Morrison plays the Joker as government collapses

The national economy is falling apart:

Judo Bank chief executive Joseph Healy has warned the worst is still to come as omicron’s rapid spread and closed borders combine to stifle Australia’s economic recovery.

Mr Healy slammed a lack of leadership from the top and said the federal government’s failure to articulate a clear course of action for the omicron variant was hurting consumer confidence when businesses were already fatigued.

“There’s been no real vision created about how we’re going to ride it out and how the health service is going to cope,” said Mr Healy, a veteran business banker who spent decades at NAB.

“The thing that’s just going to add to the negative psychology is that leadership has been really ordinary. It’s been inconsistent, the communications have been inconsistent with the rules constantly changing and people have not had a clear sense of direction,” Mr Healy said.

The impact of broad-based business closures driven by a lack of workers is yet to be felt on bank balance sheets, said Mr Healy. But he warned this current wave is the most devastating because it struck just as many were starting to regain confidence to invest.

Morrison’s RATs shortage is killing everything:

Business groups warn that virus-exposed staff are unable to come back to work safely while rapid antigen tests remain in short supply, making eased isolation requirements designed to reduce critical worker shortages less effective.

Not to worry, personal responsibility has suddenly morphed into Chinese-style nationalisation because nothing moves Morrison like bad PR:

When Canberra retailer Gen Sparkle received an email this week informing her that her order of 450 rapid antigen tests (RATs) would be delayed, she was frustrated and disappointed.

Ms Sparkle runs a health food store located in the city’s south and said there had been huge demand for the tests among her customers.

She said she had already paid $4,000 for the tests and now was uncertain as to when they would arrive.

Australians are desperately searching for (RATs), but retail supplies are limited and unlikely to improve significantly for several weeks.

The tests have been recommended by state and federal health authorities as a preferable alternative to PCR COVID-19 tests, with testing centres and laboratories overwhelmed by the surge in Omicron cases.

…The email sent to Ms Sparkle by her supplier on Monday said there had been a delay in getting her order of RATs to Australia.

They said a flight carrying tests had been cancelled, which accounted partly for the issue, but said the federal government had also “placed a mandate order and will be taking supply for their requirements out of this order arriving this week”.

Morrison and business mates first, Australians a long last, as usual.

To wit, the migrants are coming. That’ll fix it!

Employers are urging the federal government to lift restrictions on working hours for temporary migrants to fill gaping holes in food supply businesses, which are reporting 20 to 50 per cent shortfalls in their workforce due to COVID-19 infections.

Are they going to parachute drop them from Hercules? You know, helicopter peopling. Or are they already here:

Up to 400,000 foreign students will be able to work extra hours under a temporary relaxation of visa rules to ease crippling labour shortages, amplified by the isolation of thousands of workers in response to COVID-19.

Because foreigners don’t get sick, apparently. And, after all, it’s all the bludger’s fault:

Government minister Anne Ruston has been slammed for suggesting unemployed workers should take up tools to ease crushing workforce shortages brought on by surging Omicron infections.

Also, blame the faggots!

Michaelia Cash’s department has defended religious schools’ right to sack teachers for their views on sexuality and appeared to confirm safeguards for gay students will be delayed until after the religious discrimination bill.

Sack ’em and put migrants in!

Not that it will matter. Because, despite the Morrison Government’s sectarian sleaze worldview, we’re all human so will all get sick. Especially since you can forget about getting a decent mask:

General practitioners have been left without highly protective N95 masks as consumers rush to stock up after a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases.

Doctors say many clinics can’t access the hospital-grade masks, despite the state government advising medical professionals to use them.

Or a vaccine:

Doctors are hopeful a supply squeeze on children’s vaccinations will ease in coming days.

Children aged five to 11 became eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations on Monday, but delays in deliveries meant bookings made this week have been cancelled, leaving thousands of parents scrambling to re-book.

For many, the only appointments they can get are in February, after the school year is supposed to commence.

Meanwhile, reports from overseas suggest that children are increasingly at risk of a fun-filled trip to ICU:

Teachers are resorting to desperate measures as Covid cases in children soar overseas, providing a grim warning for Australia as the school reopening debate rages on.

Earlier this month, it emerged that the Omicron strain had caused a record rise in paediatric Covid cases in the US, UK and some areas in Europe.

The US has also experienced a record jump in children being hospitalised with the virus, with the Texas Children’s Hospital – the nation’s largest paediatric hospital – confirming Covid hospitalisations had increased fourfold in recent weeks.

The hospital’s pathologist in chief, Dr Jim Versalovic, told CNN he had seen “staggering numbers here from this Omicron surge already”, reflecting a recent announcement from the American Academy of Paediatrics that more than 325,000 paediatric cases had been detected in the US in the week ending December 30.

With the school year resumption just two weeks away another OMICRON leg up and panic is inevitable.

It is abundently clear why the Morrison Government is so busy prolonging The Joker scandal to feed nonsense headlines into the Coalition/Murdoch press and mates at Peter Costello’s Domainfax.

