NSW and Victoria COVID deaths nearly reach 50

As the National Cabinet gets ready to meet at midday AEST time, some more sobering stats from the two most populous States sees daily deaths nearly pip the 50 level, with the deadliest day on record for NSW:

As the RAT tests ramp up, NSW is recording nearly 100,000 new cases on its own – comparable to the same number for the whole country yesterday. Hospitalisations have increased by over 100, moving from 2242 to 2383 and the number of COVID patients in ICU is up 7 to 182.

Victoria saw only a small uptick in hospitalisations while patients in ICU/ventilation actually dropped which is a great sign.

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  1. kiwikarynMEMBER

    How many deaths were people who were admitted to hospital because they were ill with something else and tested positive for Covid on admission? If almost half the number of hospitalised people are incidental Covid cases, then it stands to reason that deaths are too.

        • I guess all the reports about the hospitals across the globe being overloaded from covid are rubbish then. The health workers, AMA, Paramedics, doctors etc are imagining everything.

          • They’re overloaded because of staff shortages not Covid patients. The staff shortages are caused by Govt policies not Covid. Change the policies and voila, no more staff shortages. There are 21,000 public hospital beds in NSW, do you really think 2000 covid patients (half of which are incidental covid cases) is crashing the system?

          • That’s one factor. Look at the hospitalisations and deaths in countries like the UK and US. There is an extra load being created and getting infected staff to work isn’t going to change that reality.

          • I guess all the reports about the hospitals across the globe being overloaded from covid are rubbish then.

            It is very hard to get credible information these days.

            Going back around 20 years ago (or more) the elite scum running business and hospitals decided to censor their workers. Workers are not allowed to speak to the media without permission, workers are not allowed to post their opinions on social media, etc.

            Workers have been fired for telling the truth about their work situation. This fear-driven silence has caused a dearth of honest information being “out there”. In its place we get conspiracy-theory garbage and we get the powerful elite narrative.

            Voters such as I like to hear many opinions. I want to see rigourous discussion involving:
            * quack opinions
            * rumours
            * expert opinion
            * elite narrative


            * honest opinion and observations from front-line workers.

            It is the elite-driven absence of honest opinion and observations from front-line workers that is to blame for a lot of the ignorance out there (my own included).

            The elite rulers have had two full years to prepare the hospitals for the Covid-19 pandemic. Have they done a good job and do they deserve your vote next election? I suggest not.

          • ” The elite rulers have had two full years to prepare the hospitals for the Covid-19 pandemic. Have they done a good job and do they deserve your vote next election? I suggest not.”
            On that I am in complete agreement with you. 100%
            When the AMA, The Paramedics Association, the ANF etc (the list goes on) all speak with one voice, we should listen. I stopped listening to our government, their cronies and masters long ago.

        • Anything presented that is counter to your opinion, is a conspiracy.
          I wish I was so certain about everything kiwikaryn

          • kiwikarynMEMBER

            Every winter hospitals are “overwhelmed” with flu patients and other seasonal viruses. Last June/July hospitals were “overwhelmed” with RSV patients – 900 kids were hospitalised in Wellington alone, 40 of them in ICU. Google “ambulance ramping” and see how many times it comes up prior to 2020. It happens all the time. In NZ our hospitals are also currently “overwhelmed” and we have just 11 Covid patients in hospital. If they hadnt sacked 1300 healthcare workers in Dec perhaps they wouldnt be so “overwhelmed”. Time to stop blaming Covid and look at how to fix the staffing issues.

          • kiwikarynMEMBER

            As for adults with RSV in June/July last – 96 people over the age of 16 were admitted to Wellington’s ICU, and 47 to the ICU in Hutt Valley hospital”. That’s more than the entire number of people currently in VIC ICU with Covid, from an area with a population of 547,000 people. So you see why I dont think the hospital system is “overwhelmed” by Covid patients.

