Australia records more than 100K new COVID cases

Gold! Gold for Straya!

With Queensland reporting more than 20,000 in the last 24 hours, on the back of more than 70,000 new cases for Victoria and NSW, the other State’s have piled in to make it a century…

Here’s the full picture from the ABC:

Victoria: 40,127 new cases (PCR: 21,693, RAT: 18,434) and 21 deaths; 946 in hospital, 112 in ICU including 31 ventilated

New South Wales: 34,759 new cases (RAT results not included) and 21 deaths (7 historical); 2,242 in hospital, 175 in ICU including 54 ventilated

Tasmania: 1,583 new cases, 22 in hospital, none in ICU

Queensland: 22,069 new cases (RAT: 3,985), 525 in hospital, 30 in ICU, 8 ventilated

South Australia: 3,715 new case (PCR: 2,978, RAT: 737) and 7 deaths (were from recent days); 190 in hospital, 27 in ICU, 6 ventilated

ACT: 1,078 new cases (PCR results); 23 in hospital, 3 in ICU with 2 ventilated

Australia*: 103,331 new cases, 49 deaths, 3,948 in hospital, 347 in ICU

Luckily however – phew – most of the nation is vaccinated, our hospitals are fully staffed and operational, there’s heaps of tests available, the economy is BOOMING, and no pressure on any supply chains for essentials like food, meat, fuel etc, due to the glorious planning and preparation over the last two years by Our Glorious Leaders in Federal Parliament.




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    • Brilliantly dumb idea from NSW –
      fine people if they don’t report their home RAT test. Another authoritarian overreach from a LNP religious guy.
      After fining all of western sydney for leaving home, while Bondi went surfing.

      Surely they should be encouraging people to return it, rather than the traffic police approach.
      Again a massive fine for the poor, and a cost of doing business for the rich.

    • Strange EconomicsMEMBER

      No mention of restarting immigration again.
      Too busy discouraging skilled tennis workers. Are tennis players on the skills shortage list, better get some more.

      Those underpaid “student” workers won’t arrive in time for their latest chaotic policy.

  1. Goldstandard1MEMBER

    This could be your biggest /s yet Chris!

    The gov never understood that we mostly wanted to be open, but with support lined up, not hopium. I wonder if the economy goes the same way?

    • Where? WHERE? Let’s get that sun of a bitch! I know I’m voting for ScoMo at the upcoming election. He really showed ’em who’s boss ! What was this article about again ? Ahhh, who cares.

      • kiwikarynMEMBER

        Deportation is not enough. He should be hung, drawn and quartered and the body displayed in Fed Square like in the days of old. BYO pitchforks.

  2. Muttafukaburrasaurus.MEMBER

    Like most modern progressive organisations, government has become a growing void of HR and Marketing (alleged) skills.
    Actual governing and leadership are redundant.

  3. I think the ALP should run the 1987 AIDS Grim Reaper ad with Scottie’s face on the Reaper and update the voiceover. Instawin election campaign. Change the voiceover each time to point out the Government’s failings. Doneski.

    • Tassie TomMEMBER

      Covid Mk 1 had a 98-99% survival rate. Omicron is supposed to be 30% as bad, so now it has a 99.4%-99.7% survival rate. Vaccination is supposed to be 10-20X protective, so now it has a 99.94%-99.985% survival rate.

      People won’t buy the Grim Reaper metaphor.

      • Make no mistake. Covid does kill people. Yes the data is a mess, but this fact is beyond dispute.

        The estimated infection fatality rate is around 0.15%. Something like that. That was the original strain without vaccine.

        We are probably catching 25% of cases at the moment. We are missing most.

        So NSW. 35k official cases is probably 150k in reality.

        150k x 0.15% = 225 deaths per day. However we only had 21.

        Three reasons why we are not seeing 225
        1. We are now vaccinated
        2. Omicron is more benign – some of this is the vaccine, but there is increasing evidence it is more benign per se
        3. Lag. Need to compare deaths today with estimated cases 2-3 weeks ago.

        So deaths are likely to increase (and we are starting to see that). But we are not going to see 200 per day.

        As Stalin noted, “Quantity has a quality all its own.”
        You can’t have 150k infections of anything daily without some impact.

        • Tassie TomMEMBER

          Steve I think we’re in furious agreement. Except that Covid Mk 1 probably had a fair bit higher mortality than 0.15%. There are plenty of countries that have lost more than 0.3% of their entire population to Covid (3000 per million).

          • We will never know for sure.
            Best estimates (in western countries, Wuhan strain, non-vaccinated) was IFR 0.15%. Likely far lower now

            Note this is infection fatality rate (risk of dying if you were infected).

            Lots of stats reference case fatality rater (= risk of dying if you got to be diagnosed as a case), The CFR was significantly higher than the IFR, but in many places you had to be sick in order to get diagnosed (ie there was a significant selection bias operating)

          • Absolute BeachMEMBER

            Yes, Mr Tom. Not many people have ever died of COVID. But if hospitals are full as big girls sock, and my old Mum needs to get an ambulance and then a bed in ICU- then she might be out-of-luck. Maybe a even a bit dead-ish. Which is sub-optimal. So once again (this time please make a note on the fridge door or something) it was never about the death toll of COVID. It was always about overwhelming systems. I don’t want to appear rude, but clearly the Govt messaging has missed the mark. Lots of sick folk, all at the same time equals bad outcomes for everyone.

