UAP drags Google into the pig’s trough

Surely only in Australia parliamentary pig’s trough could this happen:

Google says they’re trying to stop Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party from posting misinformation — paying to advertise it, on the other hand, seems to be a different story. During a parliamentary inquiry into online safety, Google Australia’s Lucinda Longcroft told MP Tim Watts the mega-company “do not seek to profit” from misinformation, as SMH reports. The UAP has spent $5 million on advertising their videos on YouTube (Google owns YouTube) in the last five months, and Google has removed four of the party’s videos for breaching their misinformation rules (about $100k worth, the paper says). The videos got millions of views before being deleted.

Among the videos removed were ones of UAP’s Craig Kelly spruiking hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin for COVID (neither are proven to work and can be very dangerous). Incredibly — I kid you not, folks — Kelly is actually a member of the parliamentary inquiryHe asked Longcroft, don’t you think you’re causing harm by denying people access to information recommending hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin? To which Longcroft basically replied, uh — no, we definitely trust the experts. What a world.

Incidentally, Palmer has promised the most expensive election campaign in history, The Brisbane Times reports. It’d have to be more than the $80 million he spent at the last election, one would assume, when he didn’t win a single seat, SBS adds. He’s leading the UAP’s Senate ticket.

Such is life without an integrity body.

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  1. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    The only way to limit the influence of money on our democracy is to have the citizenry participate more by overseeing and directing the process,… Democratically from within the political institutions and parties themselves .
    You know what you must do,

    • This can only work in as much as the parties themselves are democratic – and you cannot force them to be.

      Constraints on the influence of money need to be fundamental to Government.

  2. The article tries to make a point about the “$80 million” spent in 2019 and not winning a seat. This is not the point – those funds, and seats, went to ensuring the LNP was re-elected; it was won and lost in Qld.

  3. Display NameMEMBER

    I am guessing Palmer is looking to purchase enough votes to trade with the LNP as preferences to influence approval on his Galilee Basin coal leases. This is purely transactional. Or Labour. I am sure Palmer could not give a tinkers cuss which party approves his coal leases, and I suspect Labour are no better than the LNP on this.

  4. COVID (neither are proven to work and can be very dangerous). h&h, can you provide a scientific reference to your inflamed statement that they are very dangerous, as your statement is just as dangerous as those that you are against.

  5. Clive is the source of preferences for the large and growing idiot strain of the LNP.

    A vote for the UAP is a vote for Barnaby and the other massive tools.

  6. Why are you so afraid of what people have to say? Surely if they are spouting nonsense then they can be rationally be taken apart with counterarguments?
    It’s when you start devolving into who should/shouldn’t be censored is when the trouble starts.

    Not like public health officials have covered themselves in glory this pandemic with accurate information.
    Such a vaccines preventing transmission, doubting age-old phenomenon like natural immunity, closing outdoor playgrounds (evidence these were a problem?), too many examples to mention really …