        • As someone who works inside health it is quite obvious the hospital load is an issue even disregarding staff shortages

          You don’t commandeer private hospitals and open new wards if not

          Your Schlick is tedious

          • kiwikarynMEMBER

            How did they ever cope in flu season before 2020? Go on, tell us what you did with the 13,500 people hospitalised with flu each year and the 3000 who die from it? Or were they just imaginary patients and only Covid patients are real?

          • “How did they ever cope in flu season before 2020? Go on, tell us what you did with the 13,500 people hospitalised with flu each year and the 3000 who die from it?”
            Comments like this really shine a light on your lack of objectivity. With over five million known deaths worldwide (likely to be much higher) from covid in the last two years (perhaps around 200000 deaths worldwide from flu might occur in a bad year) and a far larger number of hospitalisations, you still persist with this rubbish. It’s about the extra load this creates. It’s not hard to fathom and even less hard for people like Swampy given they are working in the health system.

        • bolstroodMEMBER

          There are 21,000 public hospital beds in NSW, do you really think 2000 covid patients (half of which are incidental covid cases) is crashing the system.
          The 21,000 beds.
          Lismore Base Hospital underwent a multi million $ upgrade 2 years ago( $30 million from memory.
          3 new wards were built and have never opened because no money was given to staff them.
          How many of the 21 ,000 beds are staffed ?

    • Yep deaths are meaningless until they start saying if it is with or without and how many are from the soon to vanish delta strain. The intentionally opaque data should be concerning to everyone when a crisis like this one allows governments to flood certain groups with masses of tax payers money.

    • desmodromicMEMBER

      Dunno, does it matter? Would everything be tickertyboo if things were reported as you want? Something is happening and it’s unlikely to go away quickly. If it could be made to disappear by fudging the numbers I’m sure Scomo and others would do just that. There are enough credible voices about suggesting we have a problem to at least pay attention. Else we end up back in 17th C before The Enlightenment and the development of evidence based enquiry.

  2. Daily Death numbers are meaningless absent all cause mortality and looking specifically at excess deaths.

    The kicker is not knowing how many of these individuals were double plus boosted. 💉☠️⚰️

  3. It should be noted that due to the seasonal nature of deaths less people per day are dying at the moment than in winter. Of course we are lucky that this is hitting in summer, a lot less disease as a result. Between vaccination, omicron and the season, hospitalisation rates are at most 0.5% compared to 7-10% without considering the huge numbers of asymptomatic and unreported cases from omicron, or the majority impact on ICUs persisting from delta. What I’d like know is exactly how many people a requiring oxygen for omicron, which is a good indicator of severe disease burden.

  4. rob barrattMEMBER

    Unfortunate facts. However, notwithstanding these, I posted this late yesterday:
    The story appears to go like this:
    1. You pay a nice $50 gouge fee for your RAT test (or no work allowed…);
    2. Hallelujah! You pass;
    3. Off to work on public transport, where you’re infected by another passenger;
    4. You of course don’t know yet. You’re at work for 3 or 4 days;
    5. (Fact: you start to be infectious around 2 days before symptoms appear)
    6. You infect a few people at work;
    7. Your symptoms break out 2 days later;
    8. You panic, suspect it might be Covid, queue several hours minimum for PCR test (if you can get there) or pay $50 for second RAT (if you can find one);
    9. You’re positive. You tell work;
    10. Panic, fellow workers don’t know if they are infected;
    11. Isolation for them;
    12. They’re ordered to get test or RAT (If they can find one) or no work;
    13. Meanwhile, one or two of them had infected others (branch back to 1 ) above);
    14. You’re sick. You manage to get someone you know to go to the supermarket for you;
    15. Too bad. No food. Everyone is in isolation.
    Get the picture?
    The answer to all our woes is, of course, more bureaucracy. That’ll fix it…

    Today, I apologise for simplifying the matter. It now appears I should have modified section 11. Which should now read:
    11) Depending on your job:
    a. full time worker in a list of “essential” occupations to be published? No worries carry on.
    b. Part time worker in the above? WTF? I presume you can give your co-workers in your other job a part time infection.