      • It’s not just botching the responses to Covid. It’s the bushfires. It’s the rorts. It’s ignoring the dodgy behaviour. It’s the climate change denial. It’s the economic mismanagement.

        The case mortality rate in Italy topped out at around 14% in mid-2020. Don’t play games with things that kill people.

        • Tassie TomMEMBER

          No games, just facts. There’s much bigger things to worry about than the Chinese Fake Flu.

          You know that your Italy stats are crap – we didn’t even know what DNA to look for at that stage, let alone have the capacity to test people. 14% mortality is wrong, wrong, wrong. Don’t quote a percentage unless you can be confident of your denominator.

          There’s much bigger issues than Covid that wipe a lot more years off of your life. How about:
          – Being born to renting parents
          – Being born to one parent
          – Being born black
          – Renting rather than owning
          – Not having a house at all
          – Being fat
          – Being depressed
          – Smoking
          – Drinking
          – Gambling

          We’re playing games by being hysterical about the Chinese Fake Flu while ignoring the issues that REALLY kill people.

          • Tassie TomMEMBER

            LOL – Being Born has 100% mortality!

            Having said that, the human population explosion is such that more than half the humans that have ever been born are alive today. So to date “Being Born” has a mortality rate of less than 50%

          • MerkwürdigliebeMEMBER

            Would …….

            Being married
            Having children
            Being sole income earner for a family
            Enjoying gardening
            Poor household tool maintenance

            ….be factors too? (asking for a friend)

          • Ah, sorry, didn’t realise you had the monopoly on BS numbers. My mistake.

            Misdirect attention all you like from Covid was and still has the capability to kill people, reduce quality of life both directly and indirectly, and until we’ve truly got the upper hand treating and vaccinating for it, presents a threat.

            Thus, the Grim Reaper angle is most apt given the state of play when Morrison first started f-ing up the response and provides a common theme for selling the story of his miserable leadership to Bruce and Shazza Average.

          • We did know what RNA to look for. Because Drosten somehow had a PCR test good to go just a few days after China published the genome.

            The Italian CFR was indeed 14% at one stage – when testing was very constrained and only the critically ill were getting tested.

  4. UK and USA almost certainly > 1 million cases per day. They don’t have the ability to diagnose that number.

    The official Aust figure today is around 110,000. That doesn’t include positive but unreported RATS. Nor does it include those unable to get a test (or who have given up). Not asymptomatic / minimally symptomatic who are not getting tested. So total cases likely to be 300,000 – 400,000.

    Scale up for UK and USA population. Then maybe double for winter.
    So UK will be > 1 million daily, and multiple millions for USA.

    Omicron isn’t going to last 4-8 months. There will likely be another variant(s) by then.

  5. We are trying to catch up with the US where Covid hospitalisations are rising 5,000 a day… now 145,000. Not only a shortage of nurses but all the goodies that keep us alive in and out of hospital

    And blood stocks

    Even though Covid deaths have kicked up to 2,000 a day there it is now time to watch excess deaths because mistakes caused by short staffing and shortages in the hospitals are starting to kill people but these deaths won’t be put down to Covid but they are caused by Covid overrunning the hospital system.

    • Hospital and staff overload it the key reason NOT to let it rip. Dumb dumb, half-brain, reptilian, religious politicians are too stupid to think more than one thought at a time an have no concept of future repercussions.

  6. kiwikarynMEMBER

    Well you’ve almost caught up with Iceland and Denmark, but still a ways to go to get to Irish levels of greatness. C’mon Australia. Go have a go.

  7. UpperWestsideMEMBER

    Its certainly ripping here in NYC.
    Self, wife and D2 ( of three) all tested +ve this evening.
    D1 and D3 are clear but it’s only a matter of time.
    Thankfully I have lots of loo rolls in stock, plus just enough medicinal red to survive the required quarantine period.

  8. No…it’s all OK.

    I remember all those previous times when governments at different levels conspired to let a novel, constantly evolving, highly infectious viral disease rampage untrammelled throughout the population.

      • Jumping jack flash

        It actually will though.

        I’m looking for COVID parties. Apparently they’re a thing. I was just saying the other day to someone at work about the possibility of everyone getting together to share it around like the chickenpox.

        No. Mustn’t subvert the holy vaccines. Only vaccine immunity can save us.
        Except it has no effect – as spoken by Pfizer CEO himself.

  9. Finally got around to doing another PCR test yesterday.


    All a bit of a nothing experience to be honest.

  10. Channel 10 saying they have inside info that the RAT will add 55,000 cases to NSW when it’s included in results

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      What sort of stupid carnt is gonna out themselves officially if they accidentally don’t have to?

  11. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Yeah so farkn what chicken sh1t? This place is full of scared carnts. It’s why they have never been able to buy a house. Loosers! Like fully.