MB Fund Podcast: Will Australian Property continue to Boom in 2022? With Martin North

In today’s investment podcast, Martin North of Walk The World joins MB Fund’s Head of Investments Damien Klassen, and Senior Financial Advisor Sam Kerr to discuss if Australian Property will continue to boom in 2022
On the agenda:
  • Latest household mortgage stress data
  • Postcode stress mapping
  • Scenario analysis on what’s next for Australian property
  • Viewer questions

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Damien Klassen is Head of Investments at the MacroBusiness Fund, which is powered by Nucleus Wealth.


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    • Great show and great thread, thanks for posting. I liked this one…
      How to run a central bank:

      Step 1: Brrr
      Step 2: Say there’s no inflation
      Step 3: Say inflation is transitory
      Step 4: Say nobody could’ve known inflation wouldn’t be transitory
      Step 5: Blame inflation on anyone except Brrr
      Step 6: Hope people believe you*

      *Good luck with step 6

      • Jumping jack flash

        I think point 5 is optional.
        The banks are pretty much free to do whatever they like now. Nobody can question them or stand up to them because nobody else knows any different.

        Gone are the days where we had leaders who knew something about what they’re tasked to take care of, and could take on the banks and confidently tell them they’re wrong. Now we have vapid talkers leading us who rely solely on experts with agendas to do their jobs for them. By the time they’ve worked out we’ve all been had, its too late, but we haven’t even come close to reaching that point of realisation yet.

    • Clean GuyMEMBER

      Same reason investors are described as “savvy”.
      I commonly associate the word “Sav” as phallic slang…

    • Boom, probably because it’s a massive bubble. So prices going up is by proxy a boom. When they bust, well that’s another matter.

  1. Jumping jack flash

    It really depends on whether the debt continues to expand at the correct rate to prevent collapse. By the end of 2019 it was obvious it wasn’t expanding fast enough and it was clear that everything was starting to fall over, slowly at first and then faster and faster.

    The early super access had a far bigger effect than I could have ever imagined at the time.

    At some stage they will need to keep it going under its own steam, and the only way to do that is to keep the debt expanding, and the only way to do that is for incomes to rise, or interest rates to fall, or there is the 3rd option of stimulus, but only if performed properly and there’s reasonable justification for it. Early super access was a master stroke.