No slowdown in new COVID cases as Barnaby catches it

In COVID news, NSW has had another 400 plus new cases, while Victoria is still pushing over 1000 new cases, recording over 1200 yesterday:

Meanwhile, in backward Queensland, its just 2 cases, neither locally acquired as vaccination doses play catchup as the state approaches the magic-good-feely number of 80% double vaxxed.

Meanwhile, paragon of good health and fertility, the Deputy Hypocrite of Australia, Barnaby Joyce has tested COVID-19 while in the US. From the ABC:

Mr Joyce told ABC Radio New England he had been experiencing mild symptoms and chose to get tested.

“Look, obviously [I am] very frustrated I’m going to be locked up in a room by myself for 10 days, but that’s part of the process,” he said.

“It’s probably developing, I’m probably very much in the early stages — but I’m more worried about being in a room by myself to be honest.”

Mr Joyce is fully vaccinated against COVID-19.


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  1. but I’m more worried about being in a room by myself to be honest.”

    Imagine how terrified woman are being in a room with him.

  2. Barnaby can’t imagine anything worse than being locked up in a room with himself for 10 days, even possibly dying from COVID!!!!!!
    Can’t say I disagree with him for once.

  3. ATAGI have shot themselves in the foot again with sticking to the 6 month booster regime just last week. It looks like you need the booster to slow Omicron down at all

    I get that they don’t want to appear to be in a panic but if Omicron takes off quickly here they will have to change on a dime and it doesn’t help confidence.

    • But weren’t boosters recommended to only for those immune suppressed?

      Guess what? You’re all immune suppressed now.

    • kiwikarynMEMBER

      The triple jabbed are dying in Israel now. They only want you to rush out and get a third shot now so they can use up all their old stock before rolling out the new and improved Jab 2.0 version next year, for which you will probably need another 2 primary shots and a booster to be effective.

    • “That’s where the Magic comes in,” explained Bill. “The more you eats the more you gets. Cut-an’-come-again is his name, an’ cut, an’ come again, is his nature. Me an’ Sam has been eatin’ away at this Puddin’ for years, and there’s not a mark on him.

    • TheLambKingMEMBER

      If the vaccines work, what’s going on?

      If seatbelts work, why do people still die in car crashes?

          • Whats this science thingy your talking about … oh you mean the for profit C-Corp Pharma company’s product PR/Marketing …

            First two rules of Neoliberalism #1 Because Markets … #2 Die …. see everything is working as programed[tm] …

      • Any restraint for a modern car must pass a rigourous test before it is allowed to be fitted and called a seatbelt.
        By contrast these Covid drugs have bypassed the rigourous tests that real vaccines had to undergo.

        That is why so many people don’t trust these Covid drugs. That is why so many adverse events have been able to happen.

        • To continue the analogy…the mRNA vaccines appear to be like seatbelts that may injure you even when your car hasn’t crashed yet.

        • kiwikarynMEMBER

          Have they started forcibly implanting humans with seatbelts that you have to wear everywhere, even when you are not in the car? Without testing as to what happens to that implant over time. But its now a permanent part of your body.

    • a) vaccines are short lived and b) Variants
      I know an abulance bod in the UK whos had covid 3 times and the last dose after his 2 jabs has left him pretty sick for the last 3 months. Only just over 30 too. That was in summer this year so its no “winter” flu as the skeptics believe.

      • Vaccine half life is very short, this is true. Glyphosate, 2-4D, Triclopyr, Fluropxyr also have short half lives. Can they still harm you, you bet.

        Vaccines being short lived is not the debating point, it’s the potential impacts that short half life injection has on the body which is the concern.

        Hand on heart, can any critic of the anti vaccine brigade provide unequivocal evidence that these vaccines do not trigger a long term flow in effect in the human body beyond a 2 year period? Short answer is no, there is no long term data to show the impact. Being short lived does not mean safe.

  4. I understand that with a perfect vaccine it is not necessary to get 100% of the population vaccinated in order to achieve herd immunity and stop the virus spread.

    If each infected person comes into potentially infectious contact with R people, and R is greater than 1, then the virus will spread exponentially and infect all. However if V is the fraction of people vaccinated with a fully effective vaccine, then the spread will be R(1-V), and this term must be less than 1 to provide herd immunity.

    My algebra is a little rusty, but I am sure it is simple to work out what % must be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity for a given R and a given uselessness of the vaccines. If the vaccines are sufficently useless then even 100% vaccinated won’t get herd immunity.

    Is this the case?

      • There is no such thing for corona viruses because they evolve or mutate to quickly, meanwhile the first two chapters in Mandell, Douglas, and Bennett s Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases aka the BOOK on this topic clearly states so ….

    • The vaccines are not useless. Much less chance of catching it, less likely to transmit it and far less serious symtoms in most people, ie 1/10th of the chance of ending up in hospital.

      • Wrong … it only lowers risk associated with symptoms and term of infection, but it does nothing to stop from being infected or infecting others, for that the vaccine would have to be sterilizing or at least prophylactic.

        All of this was a known known before Covid19 ….

    • Not going to get herd immunity as vaccines and infections don’t block infection. It’s a tautology to talk about herd immunity threshold if we can’t create immunity.

      But the math is
      Herd immunity threshold = 1 – 1/R0
      So if R0 = 2, HIT = 0.5 (50%)
      If R0 = 10, HIT = 0.9 (90%)

      • Great Goat …. it takes a multivariate layered response just to keep numbers down so it does not mutate rapidly. The effort put into denying aerosol transmission should be a huge flashing neon light – sigh …

  5. I hope he’s incapacitated and has to leave public life.

    That’s not what I really hope, but this is a family friendly station.

    • kiwikarynMEMBER

      “The study’s authors suggested the evidence could point to new Covid treatments that target body fat.”
      I know, how about banning them from restaurants, bars and other hospitality venues. That would work.