    Oh, and if you decide to lie about your RAT test (it’s positive), I feel absolutely sure you will keep the evidence so you can be sure of paying the proposed $1000 fine.

    You really couldn’t make it up. The answer has always been: Ensure the vulnerable are vaccinated. Get vaccinated yourself. Attempting to legislate every permutation of activity in our lives shows just how ineffective our massive bureaucracy has become.

  5. Make no mistake. Covid does kill people. Yes the data is a mess, but this fact is beyond dispute.

    The estimated infection fatality rate is around 0.15%. Something like that. That was the original strain without vaccine.

    We are probably catching 25% of cases at the moment. We are missing most.

    So NSW. 35k official cases is probably 150k in reality.

    150k x 0.15% = 225 deaths per day. However we only had 21.

    Three reasons why we are not seeing 225
    1. We are now vaccinated
    2. Omicron is more benign – some of this is the vaccine, but there is increasing evidence it is more benign per se
    3. Lag. Need to compare deaths today with estimated cases 2-3 weeks ago.

    So deaths are likely to increase (and we are starting to see that). But we are not going to see 200 per day.

    As Stalin noted, “Quantity has a quality all its own.”
    You can’t have 150k infections of anything daily without some impact.

    • Ailart SuaMEMBER

      “Make no mistake. Covid does kill people.”

      So does the seasonal flu. As does age related diseases, obesity, tobacco, stupidity – not to mention covid19 vaccines. The cracks appearing in this disgraceful ‘plandemic’ grow wider with the passing of each day. Thank God.

  6. I got a strong positive on a RAT yesterday.
    No surprise, I felt pretty crappy on Monday, and woke in a puddle on Tuesday.
    Feeling close to normal today.

    • That’s the story from all but one person I know who’s tested positive. Surprisingly, the one person was a fit young gym manager who was pretty crook for about a week. Maybe Delta vs Omicron?

      • So far I’ve heard “the vaccine side effects were worse”, “had worse hangovers” and “its like hayfever”.

        • Our very fit youngest son and his GF said the vaccine side effects were worse. Our very fit young niece was totall buggered for a week and moderately unwell for another week.

          • I know hundreds of people aside from myself that got the jab and have heard none of this (neither have they). Feeling a little off for a day is about the worst account I have heard. The covid “fear” campaign some claim is being waged by the press is nothing compared with the anti-vax tripe being peddled by some.

          • Maybe you should get our more Alex. Most of the people I know who had the jab had some moderate discomfort. Sore shoulder and stuff. A few others were quite unwell. Two people who work for me took days off, one of them two days. Our youngest son was very sick for a couple of days after his first jab and nothing after his second.

          • Most i know had “moderate discomfort.” Some took a day off because of it. Making such a big deal out of the body’s immune response to theses things is exactly the point I am making about “fear.”

          • Ailart SuaMEMBER

            There’s a very pertinent point most of you are missing here regarding the variance of severity in those who contract the bug. Those from doctors4covidethics point out that many of us across the world have natural immunity; created through catching other strains of coronavirus in the past. There are other credible doctors and scientists who are saying the same thing. I’m surprised more people aren’t aware of this.

            The vaccines are all but useless. Well, worse than useless as they’re downright dangerous and the more booster shots you have, the more dangerous they become. Were you aware that apropos the Pfizer vaccine trials, Pfizer publicly released the Relative Risk Reduction rate (95% effective), rather than release the Absolute Risk Reduction rate (0.84% effective), which was the number requested by the FDA. This, of course, means that less than one person out of every 100 vaccinated people, will get any benefit at all from the jab. It makes very little sense when weighing it up against the possibility of life-long injury or death – which has been occurring in the many thousands.

          • Hmmm. The disease was likely less severe than the vaccine because you had the vaccine. If you hadn’t had the vaccine, chances are the disease would have felt worse than it did.

        • So far I’ve heard “the vaccine side effects were worse”, “had worse hangovers” and “its like hayfever”.”
          Were they vaccinated or unvaccinated when they got covid?

