The final folly. Rates and banks roar towards recession

In 2020, we saw a blowoff in stimulus. In 2021, we saw a blowoff in growth and equities. So far in 2022, we have seen a blowoff in inflation and commodities.

Now we are seeing a blowoff in interest rates and bond yields:

Banking funding costs have started to spike too:

The Aussie curve is now pricing an outright boom:

Dislocating entirely from Planet Earth where recession is approaching like an oncoming locomotive:

Thus, in classic cyclical style, Aussie banks have started to outperform as well:

The question is: is Australia really on another planet? Or is this just another crazed act of markets that are increasingly seized by high-frequency rotation?

Sell the bank rip and buy bond dip is my bet (not advice, of course).

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