

        Didn’t have any decency problems until they started destroying the joint.

  17. How to Destroy a Nation 101: give women the vote and encourage them to run for office.

    Sorry, but women in politics have been a disaster, not just in Australia, but every Western country.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Yeah! The worst thing is men can’t concentrate when they’re around either. Especially when they lean over and stuff. Woh! At least make them cover up.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Looks like there’s a new contender for stupidest right wing troll Reusa.
        Your Crown seems under threat.

    • Leroy Huggins

      The older one lives, the more it becomes obvious that the way things were done (sustainably, across centuries and millennia) were very likely not done out of bigotry, but as an evolved wisdom of the tribe, attached to reality as it really is, passed down and refined by nature over time.

      The whole movement towards equality is simply the true elite’s way to bulldoze people out of the way, that would otherwise stand in it, with everyone further down the line pushing equality, and thinking they stand up against power, simply a useful idiot for even greater power. If they looked over their should and saw that the majority of the world’s billionaires and others meet in places like Davos to talk about and push the same “diversity” and “equality” they aim for, it might give them pause. But alas, they can only accept what other cultists say…

      We essentially already have a caste system ranked in order of those that give the greatest push to realise the globalist agenda. When you are attached foremost to pushing their ideals, you are “progressive, good, anti-racist”, when you do not… well, your speech is criminalised and they are working out ways to take your rights away even further.

      What happened to the German people, under Merkel, is the remit for pushing ‘diversity & equality’, and what will happen to the rest of us. Note the very first act of the incoming government referenced by the press… bringing a non-Australian family in to colonise us.

      You can disagree now, but this movement has only had one direction since the 60’s, and won’t be turning around any time soon. So you’ll only be able to remain blind for so long.

    • How to Destroy a Nation 101: give women the vote and encourage them to run for office

      Or…. people are getting what they voted for. You should be happy for them.

      • Virtually every woman leader has been a disaster. Whether it’s Merkel in Germany, Teresa May in the UK, Gillard in Australia, And there’s others like Bishop, Gladys B, Palachook, Wong etc etc.

        Woman are not cut out for leadership roles. They are biologically different to men and more prone to act based on emotion than logic.

        This is why the founders of the USA and Australia excluded women from politics. Now, women are everywhere and we celebrate it like it’s a good thing. Sad!

        • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

          What about Margaret Thatcher Ollyboy?
          You left her out of your list of female incompetence
          Do you conservatives trolls give “her” Honorary alpha male status?

        • drsmithyMEMBER

          Virtually every woman leader has been a disaster.

          The near flawless record of male leaders, of course, standing in stark contrast.

        • Ludicrous sexist drivel.Views like that are 40 years past their use by date. Mrs Gandhi, Frau Merkel, Suu Kyi, Mrs Clinton, Nicola Sturgeon and dozens of others do not cleave to that stupid reductionist trope.

        • What? Leaders are those that people want to follow. Different scenarios require different types of leaders.

          Think of any job and frame the ideal attributes of the candidate. Most roles have attributes which could be met by either gender.

          What I would yield on is the % of each gender with those attributes does vary. Jordan Peterson talks about this a lot regarding senior lawyers and executives being male dominated. Outside of money, these jobs are built for men (typically) because of the personality traits they require to be successful. More women in nursing for the same reasons, it aligns to their biological strengths as nurturers.

    • Ok thanks. What’s your solutions though? I guess obviously no quota for female quota because that just would just encourage this mess you describe.. What about voting rights, how would you restrict this or do you think the lack of encouragement for female candidates would be sufficient to minimise the damage caused by women voting? I guess there are also other areas where rights granted to females should be wound back or abolished and I guess that would all contribute to fewer women being able to exercise the right to vote . How would you go about winding back all the rights?

  18. Jumping jack flash

    “Teal”, a mixture of blue and green.

    Don’t worry about Hawke’s Battlers, they’re basically extinct, at least for now. Everyone including the meat packers in the boning halls aspire for their own colossal piles of debt and a property portfolio.

    The teal’s “profiling” of the “electorate” was obviously in the more comfortable sectors of society, and probably in the homeless-free areas of the inner suburbs. But, hey, it paid off. Enough people are comfortable enough to be aspirational. Its a sign of the times (past).

    When you’re looking around for the next meal for your family you don’t have time to be “teal”, and by the looks of how things are heading that’s going to be the reality for a lot of these “aspirational activists” very soon.

    The entire economy is debt and debt spending. Most of my wages are just someone else’s debt magicked up by the banks and spent and is now being repaid plus interest. Remove the debt, remove the wages.
    Repay the debt without replacing it with even more debt, and that’s the definition of deflation.

      • Money crankery as failed every single time in an epic manner that not only wipes out generational wealth it destroys productive capital e.g. FYI you can not make people moral or ethical by fiddling around with money = money forms do nothing to stop corruption.

  19. The Libs may have been crushed but you can bet sure as the day is long that Scotty from Marketing and Josh will land some sweet deals in the City paid millions for doing F all….