NSW and VIC see more COVID deaths as hospitals fill up

Another 24 Australians died of COVID in Victoria and NSW yesterday with the total number of new cases in the two most populous states exceeding 60,000:


In Victoria the number of people hospitalised continues to increase, now past the October Delta peak but no large uptick in those ventilated/ICU:

But in NSW COVID-19 hospitalisations rose by 156 new patients, bringing the total number of patients admitted for treatment to 2,186.

There are now 170 people in intensive care, up yesterday from 159.

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  1. BoomToBustMEMBER

    For a population of 25 million the deaths and trivial to a normal year, if they weren’t reported as front page news no one would know or care. Flu deaths were the highest ever in 2019, that information might have made front page news once

  2. blindjusticeMEMBER

    Essentially the government are hoping to get this over and done with before the election and emerge as heroes with the country gaining herd immunity. Nowhere has herd immunity though. Everywhere Ive been is like a ghost town, thus this will drag out – this is why Morrison et al are encouraging people to get out and about.

    If they can get through this and come out the other side before the election and before another strain (if there is one) will it be enough?

    • Lol they’re dreaming if they think it’s “over and done with before the election”.

      Major carnage incoming. They’re expecting a “peak” of Covid cases at end of January, just as folks head back to work and unvaccinated kidlets head back to schools. So a “double peak”?

      All this whole hospitals are already full and healthcare staff are either sick/isolating, or quitting.

      • Jumping jack flash

        Hospitals are not full.
        If they are then questions need to be asked of our great leaders why our hospital system was allowed to get into the state it was in, and why it is still not COVID ready after almost 3 years of this circus.

        The problem will be over as soon as they say it is over, however there is no need for them to say that yet. There isn’t even an exit strategy or a definition of what it would take to end the pandemic apart from some pompous mumbo jumbo about “vaccine inequality”. That in itself is pretty concerning.

  3. At least the US are starting to implement some sanity around reporting hospitalisations with a move to distinguish between being hospitalised because of Covid, and being hospitalised for something else and subsequently testing positive for Covid. First New York, now Massachusetts. Hopefully its the last nail in the coffin for the Covid Fearmongerers.

  4. IronorebustMEMBER

    450 deaths in Australia every day on average for all causes…we do need a reference point.

      • desmodromicMEMBER

        Boom you need better sources. The only Dr Michael Yeadon I can find on the databases is a chap in the UK that works on asthma for BIG Pharma. As for Prof. Ian Brighthope (is that really his name?) works for the so-called National Institute of Integrative Medicine in Melbourne. A grand name for a group of practitioners that push the merits of vitamin D and garlic. Whatever his expertise it is not widely disseminated as he has only published three papers in his career, although the observations may be sound. Look here https://niim.com.au

        • boomengineeringMEMBER

          Haven’t looked into it yet as it was just a single sheet paper flyer in the letterbox. Cursory glance only at this stage
          The main point of my post was to relay info on the movements of a concerned group, without any personal alliance to their ideals .

          • Anders Andersen

            Keep digging, Boomer. Talk about embarrassing yourself.

            1. Put flyers in the bin
            2. If you read a flyer, check the source if one is quoted
            3. Put flyers in the bin.

          • Great to see that leaflet drops are back in vogue. Bypass the corrupt corporate state media, culture jamming, taking the power back for the people. The counter-revolution will not be televised.

          • reusachtigeMEMBER

            LOLOLOL bloke. I haven’t checked my letterbox in yonks! I think my driver does but he knows not to bother me with boring sh1t.

      • Death from vaccine or infection for young healthy kids is miniscule. There is some evidence that Type 1 diabetes may be increasing due to covid infection causing severe inflammatory response. Personally as a microbiologist a single covid shot for kids is likely the best compromise.

        • kiwikarynMEMBER

          I do find it interesting that the UK only authorised one shot for kids over 12, whereas everyone else toed the Big Pharma line and did two. Also they have not authorised jabs for the under 12s except for those with compromised immune systems etc. What do they know that is preventing them from approving it. Sweden is the same. Sometimes its more interesting to see who is not doing something, and ask why, then blindly following the Americans who do whatever the lobbyists want them to do.