Morrison’s and the Coalition’s method of governing – to outsource everything, import all labour and give handouts to corporate mates – has completely collapsed the moment that it has faced a governance challenge larger than stopping a few boats.

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  1. It would be funny if things were not so serious.

    So you think he’s a shoe in to win the next election basically?

      • Jumping jack flash

        Be nice if they sent the men in suits to escort him off the court and into the black van in the middle of play, as soon as his visa gets the denied stamp.

        • What’s the point, we are all going to get covid, it’s running riot already, it’s not like Australia was just a few weeks ago. We have QLD taking down all border restrictions as everyone will get it & we have to learn to live with it, so makes no sense to run a different policy for international travel now, especially as they are all double vaccinated.

      • Yeah, the BarnabyMeter indicates deportation is back. They’ve stuck him out to yell and the echoes are a covid-safe pub test. Yesterday and day before it was maybe let him stay, today was about dangers of rules for elites.

    • Yes, but the likes of Wong and Plibersek are too narcissistic to sit by and do nothing.

      Defeat can still be clutched from the jaws of victory.

    • Isn’t the problem that ScoMo is doing nothing? I don’t know think Albo doing nothing will work. He should be out there running hard as if the campaign had started.

      • Agreed.

        He could even come out and say that in the first 100 days they will change the constitution to enshrine fixed terms so none of this shenanigans keep on going. So short sighted.

  2. Display NameMEMBER

    The federal LNP have pretty much given up on governing now and are just handng out favours to mates to secure that post political sinecure. Not long till the election and the 16B of pork to be handed out.

  3. An N95 shortage will be the next shoe to drop. It’s pretty evident cloth masks are next to useless against omicron. The experts will soon be telling us we all need to be wearing N95s. Of course nobody will have thought to buy any.

    • The hospitals can’t even get them, what hope is there for the rest of us.

      We’ve started to double mask – surgical over cloth

  4. blindjusticeMEMBER

    Allowing people to work while awaiting test results or after being exposed has real potential to backfire.
    Consider also that many who expect to be asymptomatic or have mild cases will still isolate to some extent or avoid exposed workplaces because it’s not about them…it’s about infecting the grandparents or their parents etc etc.

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      It’s also the volume of virus you get in the airways. Higher prolonged exposure, higher risk of severe illness.

  5. Australian citizens deserve it, for decades now we have voted people in to enrich us personally at the expense of our society and our children. This is the result and we all act shocked. Talk about delusional. Until we stop voting LNP and Labor things will continue to get worse.

    Fool me once, shame on you, fool me 5000 times and counting, I’ll still vote LNP and Labor.

  6. ‘Mr Healy, a veteran business banker who spent decades at NAB’

    Ungrateful banker, how many banking royal commissions have the LNP fended off for you and then buried the findings when it couldn’t be avoided.

  7. Jumping jack flash

    Much of the problem is their rules are based around a different kind of virus and one that is much worse. The rules need to change now to accommodate the new virus which is incredibly mild and accept that vaccinations and prior infections are not very helpful.

    Perhaps this is because our COVID overlords are trying to serve two masters? On the one hand they need to create and promote policies and rules that require people to get vaccinated with the new vaccines, remove basic freedoms from the unvaccinated to try and force them to get vaccinated, and to not downplay the risks or promote vaccine hesitancy. The Supreme Fauci has spoken!

    On the other hand the vaccines do very, very little to prevent anyone getting sick including after having boosters, but the sickness is incredibly mild. The virus is incredibly contagious and because everyone is testing positive the rules say to lock down and get 2 weeks holiday, effectively. As a result the country is shutting down.
    To add fuel to the fire, the media scare machine is in full flight. Everyone is petrified.
    The unions, well brainwashed, are saying that they cannot relax the rules.

    I can see how our COVID overlords may be a bit confused now.

    • Someone ElseMEMBER

      You’re right. The mildness of the virus is without credibility.

      The populous have no clear, credible, trusted, consistent information. Nothing being said about the virus has any credibility.

      • Jumping jack flash

        They went all-in on the vaccines and the vaccines are proved increasingly useless as each new variant appears. Whether this is just random chance or due to the vaccines themselves is up for debate.

        Vaccine manufacturers admit the ineffectiveness of their vaccines, including boosters, and they say they are working on a new vaccine [that will probably work for another 12-18 months, I guess].

        Perhaps we should all lock down until the new vaccine is available? Pretty sure this is our COVID overlords’ only option if they refuse to embrace the facts about the new virus in favour of the new vaccines and abide by the will of The Supreme Fauci.

        I wouldn’t care about doing this all that much as long as Scomo did another stimulus attempt and did it right this time.

    • The Federal government have no idea what they’re doing. They are “letting it rip” while retaining the isolation rules for zero COVID. They assume that they only have to make a media announcement and then somehow, by magic, things will work out. Once things goes FUBAR, they will throw money at their corporate friends and declare the crisis over.

