Sydney’s housing market is truly bananas

Previously I have published data showing that Sydney house prices are trading at close to all-time highs relative to the other capital cities:

Sydney vs other capitals

Now Cameron Kusher has posted similar data on Twitter showing how Sydney house prices are tracking against the other major capitals.

According to Kusher, “in 2007 median house prices in Sydney and Perth were (for a short time equivalent) the median house price in Sydney [but] is now 183% higher than Perth’s”:

Sydney vs Perth

“Sydney median house prices are 61% higher than Melbourne (long-term avg 40% gap)”:

Sydney vs Melbourne

“They are 119% higher than Brisbane (long-term avg 63% gap)”:

Sydney vs Brisbane

“And 145% higher than Adelaide (long-term avg 86% gap)”:

Sydney vs Adelaide

Sydney’s property market is truly extraordinary.

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