          • desmodromicMEMBER

            So Boris is a genius? Or are all governments just muddling their way through and some are a bit more conservative than others?

      • Anders Andersen

        A scientist who believes the vaccine program is to depopulate the world etc!

        Looney tunes stuff. You should be embarrassed, Boomer.

        • BoomToBustMEMBER

          A bit like big tobacco saying there products arnt addictive and why would they want to harm their customers? We now know everything they said is a big fat lie. Or maybe where doctors told us smoking was good for us, or thalidomide didn’t cause birth defects (till kids were born with horrendous birth defects). What about DDT and footage of it being sprayed over children? Then let’s talk about James Hardie and asbestos, nothing wrong with it for years, now massive liability.

          This is only the high point of where big corporations lie all in the name of big profits. Aiming to jab the global population from 0 and up every 3 months has massive profit ramifications, let’s not forget that many other drugs they sell that address the side effects have gone through the roof.

  5. Hows this for peak stupid..

    3 weeks ago the Australian Tourism Export Council was calling for “let it rip” because it’s good for tourism:

    “He said consumer travelling confidence had eroded, and will keep doing so unless governments hold fast on reopening plans.

    “Right now, in light of the Omicron variant, we need a steady hand from governments who must show tolerance of what may be the beginning of a range of new COVID variants,” Mr Shelley said.”


    Now.. 3 weeks later they’re calling for taxpayer support for tourism industry because they let it rip:

    “Tourism businesses want more federal government support with household spending dropping to lockdown levels as the latest outbreak of COVID-19 worsens.

    The Australian Tourism Export Council managing director Peter Shelley is warning that operators have not been able to bring in the revenue they expected over the summer holidays as the Omicron variant spreads.”


    How’s get fcked sound?

    • blindjusticeMEMBER

      Precovid more Australians traveled abroad than people travel to Australia for a holiday.

      So tourism was set for boom times in a ‘hermit kingdom ‘ scenario. They were the last who should have been asking for open borders.

      • Jumping jack flash

        Yes, this seemed obvious to me. I guess they wanted the cashed-up foreigners to be able to visit their establishments and throw money around.

        Most Australians must be fairly frugal on holiday. I know I am. We all have massive mortgages and a ton of bills that never get any smaller, and stagnant wages to pay it all with.

      • Diogenes the CynicMEMBER

        Yeah the local example of WA shows that domestic tourism providers have loved the lockdown, they have been overwhelmed with bookings. Those catering purely for international high spending tourists haven’t but some have diversified to targeting the local market and done ok.

        • @DtC, not only they loved the lockdown, they also loved the opportunity that the WA free market economy afforded them to jack the prices for everything up into the stratosphere

  6. kiwikarynMEMBER

    So question. If Covid was removed from media reporting, so nobody knew how many cases or hospitalisations or anything, and there was no testing or mandatory isolation, how many people would currently realise they are in a pandemic? I mean from looking around you, would you notice anything different from a normal flu season in terms of people you know getting sick? Just curious, as I dont know anyone with covid here in NZ so we Kiwi’s are operating in the dark.

    • Honestly, I think you would. I think many elderly, immunocompromised, comorbidity and people with pre-existing serious illness would really struggle with the delta virus.

      • kiwikarynMEMBER

        We have Delta circulating unrestricted but nobody seems to have it, certainly not in the Sth Island. Only 25 people have died from it. Only 14 cases reported today. But more interested in the current Omicron outbreak. Its the first time I know people personally (in Aus) that have it, but nobody is really sick (so far).

  7. 24 died of covid. Is this confirmed or is it that they died with covid? Because this is very important to know when trying to understand the risk.

    • look, I think the vast majority died of covid but there is over reporting to a small degree.
      I think there are efforts in Australia to get the reporting right. For example, the heart-breaking death of the child yesterday that had a terminal illness was not counted.

