States’ COVID booms, Gold Coast the glittering cluster

Queensland has reported nearly 10,000 new cases of COVID including RAT test results, but they are waiting on more private lab results to come back, which partly explains the drop since the last update (18000 cases). Most of the cases and ICU admissions come from low vaccinated and point on entry on the Gold Coast:

From the ABC:

Chief Health Officer John Gerrard said case numbers will start to become a poorer indicator of how the virus is moving through the community and the focus will shift more toward hospitalisations.

Dr Gerrard said the Gold Coast was a region of particular concern when it came to the spread of COVID.

He said of the 21 ICU patients in Queensland, 11 are on the Gold Coast.

“A quarter of the ward admissions, 101 out of 419 [are] currently on the Gold Coast, suggesting that there is a significant surge of the virus there on the Gold Coast,” Dr Gerrard said.

“It’s not surprising given the sheer number of interstate visitors which would have caused seeding events to have occurred.

“It’s not surprising given the sheer number of interstate visitors that would have caused seeding events to occur, particularly in this area because we know we have a lot of travellers going to this region.

“But I would also point out the vaccination rates are on the low end, I think the lowest in South East Queensland at least.

“Of those 11 in the intensive care unit (on the Gold Coast), six are unvaccinated and they have classical COVID pneumonia which we saw in the pre-vaccination era. That’s a similar clinical picture to what we saw in New York and Rome and in Melbourne before vaccinations existed.

It’s hard to believe in my mind, how you can still be unvaccinated in a pandemic.”


Meanwhile, Tasmania has recorded just over 1200 new cases, but without anyone in ICU, while the ACT recorded nearly 1000 cases (without RAT results):

Oh, and FriendlyJordies smells a RAT:

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  1. Random PunterMEMBER

    > “It’s hard to believe in my mind, how you can still be unvaccinated in a pandemic.”
    Perhaps it’s because the injections are poorly tested junk that don’t work as advertised and come with a potentially unknown range of acute and chronic adverse effects?

    Perhaps it’s because some people hold to the quaint pre-Science(tm) era notion that natural immunity is the only worthwhile long-term protection against respiratory viruses?

    Perhaps it’s because that, despite two years of promises from our Dear Leaders in the State health departments, things don’t seem to be getting measurably better?

    It’s quite the mystery.

    • My thinking follows yours pretty closely. Apparently this makes us gullible chumps prone to believing wild and bogus conspiracy theories and dimwitted tinfoil hat wearing victims of Dunning-Kruger syndrome who really should just trust Big Pharma, the MSM and the gummint to have our best interests at heart if we know what’s good for us.

      Hilarious really what some people think.

      • BoomToBustMEMBER

        And don’t forget how many people without symptoms have been getting tested, prior to CV-19 they would call you a hypochondriac, a genuine mental condition, now this is part of society.

        What we find most astounding is peoplew lack of critical thinking skills to look at a situation or the information presented and make a decision, now they take everything they are told without question, the more fear and the more often the message is repeated the less likely their cognitive functions are to engage.

    • Colin JohnstonMEMBER

      Perhaps it’s because the injections are poorly tested junk that don’t work as advertised and come with a potentially unknown range of acute and chronic adverse effects?
      “Poorly tested junk” vaccines … is an assertion that has no basis in fact. Every vaccine has been tested and approved by the WHO, the FDA and Australian authorities. As for the “potentially unknown” side effects … what a scare phrase “ptentially unknown”. Give me a Break!

      “Perhaps it’s because some people hold to the quaint pre-Science(tm) era notion that natural immunity is the only worthwhile long-term protection against respiratory viruses?” You’ve simply made that up. It’s bunkum.

      Perhaps it’s because that, despite two years of promises from our Dear Leaders in the State health departments, things don’t seem to be getting measurably better? Yes. It could / would have been a lot worse.

      Yes, it’s quite the mystery when ur head is stuck where the sun doesn’t shine.

      • Random PunterMEMBER

        Lol. None of the Phase 3 clinical trials finish until late this year or early next. By definition they are all experimental medicines. The TGA’s adverse events database (DAEN) has recorded more entries for the covid injectibles in 10 months than have all other vaccines combines in the past 20 years. There has not yet been a successful vaccine developed against a coronavirus despite decades of trying; they tend to fail in the animal trials because the test subjects become very ill or die. These are all verifiable facts.

        There’s nothing wrong with being incorrect, but stating falsehoods with such certainty does make one look foolish. I suggest you widen your daily reading section beyond the mainstream sources.

