Melburnians told to save water for mass immigration

Melburnians have been told to save water to ensure that the city’s population can double in size:

Greater Western Water, Melbourne Water, South EastWater and Yarra Valley Water have launched a campaign to help Melburnians cut their water use…

Yarra Valley Water managing director Pat McCafferty said while the state’s water storages were presently well filled, sustainable use was essential to ensure long term supplies.

“With the city’s population forecast to almost double by 2051 and the changing environment affecting water storages over the next 30 years, the 155-litre target is just one of many actions to help secure Melbourne’s water supplies for the future,” Mr McCafferty said.

“I think most of us will remember the Millennium drought and severe water restrictions enforced as a result…

Here’s a novel idea. If rainfall is projected to fall due to climate change, and Melbourne is facing chronic future water shortages, then maybe it shouldn’t grow its population so aggressively via mass immigration?

Let’s get real for a moment. Australia’s water security will be placed under undue strain as Australia’s population swells by a projected 13.1 million people (a 50% increase) over the next 40 years on the back of extreme immigration levels of 235,000 people a year (charts from the Intergenerational Report):

Melbourne is forecast to receive the highest share of immigration over this period, turning it into a mega city of around 10 million people.

While it is possible to boost water supplies via technologies like desalination and recycling, these solutions are far more expensive than traditional water storages:

High cost of new water supplies

Accordingly, household water bills will rise dramatically, which will adversely impact lower income households in particular.

In fact, modelling by Infrastructure Australia in 2017 projected that household water bills would more than quadruple in real terms because of population growth and climate change, rising from $1,226 in 2017 to $6,000 in 2067. The report also warned that “the impact of these changes on household affordability could be substantial… and could lead to significant hardship”:

The problems around water is another example of how running a mass immigration ‘Big Australia’ policy wrecks living standards of ordinary Australians.

The additional 13.1 million additional people projected by the Intergenerational Report will massively increase Australia’s water demand at the same time as supply is reduced from lower rainfall and rising evapotranspiration rates due to climate change.

The single best and cheapest thing our policy makers can do to safeguard the nation’s water security is ensure that immigration does not return to its manic pre-COVID level, nor is raised to the insane levels demanded by NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet and the business lobbies.

It’s time to cut through the bullshit: Australia’s mass immigration policy is the single biggest threat to Australia’s water security. It’s time for everybody to talk honestly about the issue and to start factoring the costs of immigration.

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  1. So, twice as many residents, but only half as clean as at present?
    “Victoria the place to be”. And “The educations state”, too.

    • Charles MartinMEMBER

      hahaha, if the Vic Gov’t employs Bear Grylls as a consultant, you’ll all be drinking pee before you know it.
      The new normal.

  2. boomengineeringMEMBER

    Mining Bogan gave a good account years ago of the value/quality of immigrants when the fully qualified Indian electrician had to be shown how to put a light bulb in .
    My account is a few posts back in ALPs Immigration .

  3. At what point does the discussion expand to include recycling water and stormwater harvesting (and, shock horror, rebates for tanks!)

  4. When we refer to despised and powerless Melbourne voters as the “unwashed”, we’re not kidding.

    The even greater madness is Perth, planning to double population, on the back of rising temperatures, 20% rainfall decline, 90% loss in runoff to dams. They just had six 40Cs straight, a new record, but she’ll be right mate.

  5. Here we go marginalising economic migrants of colour again! It’s not a hard problem to fix, haven’t you heard of like solar and the tesla model xxx water purifier? I for one drop the phrase ‘net zero’ into most BBQ conversations these days, I don’t really know what it means but that doesn’t matter, it’s important and I’m doing my bit. I regularly take my 7 year old out of school so he/his can raise awareness as well (though not this week as the 7 series needed a service, the wife had the range rover and both nannies were off with COVID!)

    Of course my efforts normally fall on deaf ears given the white, cis male, heteronormative, climate denying racists at my family BBQ’s are too busy carrying on about sustainable population growth, migration rates, resource shortages and any number of other conspiracy theories. I tend to walk away at that point as I wont be drawn into an obvious discussion on policies based on the anti-science ideologies of alt-right, white supremacist colonisers.

    • How does arguing for lower immigration commensurate with pre-2005 levels equate to “marginalising economic migrants of colour”. Why bring race into an article about water security?

      EDIT: Sorry. I’m slow on the uptake today. It was sarcasm (done well may I add).

      • “Why bring race into an article about water security?”

        Leith, the fact you don’t understand that the issue of race permeates (if not pre determines) EVERYTHING just illustrates how your cognitive processes are rooted in white privilege.

        For a bit laugh / cry I thought I would draft a ‘progressive’ dismissal of your perfectly logical argument. I wouldn’t be surprised if a local Greens candidate has already re tweeted it with a few raised fist emojis, emboldened by a ‘like’ from Lisa Wilkinson.

    • The only thing you got wrong was having real money. Take away the money and that post is spot-on satire for a certain demographic and entirely believable.

