Will mandatory 3rd vaccine shots also apply to international arrivals?

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has once again indicated that third vaccine booster shots will soon be made mandatory across Australia in order to be considered “fully vaccinated”:

“The third dose has never been more important. Particularly as we head towards the first day of school,” he said.

“Hopefully confirmation of both ATAGI and national cabinet today will mean everyone knows this is a three-dose project.”

The change could also have ramifications for entering venues and events.

“I think it will very soon be three doses to get the green tick,” Mr Andrews said.

Will international arrivals also be required to be triple vaccinated? If not, why should Australians be subjected to harsher vaccination requirements than foreigners arriving in Australia, especially given the poor efficacy of vaccines like China’s Sinopharm and Russia’s Sputnik (the later of which is not even recognised by the WHO)?

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  1. Frank DrebinMEMBER

    I think international arrivals should have 4 or 5 shots before they are let in just so we are confident they aren’t diseased scumbags who will destroy all we hold dear.


      You’re referencing sensible and effective treatment protocols for UR infections.
      Thanks for taking the time to edify those who might be unaware of these health restoring measures!
      However, they will not be considered by our CHO’s as the true objective of their ‘approach’ is to install a ‘vaccine journey’ (Andrew’s’ words) where our liberty and civic privileges are contingent on ‘obeying’ the new authoritarian approach to Strayan gov’t. Soon, the whisper to be leaked will naturally include # 4 ( and more) and before you know it, we’ll have all the accoutrements of a digitally tracked existence and we’ll have no choice but to comply with every request made.
      Sounds charming, no?

  2. ““I think it will very soon be three doses to get the green tick,” Mr Andrews said.”

    And a couple of months after that 4 doses…
    Of course in NSW the green tick is no longer even a thing.

      • BoomToBustMEMBER

        Have you seen the ads on TV, first it was “a double jab is your ticket to freedom” now it’s “a booster is your ticket” – DA is attempting to use national cabinet to hide the growing discontent for boosters.

        The rhetoric we are hearing from double jabbed is they don’t want yhr booster, especially if they have had covid, they are saying is this all covid is. DA wants to he able to say he didn’t mandate it, it was national cabinet, as usual this is all about politics rather than a virus.

      • The Traveling Wilbur 🙉🙈🙊

        Roger Daltrey should have no say in what ITAGI determines should be Australian Government policy.

    • If it’s a national thing you can expect wherever it is currently a condition employment (like NSWH) to be extended to cover the 3rd. It’s already going to be a condition of employment for NSWH. But, I think anything beyond that will cause some discomfort. It may become an annual thing for frontline staff like the flu jab, or not. Who knows.

      But, for those for whom it is not a condition of employment, I guess some might say “so what” as, at least in NSW, there are no restrictions on unvaccinated folks.

      • kiwikarynMEMBER

        And this is where it would be interesting to see cases, hospitalisations and deaths per State broken down by population, to see if VICs draconian rules made any difference whatsoever to their transmission rates. It certainly didnt with their Delta outbreak.

  3. International visitors are known to be responsible people who know how to follow the local rules, hence all requirements should be lifted.
    For the Australians stuck overseas for 2+ years, on the other hand, the harshest VAX (and otherwise) requirements should be implemented.
    And for their mental, personal, financial, and other suffering they will be entitled to another “thank you” note from our best and brightest PM:

    • kiwikarynMEMBER

      Including a mandatory multi week stay in the Northern Territory gulags. Alcohol free of course. While international guests get to enjoy 5 star hotel hospitality.

  4. Might end up being a moot point……see this from MCB6 from 6 days ago………they closed this thread so curious people couldn’t find out the real state of play


    Omicron is getting around the memory B cells by either immune evasiveness or suppression , by about a factor of 2 from previous variants ( this is before BA.2 )


  5. The unvaxxed will be left in empty cities, carrying society forward in some form … is Scotty vaxxed? I can just imagine his speeches. “We’ll get through this. Time will continue its linear forward progression. It’s not my fault if 20 million people die.”

    • Exactly, It seems a lot are missing what is already in motion.
      According to a U.S. Attorney in a meeting moderated by (US) senator Ron Johnson “Neurological problems had increased 1,000 percent according to their data, Miscarriages up 300%, Cancers Up 300% “

  6. Compulsory booster ?, after Omicron ? At least they cannot say ” they follow the Science ”

    What a joke

    I stop at 2, no more

  7. It used to be 2 experimental jabs to be “fully vaccinated” and now 3 or 4 or more.

    I now announce I have defined a new term: “completely vaccinated”.

    I am “completely vaccinated”. That means my vaccination regime has been completed and I won’t be taking any more vaccines.

    The term applies equally to people who have refused all jabs, have had 1 jab and nasty side-effects and won’t take the 2nd, and also to people who have been double-jabbed and now can’t be arsed to have another useless jab.

  8. This is classic out-of-control Andrews stuff. Scary thing is Victorians will probably vote him back in. Just glad I don’t live there anymore.

  9. BoomToBustMEMBER

    We got our RAT tests today, read through the paperwork, zero mention of omicron variant, only mentions alpha and delta from memory.

    • Mine – bought in Dec – covers off Omicron
      Roche – via rapidproof

      We got our school ones today – despite the NSW education minister saying salival one’s would be available, not so much

  10. Doesn’t this mean we are now at a 6 shot minimum?
    1st/2nd dose. +2 x Boosters (i.e. follow Israel). Plus new vaccine specific for Omicron S-protein (likely to also be 2 course).
    Anyone starting to have doubts?

    • At a minimum. Taking the first Omicron shot in March will result in 3 months protection, so 6 shots will have you covered until about June. Then what?

      Not forgetting of course that the “vaccines” (LoL) don’t protect you from catching the bug.

      • Jumping jack flash

        3 months if you’re lucky and don’t get exposed.
        protection falls to 40% after 10 weeks and falls to 50% after just 4 weeks.

        To keep protection above 50% we will need monthly boosters. “The science” has spoken.

        Its worth noting that in normal times for a vaccine to gain approval it needed to prove it was 50% or better at performing the task it was designed to do. (that was for the US anyway)

    • Jumping jack flash

      “Anyone starting to have doubts?”

      Doubting is for the heretics. Thinking is for the doubters.
      You must do whatever they ask without thinking.

  11. Jumping jack flash

    BA2 seems to be 120% more transmissible than BA1 at the moment. Probably milder too, but they’re still working that out, and working out how to frame “milder” in a way that doesn’t stop the global panic.

    They did a pretty good job with Omicron I’ll give them that, everyone is still scared out of their minds even though after over a million infections there’s just a bit over 2000 people in hospital, with varying degrees of sickness of course, and considering that there has been far fewer restrictions imposed compared to prior variants.

    The ripping was let, and the result is not all that bad considering.