      • Peter PanMEMBER

        You must obviously believe everything you see and hear on tv… “it is safe”, ” it will stop the pandemic in its tracks”, ” the pandemic will be over in 2022″, “just get vaccinated”, and so on and so on.
        I agree that from the best available data(UK) when looking at deaths of vaccinated and unvaccinated people that the vaccines do provide protection against death and by association then also serious illness. Risk of death or serious illness reduces about 10 times or more for younger age groups. Unfortunately the benefit is reduces for older groups, but I guess we eventually have to die from something. We don’t live forever, but yes, the vaccines do offer substantial benefits, but not without risk.
        Another thing though that can’t be claimed is that the vaccines work as advertised originally, i.e. it will make the virus bounce off anyone vaccinated causing no infection and no transmission.
        The original trials for a certain mrna vaccine had just over 43000 participants that was used for obtaining approval for emergency use. At the end of the trial 172 had tested for COVID, 164 unvaccinated/placebo and 8 vaccinated. So more than 99% of the unvaccinated did not test positive for COVID and neither did more than 99% of the vaccinated. Based on the numbers though it was claimed that the vaccine efficacy was 95%, (only 5% of cases were vaccinated).
        Nobody knows how many exposures there had been in neither the placebo nor the vaccinated groups.
        In my view there is no scientific conclusion that can be drawn from this type of an experiment and the results it supposedly yielded.
        On the other hand I know 2 people that had been hospitalised due to “rare” side effects. The one is so rare that it is still not listed as a vaccine related side effect(pulmonary vasculitis = inflammation of lung vessels leading to bleeding/coughing blood and lung scarring). I also know another person(3rd) that had been sick for 4 weeks after the 2nd jab.
        Then we get vaccinated we agree that we give “informed” consent. “Informed” whaaaat?
        So in summary:
        – no, the vaccines do not make you virus proof
        – you can get sick, infect others and die even if you are vaccinated, but you are less likely to get seriously sick or die if vaccinated.
        – risk of death increase exponentially with age. This makes looking at the numbers difficult if you don’t look at different age groups. If you are 80+ years old, then there is still a high probability of death if you get COVID even if you are vaccinated. Unvaccinated it is a near certainty.
        – vaccine side effects are seriously under reported based on my experience. Chance of shingles is about 1 in 40 000. Pulmonary vasculitis we are talking 1 in the millions according to official numbers. Knowing multiple people with these side effects(my wife knows 2 shingles and pulmonary vasculitis person), is impossible with the incidence rates recorded for these side effects.
        In the end though you need to weigh up the risks. Questionable vaccine that has risks and benefits or bad virus. The drawback is that you have to keep injecting yourself with the stuff. I think at some point we are just going to get tired or take a pill with your breakfast every day. Unfortunately the virus has not yet decided to disappear. Some problems don’t have solutions(yet).

      • > “Poorly tested junk” vaccines … is an assertion that has no basis in fact.

        To be fair, they’re pretty c-grade vaccines.
        * They’re not sterilising vaccines like we’re used to.
        * The protection offered fades very quickly.
        * The vaccinated still get sick.
        * Some of them still die – albeit far fewer
        * Some have died from reactions to the vaccine
        * There’s a whole pile of confusing government orders to ban this brand/ban that brand vaccine because of reactions.
        * They haven’t been able to keep up with its evolution

        Can you imagine if the smallpox vaccine was this bad?

        Sure, it’s the best tool we have, but let’s not ignore that it’s still a crap tool.

    • Jumping jack flash

      All of this.

      The mRNA vaccines, the supposed world class solution is new tech that has been in development for a while but never had any vaccinations released using it until now.

      Back in late 2019 Fauci himself, the COVID King, was trashing existing “egg” technology and lauding “new technology vaccines” that he believed were far superior but were bogged down in 10-years’ worth of clinical trials, etc, etc – the usual processes that medical treatments need to go through to prove their safety. In the words of Fauci himself, which are recorded on video, and to paraphrase – only a “global disruption” would give grounds to bypass testing protocols and allow new technology vaccines to be used on the general population.

      The mRNA technology provides significant benefits to vaccine manufacturers and researchers because they are cheaper to produce per vaccine than using egg technology, and they are much quicker to alter, therefore cheaper. This means more profits in the pockets of vaccine companies. From the point of view of vaccine companies and researchers this technology is far superior. You can see how quickly they can be adapted by the very fact that a COVID vaccination was able to be produced in such a short time using this technology, and the fact they say an Omicron variant vaccine can be developed using the same technology in months.

      But does this make them safe? Well, nobody actually knows yet because proper testing protocols and trials haven’t been used. The globe is in the middle of the largest clinical field trial in history. Has enough been done to convince the world that mRNA technology is effective and safe? That is the real question. This is the fundamental agenda that drives this pandemic now. All the decisions they make and data they release with regards to vaccine recommendations are based on this – getting mRNA vaccines into people to prove their safety.

      Comparing the results and effects of mRNA vaccines to those using traditional egg technology, and forgetting the fact that we are in a pandemic so apparently different rules apply, the answer would be, and can only be, a resounding NO. There are many extra problems and no real advantages provided to ordinary people from using these vaccines instead of traditional vaccines.

      Where is Novavax? Bogged down in bureaucracy, buried under a pile of red tape. I will be surprised if it is ever approved, and approved as a primary vaccine. It isn’t any mystery as to why only the mRNA vaccines are being promoted, and why the mantra is “vaccinate… vaccinate…” with increasing amplitude and frequency, in my opinion.

  2. Never really got the phrase “smell the rat” until i had one living in the wall behind the dishwasher…he was a big ole boy too, and god it was a horrible smell. Worse once id poisoned him and had to fish the beggar out…

    • We had a big one that lived in an old fireplace and came out at night.