    • Colonisers ??? Over the age of 120 years
      White ????? deprecation based on skin colour -a racist
      Suprmecist??? transpacific term meaning deprecated when it comes to policy.
      Male deprecation based on sex -a sexist
      Cis deprecation based on sexual orientation -a bigot
      Why should anyone have regard to a virtue signaling, stupid, bigoted, sexist, racist fascist like you?

      • Colonisers ??? Over the age of 120 years
        unwillingness to acknowledge and repent for past sins that have granted you today’s privileges.

        White ????? deprecation based on skin colour -a racist
        no, according the ADL racism is “The marginalization and/or oppression of people of colour based on a socially constructed racial hierarchy that privileges white people.” Caucasian peoples can only be perpetrators of racism, not victims, a settled fact for those who matter in society now.

        Supremacist??? transpacific term meaning deprecated when it comes to policy.
        Actual definition: white Caucasian peoples whom disagree with the ideological or public policy positions of the political movement I support.

        Male deprecation based on sex -a sexist
        typical response from a member of the patriarchy, unware of his gender privilege and unconscious bias

        Cis deprecation based on sexual orientation -a bigot
        See above

        Please refrain from any further attempts to critique my opinions with your alternative facts. Your written thoughts have already made me feel uncomfortable to the point where I have had to take 3 days of personal leave while retreating to my local safe space for emotional support. Any further attempt to engage with me will be deemed as hate speech and reported.

  6. Diogenes the CynicMEMBER

    Keep up the fight guys!
    Read, The Water Knife by P Bacigalupi if you are interested in a near term look at this exact problem in SW USA. It’s a page turner.

    • Seconded.

      Really appreciate the effort the MB team puts into contesting the steamroller of modern economics over humanity.

    • Marc Reisner’s “Cadillac Desert” was a brilliant, non-fiction analysis too. Picked up a copy when I was living in Arizona in the 80s and saw a lot of what was being discussed first hand. And since then it’s only got worse.

  7. I'll have anotherMEMBER

    Where are the plans from gov about water infrastructure in parallel to policy for raising population by millions?

    Happy to see an economist focusing on the other things besides money required for a sustainable society, namely environmental and social concerns.

    Good article.

    • Display NameMEMBER

      You mean planning?

      There is none. Clearly never has been. Peta Credlin confirmed this on the Bolt Report last year that during May Budget review , the Expenditure Review Committee (ERC) convenes and independently works out what the migration level will be. In Her words it was “It’s just about: what is the input of population going to do to Scott Morrison’s bottom line when he talks about the growth number in the Budget”.

      This was clearly in Abbotts years an PM, but I suspect it is consistent. The feds set the migration level and the states have to pick up the pieces, which they have consistently failed to do. We have according to who you quote a $700B infrastructure backlog. That is your living standard tanking…

      • I'll have anotherMEMBER

        I guess that’s what happens when there isn’t a civil engineering, property development, land surveying or urban planning professional amongst all of government.

        Just lawyers, business, political science and finance grads as far as the eye can see.

          • I'll have anotherMEMBER

            Most planners in local gov are public servants hamstrung by the politicians who instruct them to approve any development that comes across their tables. Not to mention the state gov has taken much of their power away, especially in NSW over recent years.

            Edit: You’re correct about the developers sorry. Still, there are bad eggs in every bunch and I suspect the types of developers who become councilors are those bad eggs.

          • Yes, developers becoming councillors is as essential for success & being invited to relationship parties etc

    • Agree. Really good article, especially the comparison of the costs of dam water and desalinated water. Big Business and the property developers get the profits from mass migration and socialise the costs to the rest of us.

  8. Melbourne also still does logging in its water catchments thus further reducing inflow into the dams and also increasing the likelihood of bushfires in the catchments. When the dams run dry within the decade, it will be a textbook exercise of how not to manage precious water resources.

  9. Why is there no planning (or debate) for another dam? – i.e. apart from the inherent stupidity of our elected politicians.

  10. Another reason why every immigrant must have a budget number attached to them, set by independent economists so the government is forced to cost their insane extreme immigration into an arid continent. I was stunned when a few weeks ago a post stated the governments net contribution for an immigrant was only about $40,000, and that is using their one sided costing!!!

  11. Jevons ghostMEMBER

    Ten years ago the large old-established trees in the botanical gardens near the Melbourne CBD were close to dying during the last prolonged drought. Reckon they’ll be goners next prolonged drought.

  12. Even StevenMEMBER

    Great post, UE. Can’t believe the expectation that incumbents have to do their part to support the immigration ponzi. Blood boiling

  13. Ailart SuaMEMBER

    Almost time to take to the streets with placards demanding detailed, long-term population and infrastructure plans from federal and state governments. We can begin by bombarding local members and oppositions with the same demands. If enough citizens did it, results would be forthcoming.

  14. Can we please initiate a ‘national let your tap leak day’ as a way to demand federal government to wind up the Big Australia ponzi ?

  15. David WilsonMEMBER

    Yep cut immigration, have decent tanks as part of new homes ( I lived on tank water for years) and build more dams…problem solved.

  16. SchillersMEMBER

    Water tanks and other water conserving strategies are always a good thing. The biggest wastage by a long way is in agriculture.
    Also, we don’t need more dams. The existing ones are far from capacity.