      The State government had been the one doing the heavy lifting with policy implementation. Perrotett however is a dumber version of ScoMo : that $1000 fine for Not reporting RAT test result is beyond silly.

      Glady must be the happiest ex-Premier right now.

      • Jumping jack flash

        While I believe that letting it rip is a good option with this particular variant it is completely out of control with regards to keeping the vulnerable safe.

        Unfortunately they cannot position themselves into the correct stance they need to be in because of several reasons, in my opinion: They have gone all-in on vaccines, which are now useless until a new one is brought out in a few months. Everyone is scared out of their minds from the previous 12 months of COVID media scare-campaign barrages. They cannot significantly change their narrative with regards to the vaccines being our only hope which includes maintaining restrictions on unvaccinated (which is just ridiculous right about now considering what we know), the risks of catching the virus, and vaccine hesitancy.

        • Sigh … allowing broad rapid infection across populations increases the rate of mutations/variants and with it the risks associated. With the added side bonus that previous past infections or vaccinations does not guarantee any benefit [could make matters worse] and 6 mo is the limit to any benefits.

          Goats sack you can’t model this stuff or use logarithmic statistics, on the latter its always a case of months down the road before any significant conclusions can be derived – its not bloody economic metrics based on ex ante axioms IMO.

          But lmmao at a ***global trade shock*** going on and everyone is banging on about inflation just like MMT has been pointing out forever. Best bit is the part where suppliers just jack up prices to maintain balance sheet flows for performance metrics and bonuses to the executive and shareholders. BTW public debt [corporate] is manifold state debt and a big component of state debt is to prop up the corporate debt – see Fed repo games …

          So now on top of everything else we have an induced labour shortage in critical infrastructure supplying basic needs just so some can have the notion of freedom and liberties, during an international/national emergency, because the narrative is more important than life itself.

  8. SuperfluousMEMBER

    No shortage of RATs in halls of parliament and the FIRE executive…
    Omicron is not a medical emergency…
    Is the response chaotic or hyjacked?

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Apparently some LNP MPs have been extremely magnanimous and are handing them out from their electoral offices.

      Of course that’s nothing to do with marginal seats and the sudden recall of RATs from pharmacies. Betcha Gerry still got his though.

    • Jumping jack flash

      These tests don’t seem to be available on any of my favourite Chinese websites for some reason.
      Other RATs are available for other diseases, but not COVID.

      It could be the classification is different for some reason.
      I noticed a little while ago that cleaning equipment wholesalers seem to be able to import them where other businesses can’t. Perhaps they’re (still) classified as chemicals?

      Or it simply could be there is a global shortage, like facemasks and toilet paper 12 months ago.

  9. The migrants will work while sick. They don’t GAF. Their personal gain is all that matters. The health and safety of your community does not matter.

    Wonder if people will finally wake up to the reality of their situation as they watch their wholesale replacement occurring in real time.

    Young people are stupid. Lefties are useful idiots.

  10. We are ruled by one of two major parties – LaborOrLiberal.

    LaborOrLiberal run crony-capitalist systems where all decisions are taken to benefit cronies.

    Voters persist in electing LaborOrLiberal with around 90% of all voters voting LaborOrLiberal number 1.

    This can change in one of two ways:
    * LaborOrLiberal decide to not govern for the benefit of cronies and instead govern for the wellbeing of voters.
    * Voters decide to not elect LaborOrLiberal by not voting LaborOrLiberal number 1.

  11. Apparently cloth over top of surgical is better. The surgical has a much better filter and the cloth mask over top helps to press the surgical mask onto your face and make it a better fit. (meant to be a reply to Jason’s comment above)

  12. run to the hillsMEMBER

    Pffft, allowing foreign students to work more than 20 hours in absolutely pointless, when most are already working in full time cash in hand positions!

  13. The Djokovic smokeshow seems to be working, it’s all people are talking about whilst in the background the bandits controlling the country rob them blind.

    What is it going to take for people to wake up.

  14. Can someone from team Labour employee me as Director of Communications so I start rolling out some startergy to start attacking the Morrison government and not just say useless lines like its: diabolical. No sh*t sherlock.

  15. LMMAO at the ***rational agent model*** just imploding … and some wobbling on about price signals … cackle …

  16. Ailart SuaMEMBER

    “Mr Healy slammed a lack of leadership from the top and said the federal government’s failure to articulate a clear course of action for the omicron variant was hurting consumer confidence when businesses were already fatigued.”

    When was the last time an Australian state or federal government articulated a clear course of action (detailed, time-lined plan) on anything? The system, that’s infected with dumb divisiveness, politics and elite political donors, doesn’t allow ‘planning’.

  17. So what is the deal with the international students and the visiting workers and health services? It’s a really important question which nobody asks. I assume everyone has access but some get billed later?

  18. This reads like panicked nonsense by laptop class clowns who have spend way to much time indoors.
    Everybody I have heard feedback from have commented on how mild it is and feeling better by the 3rd day.
    Is it worth the bloviating about pending doom that is going on in here?
    How the F would we handle a war?