Morrison’s freedom for mates, plague enslavement for you

Ah yes, freedom Morrison Government style. Freedom for mates that is:

The shortage of rapid antigen tests for consumers is being exacerbated by state and federal governments and large corporates placing mammoth orders for the kits, causing stock to be diverted from online retailers and pharmacies.

Australia is in the middle of a huge Omicron wave after state and federal governments pivoted from a policy of Covid suppression to one of “living with the virus”, causing a surge in demand for rapid antigen testing kits.

Prof Trent Twomey, the national president of the Pharmacy Guild, said his members were struggling to secure stock and many had had orders delayed by their suppliers.

And plague enslavement for you:

Australian Council of Trade Unions secretary Sally McManus told reporters on Monday that unions were witnessing some employers placing workers in harm’s way by “making people go to work when they’re sick”.

“It’s clear that omicron requires a different response to the response we had in 2021 – that response needs to be a much bigger tightening of health and safety provisions in workplaces,” she said.

“For those employers who will not work with us … the union movement will do what is necessary, up to and including ceasing work, in order to keep workplaces safe but also to stop the spread of the virus in our community.”

Unions have raised concerns over relaxed isolation rules, endorsed by national cabinet, for asymptomatic critical workers who are close contacts to address severe staff shortages.

In particular, they have attacked South Australia Health for allowing Teys to direct abattoir workers who tested positive to COVID-19 to return to work within their seven-day isolation period as long as they were not unwell.

It’s not just unions that are alarmed. It is corporations:

Woolworths has suspended supplies from a South Australia meatworks that was given state government approval to operate while some staff were Covid positive.

Get to work and bring out your dead:

The New South Wales chief health officer has warned deaths from Covid-19 are likely to spike in the coming days, as hospitalisation data shows unvaccinated people with the virus are 13 times more likely to end up in intensive care.

Unions to the rescue:

Business and unions are on a ­collision course over Covid-19 safety rules, with the ACTU threatening strike action unless employers vow to protect staff from contracting Omicron and provide employees with free rapid antigen tests, even as business groups seek more relaxed isolation and testing rules.

The ACTU released the ­demands after a meeting of union leaders, as key employer groups said business needed more flexibility to manage Covid-19 amid the ongoing crunch on the supply of RAT tests.

Morrison has turned cry freedom into cough your lungs up and hope to live. And without The Joker to hide it any longer, even the shock jocks have turned on him:

The Westmead Institute for Medical Research Professor Graeme Stewart told Ray Hadley that the claim herd infections produce herd immunity is “rubbish”.

As the more thoughtful wonder how such a spectacular dill even managed to become PM.

Houses and Holes


  1. happy valleyMEMBER

    “As the more thoughtful wonder how such a spectacular dill even managed to become PM.”


  2. Vaccine or no vaccine, the punters have placed their bets. Everyone made their decided with for more than sufficient time for clarity and reflection, and have to live or die with their choice.

    • A bit overly dramatic don’t you think? I put my risk parameters into QCovid ( Vaccination gets me to roughly 1 in 200,000 of it being fatal (from 1:166,000) if I were unvaccinated.

      • Goldstandard1MEMBER

        That may be true but not the whole picture because their are bad things besides dying…….

        -You get sick and there are no hospital beds
        -Your kid gets sick and there is no urgent attention available
        -You get cancer and you don’t get treatement
        -You may be fine but the health system under pressure is very bad for a lot of ppl
        -Ppl working with the virus spreads the virus and shuts down supply chains – that means you don’t get your next iphone, banana, restaurant meal etc at all or at least not as cheap.

        You may want to think through a little more as things are getting bad heading into Winter

    • Fishing72MEMBER

      Oh gawd…..If you exclude the outrageously misrepresentative fatality rates of last year when they seeded the virus directly amongst the nursing home populations of Victoria, the Australian covid fatality rate is literally the same as the flu.

      Even if you include last years figures , the survival rate encompassing all Australians of all ages and health levels is 99.85%.

      The dissonance from reality by Houses and Holes is remarkable.

  3. ian dawesMEMBER

    Thanks for posting that interview. Should answer most questions people have about what SHOULD have been done to bring us out of this pandemic with as few of deaths as possible.

    • This paper is a “preprint” meaning its not a published paper..
      Written in November last year.. before Omicron..

      By a student studying Political Science working on a masters in ARTS!

      I respect that people in Academia knows how to do proper research,
      but being good at math and statistics does not outsmart someone
      studying a medical degree that takes twice as long, not considering
      working experience here.

      ..on page 57, “9.3 Vaccine Mandates” he clearly states a whole lot
      of references to misc declarations trying to promote his anti-vaxx
      view (anti Vaccine Mandate to be specific).

      There currently are NO Vaccine Mandates anywhere so kinda irrelevant.

      This is toilet-paper research..

      • The references to “COVID 19 gene therapy” in the first few pages exposes it as lacking any validity.

        • Ailart SuaMEMBER

          You’re ‘nit-picking’ drsmithy, many refer to it as gene therapy.
          The ones who lack validity and credibility very much appear to be governments and their departments, MSM and pharmaceutical companies – one standout example was Pfizer’s initial vaccine, trial regarding the use of Relative Risk Reduction (RRR) and Absolute Risk Reduction (ARR). Which, BTW, was ‘in the face’ of the FDA’s directive to quote the vaccine’s efficacy in ARR numbers. Pfizer completely ignored the directive. I wonder why?

      • Ailart SuaMEMBER

        My suggestion to anyone, is to read the study in its entirety – maybe go to page 57, the page mentioned by Fart Mechanic and read that first. Then make up your mind if you think its worth reading.

        There are many forms of vaccine mandates in most countries, Fart Mechanic.
        So, why do you state there are none?

        Unless you are elderly with compromised health, suffering from serious comorbidity or obesity, there is no reason to fear this coronavirus at all. Particularly Omicron. Treat it as you would a seasonal dose of the flu. And at the end of the day, anyone who has conducted serious research on both the disease and the vaccines – and are in good health, would have more fear of the ‘safe and effective vaccines’ than they would of the disease itself. Go to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)
        There have been many deaths and many injuries.

  4. Ailart SuaMEMBER

    Lol! Chinajim once again. Did you actually read the entire 65 pages of the analysis? Do you really believe someone is going to waste, I don’t know how many hundred hours on a pointless analysis.

    Maybe spend more time on reading the report, rather than time searching for ‘establishment-funded’ fact checkers to debunk things that counter the MSM, “it’s effective and it’s safe”, narrative. Maybe, even attempt to debunk things yourself! You’ve got your ‘bullshit asymmetry principle’ arse about, China! You have to do a lot better than that.

  5. I work for a large state government organisation – public facing. We don’t begin full operation until February. At the moment, we just have limited staff onsite and we’re getting at least 50 notifications each day of employees with COVID-19. Two of my staff are off with it.

    When all staff and punters come back, it’s just going to be a nightmare.