Gladys Liu exposes Morrison’s true colours

Liberal MP Gladys Liu appeared in a car crash interview on the ABC yesterday including this little pearler on an integrity commission:

Hoocoodanode Ms. Liu would be so unfamilar with integrity?

Remember that ASIO warned about Liu’s CCP links before she was preselected but, now, according to PM Morrison, it is racist to mention it:

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has chastised Labor for an advertisement highlighting Liberal MP Gladys Liu’s links to donors suspected to be risks to Australia’s national security, claiming the opposition is engaging in racist campaigning.

“They go after Gladys Liu because she’s Chinese,” Morrison said on Sunday. “They’re engaged in what I think is a sewer tactic here.”

Strong on national security.

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  1. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Given what’s now known about Gladys if labor can’t knock her out of that seat then country can give up ( or there’s a shipload of CCP supporters in straya ) ……..don’t worry about the Solomon’s , build the China base here …..

    • Grand Funk RailroadMEMBER

      Well how many billions of dollars were ploughed into Australia real estate over the last 15 years to launder Chinese funds? Questioning that was racist too………

      We deserve that CCP base here. That would provide some catering jobs and grounds maintenance gigs at least

  2. Ronnie KayMEMBER

    Why do we listen to another CCP spy who in this case has infiltrated the Liberal Party and Australia Federal Politics?

    The Chinese CCP doesn’t care about Australia, they don’t even like Australians, they just want our minerals to build their infrastructure so their empire can return to rule the world. Don’t trust a word Gladys Liu, don’t trust a word the Chinese CCP say, the CCP is a murderous regime who do not abide by anyone else’s laws or rules and Australia is naive to believe them, the minute they don’t need our iron ore and other minerals, they will burn us.

    Gladys Liu should not be in Australian Politics

  3. kierans777MEMBER

    I walked past a Liberal volunteer outside Box Hill Centro handling out flyers for Liu. I stopped and said to him “Even Andrew Bolt thinks she shouldn’t be in Parliament mate” and walked out. He wasn’t very happy with me.

  4. Hopefully Falun Dafa is overclocking the Epoch Times in Chisholm….. & hopefully they have more minders on the piles of newspapers that would be swiped by certain censoring types to minimize eyes on…..

  5. rob barrattMEMBER

    The big laugh about an ICAC is going to be the process of selecting who gets investigated!
    Just imagine! A parliament stuffed with the likes of “London Paris & New York” Trad (and name any random Liberal) .
    The sheer panic!
    Needless to say both sides will have to agree on an even number of scapegoats lest of course there be any hint of political bias.
    But the selection process – I can’t wait for the show! Who needs Netflix?
    It’ll be “The Voice” now renamed “The Howl”
    Seriously – I Can’t wait!