Get set for booster vaccine mandates

Late last year, the Western Australia Government became the first jurisdiction in Australia to mandate third vaccine shots for more than one million eligible workers who are required to “receive a third dose within one month of becoming eligible”.

Yesterday, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews indicated that all Australian jurisdictions would soon mandate third shots:

Mr Andrews said his government had “mandated a number of people, many people across many different sectors, [receive] a first and second dose”.

“I think you’ll see very soon, out of national processes, you’ll see the terminology and the recognition of the third dose be crystal clear,”…

“This is not an option, not an add-on, not a ‘good thing to have.’ I think we’re close to a change in policy that will simply reflect the fact that in order to be fully protected, you need three doses, not two doses plus an optional extra.”

I am already triple dosed, so this decision won’t impact me. However, I do believe there are questions that need to be answered.

First, around 1.8 million Australians have already officially been infected with Omicron. Will these people be required to be boosted? If so, why? There is little sense vaccinating someone against a virus they have just had.

Second, will international arrivals also be required to be triple vaccinated? If not, why should Australians be subjected to harsher vaccination requirements than foreigners arriving in Australia, especially given the poor efficacy of vaccines like China’s Sinopharm and Russia’s Sputnik (the later of which is not even recognised by the WHO)?

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    • chuckmuscleMEMBER

      certainly not helping the share price of either pfizer of moderna. markets have sensed the end of this circus

    • Watch them.

      Fwiw. I’m unvaxxed . I went to one of my projects building site today and the puasy contractors and consultants were all wearing muzzles. I guess smoko also no longer means punching a dart, just on your metro mates pipe ..

    • I'll have anotherMEMBER

      Would be nice to be able to sit on the 3rd shot until something that works against Omicron shows up.

  1. Fishing72MEMBER

    Ever get the feeling that governments are contractually obliged to ensure the vaccines are imposed on their populations?

    • governments are contractually obliged

      If you and I sign a contract between us, the either of us can call on govt to enforce the contract.
      But if our govt signs a contract with a foreign company or govt, then who enforces the contract?

      • Contract will stipulate.. likely a US jurisdiction. International Asset confiscation for non-compliance.

  2. kiwikarynMEMBER

    What if you are an unvaccinated person who now wants to be vaccinated. Do you go and get all 3 shots at the same time so you can be allowed to go shopping and eat out?

    • If you’re unvaccinated, and you believe you a) won’t get Covid, or b) if you get it you won’t end up needing tertiary care (or don’t care about loading the hospital system/exposting HCWs to it if you do) or c) believe you’ll get it but don’t care about decreasing the risk of passing it onto family members, your community and the vulnerable, then there seems little point, given there are no restrictions (at least in NSW/VIC) on unvaccinated folks.

      It’ll be interesting to see what the uptake of Novavax is, and what its protection against Omicron is – Steve might have already seen something.

    • You go and get vaccinated. In 3-6 months you get another one.

      Its not really about having 2-3-4-5 whatever top-ups (they are all the same as the inital one).
      Its much simpler as in, you take a shot and it gives you extra “Armour” against covid for about 3-6 months.
      Like it wears off and gets weaker over time, not like classic vaccination that used to last years.
      Thats the only reason we have to take these boosters…

      so start with one shot and the government is gone give you a green medicare tick-box
      instantly, allowing you in to places again…

  3. How do the states mandate it?

    The “Green Tick” through the Medicare App is managed federally – so unless the feds are on board – there is no way you can really make it mandatory in the same way 2 jabs is for hospitality, events, etc.

    Yes – a state government could make it mandatory for employers to do it – but there is actually no way to police who is boosted or not using the existing apps unless the feds are on board.

    Am I wrong?

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      Vaccination status is linked to your Medicare record, which the states have full access to.

      • But my point is that the “Green Tick” which everyone shows for entering a venue is generated by the Medicare plug-in part of the app – not the individual State check-in app… isn’t it ?

        Besides – you can still QR code in using one app – and show your Medicare certificate directly from your Medicare app to prove the “Vax tick” anyway!.

        My point (I think) that unless the Feds remove everyone’s “Green Tick” form the Medicare App for only having two doses – there is no way the states can actually control whether or not you can attend a venue unless they all build their own very costly apps which somehow data mine peoples specific information at a much deeper level.

        This is why Morrison I feel is saying “Mandates are up to the states” because he knows they can’t do jack without the Medicare app being updated.

        • He knows there will resistance greater than just the antivax movement, it will be fraught to administer, has made several crap calls (rats ?) …….. and his poll numbers are shite.
          He’s weighing the odds and making it someone else’s problem

        • Individual states can mandate the use of their own app, which can differ from the federal/medicare one.

    • It depends. I’ve had a 3rd dose but my Medicare certificate has not updated to show the date – it shows the 2nd dose as the effective from date – and I had all shots through a state health body.

      What you are describing could feasibly occur, so it depends on what the definition changes to, if at all, and how that manifests in the fully vax “flag” against records.

  4. BoomToBustMEMBER

    The narrative has changed so often it’s not funny, originally 2 shots gave you up to 90% protection, then a new variant comes along and you’ve only got 4% protection, but a third dose boosts it to around 64%. Wait till the next variant appears, you’ll need another jab. How many times will this rinse and repeat before enough is enough? Especially as this is no longer a pandemic, it’s an endemic.

    • It’s not endemic yet. My guess is it will be by the end of this year. That’s when enough will be enough. I get the power of pharma etc but I’m not one of conspiracy types. I think they’ll let the mandates go at that point.

      • Look up the definition of conspiracy, and then consider meetings like Davos, and then try to reconcile how you are not facing one.

  5. The human immune system used to be considered complex, hard to understand, and dangerous to mess with. Thank you Doctor Fauci for making it so simple that even our dumbest politicians have mastered it.

  6. There is no scientific reason to take a vaccine that is now mismatched to the target protein even if it did give the claimed extra x weeks of protection.
    Give enough shots and you’ll raise enough of this antibody to non-specifcally bind to Albumin, but so what?
    The whole thing is now about pollies being seen to be doing something.