Murdoch gunning for early Morrison exit?

Wonders will never cease as right-wing darling Janet Albrechtsen condemns Scott Morrison today:

Sorry, PM, but you’re just not up to the job

The Morrison government’s biggest failures are twofold. First, it hasn’t understood what good governments do to nourish a democracy, defending basic liberal principles, not only when those values are popular but when they are unpopular too. That is our duty as liberals: to defend values fundamental to democracy so we can hand them on in a healthy state to the next generation so they will learn from our leadership and do the same.

It is that simple. It is also a mammoth task given the challenges to liberal ideas from illiberal forces. I can’t recall the last time a Labor politician spoke about freedom of speech, religion or movement and meant it. I can’t recall a senior Liberal doing this either. And that is why the Morrison government has been a failure as a Liberal government. It is true Labor may be worse. But it will be a fast race to the bottom if we stop expecting Liberals to defend the soul of democracy.

Second, national housekeeping. It seems spending beyond our means is bipartisan policy. Covid demanded some of that spending. But much has been wasteful, thoughtless and political. There is no point bragging about the lowest unemployment rate in years when the country’s borders have been closed for nearly two years.

The piece is not especially noteworthy in an intellectual sense but it is interesting as a figment of political economy trends.

I was going to leave the article alone but then News followed up with it as a story:

Andrew Bolt condemned Morrison yesterday as well.

It must be noted that the commentary is largely attacking Morrison for not being loony enough. In that sense, it is a reflection of the factional war within the Liberal Party itself, especially in NSW, with Morrison’s centre-right (if we disregard extremist religion) faction at the throat of the hard (libertarian) right.

I triumph of the libertarian faction would fit with the views of the Sun King and one wonders if the word has not come down from Holt Street that Morrison’s time is up.

He may be about to meet the real dark and hungry god of Australian politcs.

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  1. There is no point bragging about the lowest unemployment rate in years when the country’s borders have been closed for nearly two years.


    Meanwhile, vale to Johnny Raper!

  2. I said yesterday that Uncle Rupe has given his royal decree to dispose with ScoMo. I reckon if Grace Tame and Brittany Higgins call for his resignation at the NPC today that’ll be a very damaging blow. If the Religious Discrimination legislation fails, we’ll see a libspill next week.

    • Both ladies were magnificent. Wow.

      Tame is just incredible. She is literally tearing strips off Scomo. What a take-down. No wonder the Scrote didn’t attend. I can just imagine Scomo in his office, gagging and on the ground in a fit, foam and spittle thick upon the lips.

      Albo should commit to the Jenkins review recommendations from the day they are sworn in.

      • She is a force to be reckoned with, that’s for sure.
        “We stand here making change, making history but above all else – making noise.”


      • Someone ElseMEMBER

        We don’t believe in ‘fits’ and all that modern medicine palaver. ScoMo was talking in tongues.

  3. I’m more surprised at how Eileen Gu is now the headline all over the world.

    Pentecostal is not main stream : they’re a cult. ScoMo is orchestrating a takeover of the Liberal Party, and the existing establishment is fighting back. The fiasco with the NSW council election have made a lot of people very angry.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      We’ll know when Scummo’s done with reshaping the LP when it is renamed the Happy Clappy Party?

    • Me too, who cares about ski jumping, amirite?

      The main show is in the pipe today with Guseli, James and Sir Shaun White.

  4. Grace Tame today:

    Ms Tame said that on August 17 last year she received a phone call from a senior member of a government-funded organisation asking her to promise not to say anything damning about the Prime Minister in the lead-up to the next Australian of the Year awards.

    “You are an influential person,” the 2021 Australian of the Year recalled being told. “He will have a fear.”

    “And then it crystallised, a fear – a fear for himself and no one else. A fear he might lose his position or, more to the point, his power. Sound familiar to anyone?

    “Well, it does to me. I remember standing in the shadow of a trusted authority figure, being threatened in just the same veiled way. I remember him saying, ‘I will lose my job if anyone hears about that, and you would not want that, would you?’”

    This is why she doesn’t need to call for Scummo’s resignation, she just has to keep telling the truth. That will be enough to skewer the Psycho.

    • Scummo will be having a fit at the moment. That was brutal.

      She’s brushing off all the follow-up questions and it’s brilliant – she’s said what needs to say and she’s letting it sink in. Brittany Higgins is doing a phenomenal job of answering the journalists.

        • Nah, if PR is not involved it will be bro Stu and dog 🙁

          Jen and the girls are just there to divert attention from the Real Scumo.

        • What does he do now? I’m sure there are big things he could do to distract the media and many would not be in the national interest….. Anyone fancy a trip to the Ukrainian border?

      • Looking forward to the hand wringing from the News Limited cheerleaders and Ray Hadley tomorrow.

  5. +100 to above comments on Grace T and Brittany H.

    It should always be noted that Planet Janet is the chairman of the IPA which proudly likes to think it makes LNP policy on behalf of its hidden funders. Josh could not start the day without the IPA talking points.

    News Ltd exists because of the start (fully paid) the IPA predecessor organisations gave Keith M in Broken Hill to beat the union run paper in the ’30’s. News Ltd is the IPA publicity machine with the Oz being the IPA newsletter.

    News Ltd do not even have the journalistic ethics to declare Planet J’s position at the end of her IPA spruik pieces in the Oz.

    • bolstroodMEMBER

      I saw a poll this morning about the Religious intolerence bill.
      Unsure 8%, in favour 19%, Against 73%
      There is hope for Australia yet.

      • The Traveling Wilbur 🙉🙈🙊

        Over 90‰ double vaxxed. All these things being far more evidence of potential sanity in Australia than anyone had any right or reason to expect.