Workers return to capital cities as vaccination rates grow

All the fuss over vaccine mandates and scaremongering by the media is being lost in the data that capital cities are actually returning to normal, according to mobile data, and vaccination rates across the country are nearing complete levels.

Here’s the latest take from Roy Morgan, where both Sydney and Melbourne are back to nearly 50% of pre-pandemic levels and rising fast as normalcy returns:
The average 7-day movement level in the Melbourne CBD was at 47% of pre-pandemic levels by the end of November, its highest level for more than seven months. Movement in the Melbourne CBD is approaching the highest level it’s been all pandemic, which was 52% of pre-pandemic levels in early April 2021.
Further north the average 7-day movement level in the Sydney CBD was at 43% of pre-pandemic levels by the end of November with the recovery slowing down over the last few weeks. Even so, the average movement levels in Australia’s largest city are now at their highest for over six months since mid-May 2021.
It’s obvious there’s a big gap between the two major capitals and the rest of the country, but that’s a feature of the mismanagement by NSW and Victoria in managing the virus, although they are leading the way when it comes to vaccination rates:
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  1. Still looks a long way off normal to me. Would like to see all restrictions lifted at 90% vaccination, including employment mandates.

    Combine the fact vaccines do not stop transmission, can come with severe side-effects, are imperfect at stopping infection & transmission, and are applied to a virus that has a 99.99+% survival rate amongst the young and healthy (without treatment), and effective treatments are available… and the terrible health consequences for people locked out of their trades and employment, it would be unconscionable to continue them.

    While I am not personally affected because of the business I run, and Australia being the country of my birth, it will forever sever my love of country and feeling of belonging to it, if they continue. I become just an alien amongst people I have little (apparently) in common with.. such as an ability to continue to reason, and be fair, under conditions of induced fear.

    • Imagine how it felt to be an Aussie citizen stuck overseas when the country basically told you to fck off and wished you good luck.

      Been a diabolical couple of years for Australia.

      If it wasn’t for Pat Cummins 2021 would be totally written off.

    • Leroy I haven’t seen you here before. Great comment. There is another place your input would be most welcome. Search the E z fk a.

  2. How will it return to “normal” i.e 100% pre-covid levels when a lot of office based businesses are allowing their staff to WFH a couple of days per week as a permanent rule? This will flow on to less patronage of cafes etc requiring less staff etc.

      • Yes, suburban cafes have definitely seen increased patronage but this article is about workers returning to the city and I don’t see it returning to 100% pre-covid levels

  3. Diogenes the CynicMEMBER

    CBDs just don’t offer the goods. Aside from wasted commuting time, parking is hard to find and expensive and everything is spread around. For shopping 1. Online or if necessary 2. Big Suburban Shopping centre. The new shopping centres (like Karrinyup) seem to be getting excellent foot traffic, parking is free/available and being air conditioned are more comfortable to move around in summer when the temps are 40+ like today. Also I can go watch a movie whilst the shoppers knock themselves out. I can count on one hand how many times I have been into the CBD in Perth this year (two business meetings and a single lunch).

  4. Goldstandard1MEMBER

    Omicron: Hold my beer…….
    My theory is that the first 50% returns quick whilst there is no virus but second 50% is a nope for years