      • I’ve got a few friends who’ve had it recently – a couple of the 50 yo plus ones have been knocked out for a week or so despite otherwise being quite fit and healthy.

        My 11 yo nephew also got it – he’s suffering a bit – been vomiting for the last 24 hours.

      • rob barrattMEMBER

        There is no sure way to know what will happen. I got Covid in March 2020 on a group skiing holiday in a small family run hotel in Austria. There were 90 odd of us who all knew each other. Unbeknown to us, 3 of the party had contracted C in Northern Italy a few days earlier and didn’t show symptoms until too late.
        Everyone was contacted by the trip organizer shortly after the trip. Outcome varied widely. One guy in hospital for 4 months. Others 2 or 3 days of mild discomfort. Others somewhere in between but nearly all less than a week in bed. There was no obvious correlation to fitness levels.

      • ChristopherMEMBER

        Pretty sure I have it now, waiting test outcome but 4 people who I was a close contact with at the same location have confirmed by RATs.

        I’m going okay for me it like a really bad cold with a fair bit of brain fog but the symptoms seem to change regularly as well, been working from home but maybe at 50% of normal capacity. My wife on the other hand was ok working until today, now she is out cannot focus at the moment resting up.

        The immediate group I keep in contact with 5/6 are sick from the same event with all varying degrees of response, all double vaxxed in mid August last year.

        • So I’m wondering what’s the vibe of yourself and the rest of that group in response to being infected. Are you and they surprised by being infected because you thought the vaxes would protect you against infection?

          • ChristopherMEMBER

            Not surprised, my wife and I joking said we would probably get it at the party that morning before.

            Given the choice I would rather not have it, felt pretty ordinary all week which I could well and truly do without.

            If you can avoid it I would do so, it will be a part of life now I guess but it is a pretty shitty part of life.

            One thing I am really grateful of though is the quick communication from the first person diagnosed, I would have hated to bring it to my parents.

          • “Are you and they surprised by being infected because you thought the vaxes would protect you against infection?”
            Which was never what was claimed by the experts. Just like the whooping cough (pertussis) jab, you get a heightened immune response from C19 vaccines. It does not grant immunity.

          • I posted a video compendium last night night consisting of Fauci (an expert), Rochelle Whatsername from the CDC (presumably an expert) and a variety of talking heads up to Joe Biden very very emphatically declaring as recently as June last year that the vaccines would prevent people from catching the disease and prevent them from spreading it. Here it is again.


            “When people are vaccinated, they can feel safe that they are not gonna get infected”. – Fauci
            “You’re not gonna get covid if you have these vaccinations” – Pres Biden

            I remember all this messaging quite well.

            Regardless of the design parameters of the vaccines and their intended effect, there was clearly a concerted effort to get people to be vaccinated by promulgating that fake message.

          • I understand your frustration LSWCHP. But you have gone on about this and there is really nothing else to say.

            The FDA set an ambitious goal of reducing disease severity by 50%. The industry delivered. I linked that document yesterday.

            Politicians then lied. Senior bureaucrats (who only keep their job if they tow the line) bent the truth and overstated the benefit.

            The medical and scientific community tried to decry this political narrative at the time. They tried to present a balanced view of the vaccine. They were silenced. Twitter accounts were suspended. YouTube clips were removed. Doctors were threatened with penalties including de registration by AHPRA if they were found to have spoken against the vaccine. Trying to present a balanced view was seen as irresponsible.

            I have always been pro-vax. But it was always going to have limitations. As understood by the FDA back in early 2020.

          • @ steve

            That’s an interesting perspective that provides some context I wasn’t aware of.

            The suppression of the message that you refer to was very effective. I never saw the cancelled tweets (I don’t have a twitter account), the removed youtube videos, the doctors being threatened or any of that. All I saw was the end result of all that, which was The Narrative as presented to punters like me, and as seen in that video, without being aware of the resistance from the scientific and medical community. As far as I could tell, there was a giant fake narrative being presented that was fully supported by government, media, medicine, pharma…everybody….because I never heard any dissenting official views. The only dissenting views were on places like MB, which for all its virtues ain’t really the MSM.