      We got a couple of cats and one morning the missus emptied out the bath water from the night before and thought she was touching a washer in the water (was opaque because of bath oil).

      Yes, the cats must have chased poor old ratty into the bath and waited until it drowned. I guess reaching out paws when he tried to get out.

      I still feel a bit bad about it.

      • Yeah, I didn’t like poisoning it, but what do you do?

        I nearly drowned at Waimarama in Hawkes Bay when I was 15, so I kinda fell sorry for your rat…people say it seams such a peaceful way to go, but it’s not… its really scary and painful.

      • Rented a house in London once, at night you could hear da duh … da duh …. da duh. Was the rats jumping over the beams in the loft. Retard landlord had the house reroofed with the sewage pipe venting into the loft space, never mind the potential for gas buildup! Rats found a lovely warm spot with lots of fluffy insulation! Every night expected one to drop in on me. Prick wouldn’t fix it. So left asap.

  3. Want to blame someone, then blame
    1. China – take your pick of lax food standards at markets or lax bio security (multiple prior offences for both)
    2. WHO

    This has gone on for 2 years.
    That is 3% of an average lifespan
    For anyone under 20, that is at least 10% of their life to date

    No government anywhere has managed this perfectly

    But by every KPI, we have done pretty well in Australia – mainly because we are an island

    At some point, we have to move through this
    If we don’t during summer, then people will argue that winter is not the right time either

    Get vaccinated
    Get healthy – stop smoking, lose weight
    Get on with life

    • “For anyone under 20, that is at least 10% of their life to date”
      Never really thought about it like that. Distressing as well as concerning regarding the long term impacts on even younger children. Don’t suppose there will be long term mental and physical health monitoring?

      • The long term impacts on children are going to play out over decades.

        In a better time, the elderly made sacrifices for children.
        Something weird happened in 2020 and we turned that principle around.

        I think I prefer the world of old.

      • BoomToBustMEMBER

        For my 5 year old it’s 40% if her life, and as she doesn’t really remember much before it so it’s more like 100%

    • The useless dimwits running this goatfck had the greatest opportunity the world has ever seen to mount a massive campaign to encourage people to lose weight, stop smoking, increase their cardiovascular fitness and generally lift their games to reduce the risk of a bad Covid outcome. Simultaneously, they could have put a few quid into building some decent quarantine facilities, training staff etc. Not to mention developing strategies for nuanced lockdowns, and supporting people who were undergoing them. And a raft of other focused measures that maximised benefits while minimising harm.

      But no, nothing. Not a bloody thing. We are ruled over (not governed) by psychopathic imbeciles. Don’t get me started on the brainless boofheads masquerading as “Health” Officers and ministers.

      • working class hamMEMBER

        Covid Centres could have been designed, built and staffed with health workers specifically trained, fully subsidised, with above award wages and job security, utilising the stockpiles of specialised covid PPE and equipment.
        These centres could have provided construction and maintenance jobs, ongoing healthcare jobs, with staff fully aware and prepared for the conditions, being remunerated properly, as well as alleviating the crush loading on existing healthcare infrastructure, forcing the economy into self imposed lockdowns to feel safe.
        Once these were built, staffed and stocked, let it rip.
        As an island nation, we had an opportunity to actually achieve a successful outcome, with new infrastructure and much less severe impact on economic outcomes.
        Instead we had Votekeeper and now this.

        Phuck Smirko and the absolute gutter trash that call themselves politicians in this country.

        • “Covid Centres could have been designed, built and staffed with health workers specifically trained, fully subsidised, with above award wages and job security,”

          Stand alone health facilities have not worked anywhere. They have been opened to much fanfare and then quietly closed. Look at NHS Nightingale. £530 million to treat 51 patients.

          Unless you believe the fake new Wuhan hospital – which was really an existing building 1000km away.

          They did exactly that with vaccination hubs. Nurses left the hospital system in droves. Immunising well people in centres operating 0700-2100 was far more popular that looking after sick people in hospitals which require staff 24/7.

          One reason hospitals were short staffed. People chose what was best for them.

          Beware unintended consequences.

          • working class hamMEMBER

            Valid points.
            With a worldwide pandemic a full scale nationalised response was required, we got the neo-liberal, never waste a crisis, she’ll be right mate/ until it’s not, corporate bailout special.

            2 years is a long time to train up new Covid specialised workers, draining existing resources was always going to end this way.
            Maybe the standalone clinics wouldn’t have worked, guess we’ll never know, trying something would have been better than where we are now. Even $1B AUD is a drop in the ocean compared to what has been spent on the JK rort.

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        Yep, and strengthen local supply chains with a portion of local manufacturing.

        But you are right, FK all of nothing but rising house prices.

    • Jumping jack flash


      I still haven’t heard of any hint of an exit strategy except the fool at the WHO saying that we need to “end vaccine inequality”.

      How noble of him, there’s a lot of inequality that needs to be ended, and indeed we could introduce socialism to the world, but that isn’t a solution nor an exit strategy for this pandemic, in my opinion.