RATS desert Morrison’s sinking ship

It’s amusing to watch, the usual dark way, as Scott Morrison’s ineptitude crashes his government. Today the RATS are deserting his sinking ship:

Three Coalition senators have joined growing calls from the crossbench and Labor to hold a royal commission or similar inquiry into Australia’s Covid pandemic response.

Nationals Matt Canavan and Sam McMahon and Liberal Gerard Rennick – three of the five Coalition senators who crossed the floor to vote against vaccination mandates – have backed the idea, which also received in-principle support from the Labor leader, Anthony Albanese.

Last week the independent senator Rex Patrick wrote to the prime minister asking him to consider establishing a commission before he calls the 2022 election and to set aside money for it in the budget. The independent MP Zali Steggall is already working on draft terms of reference.

Bring it on:

  • scores of billions given away to corporate mates;
  • total failure to centralise quarantine;
  • corrupt vaccine procurement policy and trashed rollout;
  • convulsive reopening into OMICRON leading to death and mayhem;
  • corrupt outsourcing of test and trace leading to collapse;
  • total failure to prepare with RATs;
  • total failure to mobilise Commonwealth,
  • and two Morriscessions owing to all of the above.

It will be a long and ugly inquiry with one more utter failure to countenance:

Australia could make more than two million rapid antigen tests (RATs) each week with an outlay of about $20 million on new production lines, say industry leaders who are putting plans to Labor and the Coalition in a bid for state and federal support.

Warning of a long-term shortage of the COVID-19 tests, industry executives estimate every $20 million investment could add another two million units to local manufacturing when employers and households are struggling to find imported kits

But some companies are giving up on government help for local production after “lacklustre and disappointing” talks with state and federal officials, setting up a political contest at the federal election on how to boost supplies.

“What we are looking at seriously now with local manufacturers is an opportunity to establish facilities where we could develop and manufacture at large scale for many different tests,” said PTA chief Dean Whiting.

…“Demand is probably going to outstrip supply for many months to come and we will have to work week-by-week to make sure that we have enough tests to meet our critical supply needs in Australia.

“…Mr Whiting said 99 per cent of RAT kits sold in Australia were imported and only one company, Innovation Scientific, made and sold the products in this country. Others, such as Ellume, Lumos Diagnostic and AnteoTech have developed tests but sell them overseas.

This will run right through the election.

I hope the Liberal Party learns its lesson. Drafting disordered cult nutters to run the party and country does not end well for either.

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  1. It would be in the LNPs best interest to get it started now and cut out the worst of the aspects to protect themselves from the damage, much the same way they did with the Hayne Commission. Start now, neuter it, and pin it all on scapegoats or make it impossible to deliver personal accountability to anyone.

  2. “disordered cult nutters” are just a symptom the cause is that voters , values & accountability have been abandoned.

    • Australia seems to have made a pretty good case that all that claptrap was merely delaying the inevitable and hubris writ large.
      We gave up 2 years of our lives to end up where we were anyway…
      That is the sacrifice that has actually been made.

          • You don’t have a control group/experiment that is identical to Australia from which you can draw conclusions.

          • Sure I do.
            Closing borders and endless lockdowns has merely delayed us being in the same position as the rest of the world, as demonstrated by Australia now being the ones with travel bans and similar due to high rates of covid.

          • TheLambKingMEMBER

            Where has 2 years of lockdowns got us?

            Saved somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 deaths.
            We now have a highly vaccinated population and a ‘milder’ varient which results in far fewer deaths. Our covid wards are still about 80% populated by unvaccinated, when they make up less than 20% of the (full) population.

          • That’s the story our politicians are telling.
            They aren;t particularly trustworthy though, and have a vested interest given they put us through it.
            The death stats in NSW beg to differ about that 80% figure…

          • Hey Joe, how come WA has had 1 local covid death while all the rest came here with it. Closing the borders worked fine here, now that will change with Omicron but total deaths will still be lower than if we’d simply copied the east.

            It’s a conspiracy everyone; JFK, moon landings, world government, Jews / Rothschilds and covid all tied in together.

    • Ailart SuaMEMBER

      “The Liberal Party has been corrupted beyond repair.”

      The structure of the electoral system, in partnership with the Constitution, permit any political party in Australia to engage in corruption. To stamp out corruption, major changes must occur to the leadership selection process.

      I read your link, however, I feel it should be read in conjunction with these 2 recent links. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UHvwWWcjYw

  3. NelsonMuntzMEMBER

    A royal commission into Australia’s Covid pandemic response will just line the pockets of some lucky lawyers. A tome will be printed, the twitterati will rage briefly before it is quickly forgotten in favour of rising house prices and a new series of MAFS.

    • Bingo! the incompetence and graft will be so overwhelming with it’s tentacles spreading between federal and state based decisions that no tangible outcomes or solutions will come of it.

      Just like the VIC hotel security saga, incompetence, diversity and inclusion delusion and graft as far as the eye could see and yet what was the outcome….? A gaggle of senior public servants all with collective amnesia, a single scape goat given the boot and the news cycle was done with it by the end of the week.

      Lawyers licking their lips.

  4. Albo can run hard on this. We see in the media today reports of a local mob reaching out to Feds to discuss onshoring RAT manufacturing and getting the cold shoulder. As in, this is happening, right now.

    Incredible to contemplate.

    Meanwhile, but, you’ve got the Murdoch apparatus and Senators like McGrath (lol) telling Grace Tame she should be civil. Clownshoe stuff really. You’ve got this RAT sh$tf$ckery and they’re worrying that someone isn’t smiling quietly for the PM.

  5. An Australian Royal commission would find the opposite of a Swedish Royal commission. It would be pointless. Be great if someone could run a cost analysis as Cam Murray has done though you’d think they might do that before farking us all up for 2 years thus far when they ditched the actual pandemic plan.

  6. Worth a mention: Corrupt Australian Government did not provide financial support to Australian vaccine developer; Vaxine for it’s Covax-19/Spikogen covid vaccine based on traditional vaccine technology.

  7. I’m actually tired of all these Royal Commissions and nothing actually getting done with the recommendations submitted.

    • PalimpsestMEMBER

      Yes, even Hayne couldn’t smile politely and shake the hand of the man that would trash his work, and ignore all the suffering the RC had uncovered.

    • But that’s the whole point of a Royal Commission. To look like you are doing something while actually not doing anything.
      If they wanted to do something, they’d DO SOMETHING. It’s not like we need a royal commission to understand these problems.

  8. A select committee of the Lower House is the way to go to bring home responsibility to all those who conspired for political purposes to ” let it rip “. This is the usual way and the penalty has always been removal of all pension privileges.

  9. It would appear MB is populated these days by KangarooCourt & Prepareforchange.com adherents.

    • Lots of irrational idealists. As for RAT’s, considering we are all going to catch it what does this constant testing get us? You should only be testing if it’s going to change the behaviour once you know the result. If sick, stay home. If really sick, go to hospital. Does it matter if it’s the flu, covid, tonsillitis or alcohol poisoning? We know the old and sick are the ones dying still so let’s do what we can to protect them. The rest of society should just get on with it.