            I had my own skeptical views about the advertised vaccine performance, which proved to be fairly correct, and that’s why I’m wondering now what other people are feeling. Are there lots of people out there who all believed the official narrative as it was presented and are now feeling very disappointed that the vaccines didn’t work as widely advertised? Or is the vibe just “They did their best and this is how it panned out, so lets suck it up and carry on”.

          • @ Steve “Twitter accounts were suspended. YouTube clips were removed. Doctors were threatened with penalties including de registration by AHPRA if they were found to have spoken against the vaccine”
            I’ve never actually struggled to find expert opinion that the vaccines do not grant immunity (just a greatly enhanced immune response). So I am wondering how hard some are looking.

          • @steve again

            Dunno if you’ll see this, but anyway for more context…

            I’m mightily worked up about this because of events at my workplace.

            The relatively new management fully bought the “vaccines prevent infection and transmission” line. They had $100 bonuses to get the Vax. Emails stating that vaccines would prevent infection and save the company. Being unvaxxed was a threat to our colleagues and the company’s survival. Unvaxxed staff were subject to draconian masking, exclusion from amenities etc while the vaxed went on as usual. Etc etc, all because the vaxxed could not be infected and the unvaxxed were a threat. We now only hire vaxxed people because the unvaxxed can spread the disease, but vaxxed people can’t. Then the CEO announced that vaccines would be mandated and unvaxxed would be terminated as they (we) were a threat to the company. It all seemed utterly insane to me.

            Then I was eventually threatened with termination late last year, a couple of months before retirement.

            I offered to work from home until retirement, as I did during lockdowns. Nope…I had to get vaxxed and attend the office or be terminated. After 30 years of diligent service they were gonna sack me 2 months before retirement. It had nothing to do with anything other than a dick measuring contest.

            I said fine, sack me then, and they realised I meant it, and their dicks, upon being measured, turned out to be tiny. So I finish in a few weeks and that’s it.

            Perhaps if the right message about vaccine performance had been promulgated none of that would have happened and I would’ve retired honourably and with mutual respect. It’s not Like that and I’m more than a little upset by it.

          • Have a look at Prof Fenton
            YT took down some of his videos but they are on other platforms.

            Twitter has a number of techniques to silence you. Deboosting and shadow banning are 2 of the most common.

          • Sorry to hear all that LSWCHP. Figured there had to be a good reason for that bee in your bonnet. Sounds like you as well as your son have both been burned by this saga.

            Divide and conquer has been as effective as ever these past 2 years. Turned family, friends and colleagues against each other. I have lost touch with a few professional colleagues due to different views. Sad times.

          • “Perhaps if the right message about vaccine performance had been promulgated none of that would have happened”
            It has been “promulgated” but, while people choose to listen to politicians, their cronies or right wing mathematicians (Like Fenton) ranting on twitter it’s always going to be hard to hear the voices of reason.

    • More anecdata.

      I just spoke to one of my team members who has just returned to work after testing positive. Female, early 20s. She said she went to Sydney for the new years revels. Didn’t care whether she caught covid or not, and she did. She felt tired for a couple of days and had a runny nose for a couple of days, about like a mild head cold.

      She cared so little about covid that she happily went to Sydney for a few days in the middle of the giant pandemic panic, and then socialised with crowds of friends and strangers for several days.

      I’ve heard similar views and experiences from a couple of other young people lately. Their views may or may not be correct, but if she’s representative I’d say that many young Australians are totally over the whole covid thing and don’t give a sh1t about it any more.

  7. while patients in ICU/ventilation actually dropped which is a great sign.

    It dropped because they died.

    • There is likely to be a contribution, but increasing hospitalisation and ICU usually precede deaths. Its dropping because delta is falling. The type of elderly people who are dying are unlikely to be admitted to ICU in the first place. They are at end of life phases.