      Our deaths a still very low so there is still some scrutiny of the reporting on a case by case basis
      In Europe and the US its a much different story as there just isn’t the time or capacity to look at each case and determine the right cause of death. So the data is murky.

      • The data is murky everywhere. And it cuts both ways.

        In March -April 2020, there were an unusual number of deaths in some nursing homes. Likely some of these were Covid. But we had very limited testing capacitg then, so they were likely coded as some other cause.

        2 USA counties recently reduced their 2020 Covid deaths by 25-30% (reduced by thousands( as they realised some died with Covid.

        In one rural USA county, 40% of their Covid deaths had the not insignificant comorbidity of GSW to the chest. But they tested positive for Covid so into the case numbers they went.

        In UK, there has been an increase in all cause mortality. Much of that is Covid. But the increase was less than the official Covid deaths. 2 possibilities
        1. Mis attribution
        2. Covid cures cancer and heart attacks – as these deaths went down.

        The fact that in many countries, the median age of death with/from Covid is very close to the median age of death (all cause) hints that a number of deaths were “normal” deaths that happened to have Covid – and this caused these 2 median ages of death to converge.

        The data is a mess. Make of it what you will. Whatever your agenda, you will find supporting data.

        We have never used PCR (which amplifies fragments of RNA by anything up to 9 trillion times (2^43) so it can be detected in asymptomatic people of people with other illnesses. Kary Mullis (inventor of PCR) was aware of the limitations of PCR and of extrapolating significance from tiny RNA loads. He died in 2019, and it is intriguing to speculate how this might have unfolded were he still alive.
        Note that some “fact checkers” have reviewed their initial position on this. After initially refuting Mullis voiced these concerns (which he did), these guardians of truth now state that some social medial posters have taken his comments out of context (which is also correct).

        Anyway make of the data what you will. In 100 years time, people will laugh at what we did – much as we laugh at the blood letting of yesteryear.

        It’s the same as the official CPI. Everyone knows that’s rubbish – especially after buying fuel or going to the supermarket. 3% my @ss. But people can chart the CPI to their hearts content.

        • Crappy data is the enemy of the people. Accurate open data about all important aspects of society wold be a real eye opener I’m sure. It would also make it extremely hard for those in positions of authority to enrich themselves and their mates.

      • I don’t understand how it is a “heartbreaking death” when covid gets there before the terminal illness does. It is a death all the same. Would it be better if it were drawn out?

  8. Guessing its the Real Estate parasites in WA that have bought Mark McGowan and the real reason he’s going to open the borders to a COVID massacre in Feb…. WA has nothing to gain from letting COVID rip…. this will be the end of Mark McGowan’s political career. Godspeed Mark!

    • You reckon he will open? I am down south. Masses of people everywhere with not a care in the world.

      • I’m in Cow Town…the south-west has a large percentage of the population who are self-declared medical experts who know more than the medical community, and when you ask them about it they all say “I’m not anti-vax, I’m just pro-choice” LOL

        It’ll be a blood bath if he opens. People will die on the steps of Margaret River Hospital by late Feb is my guess, if he opens borders

        My guess is he will delay in the face of new revised medical advice based on Omicron impacts/data

    • kiwikarynMEMBER

      Him and Jacinda Ardern are the last two standing. Do you reckon they call each other every day and have this conversation “You go first.” “No, you go first”. “No, you go”….

  9. An outbreak of this magnitude would have caused 1000 deaths per day prior to vaccines and omicron. A 50 fold reduction in death is a pretty darn good outcome in my books. About a 3000 deaths per year are due to influenza and pneumonia. Then we also know influenza triggers heart attacks. Once you count the co-morbidities that would claim most of the victims within a short time frame, then the actual numbers of covid deaths are not significant. The elimination of influenza has caused a drop in all cause mortality over the last year.

    • “Once you count the co-morbidities that would claim most of the victims within a short time frame, then the actual numbers of covid deaths are not significant.”

      Robert! Is that really you? Or has your account been hijacked?