NSW and VIC COVID cases are RIPping higher

NSW reported over 20,000 new cases of COVID and 18 deaths in the last 24 hours. Here are the stats, which don’t include RAT results:

While Victoria reported just over 34000 cases and 2 deaths

Australia has won gold, gold in the “let it rip” medal tally:


  1. Arthur Schopenhauer

    From the Vic data, the RAT tests track the PCR numbers. That puts the NSW number at roughly 40,000 not counting those that cannot get access to tests.

    It’s curious that Delta hasn’t been displaced by Omicron, and is still making the rounds at a higher rate than prior to #letitrip.

  2. With so many positive people being missed right now, the raw numbers don’t mean a great deal. However, the more important measure is the test positive rate and in the last couple of days it has fallen dramatically (from 38% to 24%) so it could be the start of a trend. We will know by the end of the week.

    • The data is almost meaningless

      NSW doesn’t have a system to report RAT, so they are only measuring PCR. But they will have a reasonably robust figure for % positive. So NSW is seeing less of the picture, but what NSW does see is accurate.

      Vic measures PCR. But it also measures those people who declare a positive RAT (who knows what % that is). Vic is missing those who doesn’t declare a positive RAT, plus all the negative RATS. So Vic is seeing slightly more of the picture, but it is distorted. Vic % positive will be skewed by only recording (some of the) positive RATs.

  3. This is what you get when you let the Lumpen Nazional Partei govern.
    Their leaders and supporters alike apparently believe that the Greek alphabet ends with “Delta”.
    Private school followed by the University of Life…

  4. ErmingtonPlumbing

    I have no intention of getting tested again until my drive through one at Kissingpoint rd Dundas reopens and I’m not paying for one of those RAT tests.
    Even though Heaps of people in my orbit are getting Covid now.
    One of my wife’s friends who has got it quite bad is an anti-vaxxer type who didn’t even think Covid-19 was real, (it was all some kinda conspiracy apparently), and I remember her asking me during that earlier phase,
    “Do you even know anyone with Covid Scott?” (I didn’t at the time) as though not knowing anyone with it was evidence of its non existence.
    She’s not a particularly smart Sheila.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Reckon I’m about to get a positive test but am more annoyed at having to line up because I refuse to pay for a RAT. Only about an hour wait though.

      These new rules have got me cranky too. Bloke I worked beside on Friday for four hours got a positive RAT Friday arvo. I didn’t find out until this morning. What I thought was a red wine hangover yesterday is a 50-50 chance of being the wuflu.

      Would got tested yesterday if I knew.

  5. Covid policies seem to be designed so that the peak of the pandemic has passed before the next election. The cost of this is a flooding of Covid patients to hospitals rather than a steady stream. This not only exhausts healthcare workers there’s less care for each of the patients. They really could have done this alot better from a public health viewpoint.

    • ErmingtonPlumbing

      Every decision and utterance they make is a calculated act of political manoeuvring and timing.
      Staying in power their only objective.
      Their contempt for the Australian people is written all over the face of that smirking fkwit Morrison.

  6. Not quite the gold medal. Ireland, Iceland, and Denmark are kicking your butts. Strangely enough, the countries with the highest vaccination rates seem to have the highest case loads.

  7. Want to blame someone, then blame
    1. China – take your pick of lax food standards at markets or lax bio security (multiple prior offences for both)
    2. WHO

    This has gone on for 2 years.
    That is 3% of an average lifespan
    For anyone under 20, that is at least 10% of their life to date

    No government anywhere has managed this perfectly

    But by every KPI, we have done pretty well in Australia – mainly because we are an island

    At some point, we have to move through this
    If we don’t during summer, then people will argue that winter is not the right time either

    Get vaccinated
    Get healthy – stop smoking, lose weight
    Get on with life

    • I’m a little flabbergasted that so many people want to blame this outbreak squarely at the foot of government. I don’t think there will be anywhere in the world that escapes the omicron wave without some of the most stringent border controls ever devised. I agree that our wave is with the best variant we could hope for at the best time of year.

  8. Guess “conspiracy theory” should be renamed “spoiler alert.”

    It always seemed a stretch that median age of “Covid death” should be so close to median age of death.

    For two years people were labeled conspiracy theorists for pointing out deaths were being over counted at least somewhat and now the CDC is admitting that is indeed true?

    Now CDC says this is an issue
    Director Walensky says CDC will provide data on “how many of the 836,000 deaths in the U.S. linked to Covid are from Covid or how many are with Covid,” and adds “Omicron has just been with us for a few weeks.”

  9. All this let it rip nonsense is complete balony. The other side is to try and avoid it for the remainder of evolutionary time. Ie beleive in a fantasy that is never going to happen. Seems to be in the 20-29 demographic more than any other decadal group so that should be a good contribution to proper herd immunity which is unlikely to ever be acheived if we are wholly reliant on a leaky vaccine.

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